Stories With Built-In Pics

What SUBJECT MATTER are your favorites to read and view about on this thread? (choose 3)

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Oh we are so using them, but they do not seem to mind............normally.

I did have one blk boytoy have an issue with me just fucking him. He wanted to go out, parade me around like a trophy wife and all that. I said I don't mind going to a few out of the way bars, but not much else. We eventually parted ways. It was kind of a bummer as that man was cute and he "dressed to impress" way above the rest of the crowd.
@Dblinsey once in a while you and your husband post a pic/caption that brings back some fun memories. You two are wonderful,
Thank you. 👏

As for the pic
OMG..............been here..............done this.............
The whole holding my head between her legs and all that. It was like 20 yrs ago now. Oddly, the blk dom wife and her husband have become friends over the yrs. Yet, when it time for me to "get some" from the husband, that friend demeanor goes out the window and the dom is in control.