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Stepping into 2013


Real Person
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It's afternoon on the 31st day of the last month of 2012. The New Year is only a couple of hours away - already it has happened on countries in the Pacific region. I know a lot of you are planning on celebrating the event with your family and friends, getting ready to pop some wine and do whatever it is you are fond on doing when New Year's Eve comes. Later, I'll be heading down to Times Square to watch the ball drop. It's an event I've spent years back home dreaming of doing if ever a time comes that I get to see the New Year while here in America. That day has come, and I'm not going to miss a chance of it.

My blog is still going to be here, and going on strong. I've got new articles to post, much of it bound to get some folks here angry, excited, happy, and anxious, and I hope it does. For those who're living in the warmth of cuckold lifestyle, I empower you to continue living it. Be free, be happy and enjoy it with your wife or however else you wish to share it with. For those hubbies or wives in here who're yet to take that decision of enjoying or putting it into practice, its high time you stop living in your fantasies and start thinking of making them become real for yourself and your wife. Remember, I said for yourself and your wife. A lot of you hubbies still think this is just a one-man show, but you forget, without your wife, the circle isn't even yet completed. For those who're still single and in desperate need of a woman who would cuck them, better make this your New Year's solution. News the time to get up off your ass and make your dream become real. You've read tons of erotic books, you've watched way too many interracial porn movies and thus know what you want, what you desire, what you expect. It all happens with a decision from yourself, so start now to work on achieving it and making it happen.

For those couples searching for guidance, wanting a Black Master to show them more, get in touch with me, lets talk. Don't just stop by here to read my postings, communicate. I want to hear from you.

I look forward to meeting some of you in person for real and want us to keep in touch. Here's looking forward to that as we step into 2013. Hope to see you all there!

Master SHANGO.