Somehow she "misplaced" a pair of her QOS panties....

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    This weekend when having sex with my slut I asked her where her pair of new QOS panties were at, she told me she "misplaced" them somewhere and hasn't found them. I was like hummmm, so have you been playing recently and left them, she says she didn't remember leaving them anywhere. She has the other pair in her purse and takes them with her. When I asked her why are they in her purse she says she always carries them with her. WHAT A SLUT!!!
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    A girl has to be ready to please a black and wearing her "special" panties we know we can cut the bullshit and get toi fucking she wants and needs. Besides dont you get to clean her?? The truth is the panties she can't find belong to her last BULL as a souvenir.
  3. MWC4BLK

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    I agree that the last guy kept her panties when she was with him. I haven't cleaned her out yet but would consider if she'd tell me when she is filled. She keeps her other pair with her and I will have to order some more for her if she doesn't soon.
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    My wife has a load of panties all the same so I can't tell when she's left a pair somewhere