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Her lover suggested it three months into the relationship... "I have a close friend who I told about us. She is the only person I have told. I have known her from college. We are close friends. We tell each other very thing. I showed her our text's and the sexy photographs you sent me. I hope you don't mind. She said she was intrigued by the beautiful, intelligent, skillful woman I have been sleeping with ... and her husband that likes to watch." Your wife didn't mind, even though she knew that the skillful reference meant the short video you had taken of her sucking his cock to completion, her lips closed round his glans as his cock pulsed. "Do you have a picture of her on your phone?" she asked. ..."Oh, wow.. She's stunning and would make such a nice treat for Mark for once. Invite her over. Would be great for her to join us this evening" .."Great!" He said, as he started to write the text .. "but just one thing. She's not into men. Not in the slightest. I will be a little jealous myself" Your wife, who had never expressed any interest in women, and had not even experimented a little in college sat quietly. Then after a pause that seemed like hours she looked straight into her lovers eyes and said firmly "Send the text."