story of my last meet up

With the large number of tourist here in Vegas I post ads on Craig's list and normally get good hits. About a week ago i got an email from a couple wanting to meet up. I get the run down about this is there 1st time doing this and she wanted to be blindfolded as well. I get a few pics of her body and I liked what I saw . 5'1 maybe 105 Asian chick. Fast forward a week and we meet at a hotel here in Vegas. I came into the room and she was already naked and blindfolded . So I start to kiss on here play with her pussy and tits she was soaking wet. Her pussy was so tight. She just kept saying about how I'm so much better then her husband and he was so little. At the same time he is sitting down jacking off he was maybe 3 inches . I ended up creampieing her then he cleaned her out . I got dressed and was getting ready to leave and she asked to if it was OK for her to take her blind fold off. I say yes and to my surprise she is my old manager . She was a horrible manager used to fucking pick at me all day . About 5 months ago I transferred to the IT department at work . She was a sales manager so she is no longer over me. The look on her face was priceless . she then ask me to leave so I did. Its crazy the same women who made my life hell was begging for my dick. This story sounds so crazy that I'm sure that some of you won't believe it. I havnt seen her at work yet but we are getting ready to up date the sales system so I'm sure in will see her soon

And no at no point did it cross my mid it was her