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Size Mattered


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My wife and I have known each other since high school. She's 44 and I'm 48. She is extremely attractive with a beautifully proportioned body. She is moderately conservative. Open to a wide array of sexual fun.

We enjoy sex its one of our favorite activities. My wife is very sensual and an incredible turn on in bed. She is multi orgasmic and loves to come. I love to make her cum. I love seeing the intensity of the orgasm over take her body.

I think I have a big dick and I know it satisfies her, but I've always wondered how she would react in bed to a really big cock. I have had numerous fantasy about watching her cum on a huge thick cock. I've always liked the thought of cumming without stroking my dick. The thought of hiding in a closet while watching my wife with someone has always excited me so that I knew if I ever got the chance my cock would get rock hard and I would cum just by the sights and sounds of her cumming. It has always been an incredible fantasy of mine and a goal to one day cumming this way.

I bought a huge lifelike dildo for us to play with. I would pretend to be a guy with a fat cock and make her fuck me good. I would whisper in her ear "do you like my fat cock" she would reply "yes" I would ask her "you want a real fat cock" "Yes" and when she got ready to cum she would scream out "I wanted a real fat cock". After fantasy play like this she would insisted that we were only having fantasy thoughts and she had no real intentions of fucking some one else.

We played like this during several love making sessions and then one night I mentioned it to her that she "deserves" it to herself to try a huge cock, but she was against that idea.

I confessed to her that the idea of me watching her getting fucked by a big cock really turned me on. She told me she enjoyed the idea in fantasy talk only. I told her I wanted to have a night of sexual fantasies that we could talk about and have many night playing it out. She has always said that it was nice to talk about but she was against the idea. So I decided to continue talking about it during sex to see if I could change her mind.

One night during sex I asked her if she ever had a huge cock before. She wouldn't answer me. I asked her if she had an old lover that had a big cock. Still no answer. I asked her this several times during sex. Then one night during sex we were talking about my fantasy and I asked her again if she ever had a big cock. She was hesitant but I persisted I told her it wouldn't bother me if she told me. I knew she had experienced a big cock before because she wasn't telling me no. So while my cock was in her pussy I asked her "you fucked a big cock before haven't you"? I could tell by her moans and her bucking that she was reminising about someones big cock. I told her I was close to cumming and that I just wanting to hear who this guy was with the huge cock. "Who has the biggest cock you ever fucked"? I asked. My cock was pounding in and out of her and I could tell she was ready to cum I hit a spot deep inside of her and right then I asked her again "who has that big cock" she yelled out as my cock made her cum its "Ray, it's Ray. He is hung like a horse".

Right then I explode with thoughts of one day watching Ray's horse cock fuck my beautiful wife. We laid there silent in each others arms while we collected our thoughts.

Ray was an old friend of ours. A big black guy we met in college. I've known him for years. I knew she had dated him in the past. We had recently ran into him one night while out clubbing. It was nice to know it was someone we both knew so getting to him to participate in my fantasy might be easy. And my wife might be more likely to do it with Ray than a stranger.

I asked her several more times during our love making if she was ready to fuck Ray for me. I wanted her to enjoy his cock. She would fuck him for me and then tell me all about it. She still said she no longer had feelings for him and just didn't want to do it for real. She was more than satisfied with my dick. I badgered her on and off for the next couple of weeks.

Until finally one night she succumbed and told me that she craving a huge cock to fuck. She would do it as long as I didn't watch. She would call Ray up ask him out one night while I was out of town. "I want to fuck him and tell you all about it" she said. I agreed and encouraged her to drop him hints over the next few days to see if he would be interested in fulfilling her craving for a huge, thick cock, but little did she know this was all my fantasy. My craving to cum without stroking my cock fueled this fantasy.

So, about a month went by, and I purposely didn't make love to her a few nights. I did tell her how bad I wanted her to fuck Ray's big cock. She was going nuts. I then told her I would be "out of town". And she could make plans with Ray to fulfill our fantasy. I could tell she was nervous and apprehensive but excited to. She loves playing fantasy games and on occasions is hotter than ever when I mention them to her. Long story short, I made her hot and she was finally going to be alone and horny.

The day came that she would ask Ray to go out. She had seen him on occasions and flirted with him but he was not aware that he was going to be the center of my fantasy of watching my wife fuck his cock. We had agreed that I not go home till she called me and let her just see if he was interested in fucking her. She had told him that I was out of town a lot and she hadn't had sex in quite some time. She told him she loved me but just wanted to have sex more often. She got up the nerve to call him up and ask him if he wanted to go out with her tonight. He jumped at the chance. She told him she had to go to work that friday and he was to meet her at our house that night around eight.

My wife called me at work and told me he had agreed to go out with her. I asked her if she was excited about fucking his big, black cock and she replied with a low voice "yes". She asked me if I was alright with her doing this alone and I told her "yes". She said she would do this for me but not to ask her for anything else? Little did she know that I was going to sneak in the house and hide in the closet. I knew my wife gets home at 7:30 on Fridays so I got home at 7:15 and went upstairs to hide in the closet. We have several huge closets and mine is directly across the bedroom with a prefect view of the bed.

A few minutes later, my wife got home, and went straight upstairs to take a shower. I watched as she took off her clothes. She posed in front of the mirror. I could tell she was wet with excitement. She jumped in the shower. She got out dried off and got out her clothes she was going to wear. She put on a reveling shirt that showed her nipples when she got excited and I could tell she was. She picked out a sexy thong panties and her favorite jeans. I watch with excitement as she got ready to go out. Twenty minutes later, there was ring of the doorbell and my wife went down stairs to open the door. I heard a man's voice it was Ray's. He said hi and my wife let him in.

Moments later, they were talking about where to go out to eat. A few minutes paasted and my wife headed to our bedroom to get her coat. She stopped at the mirror to check her make up. I heard the bedroom door opened and then saw Ray staring at my wife.

"I'm not ready yet, give me a few minutes" but Ray just shook his head no. He asked if I was going to be home and my wife said I was out of town. I wasn't expected to be back home till tomorrow afternoon. Little did they know I was hiding in the closet.

"Why did you ask me out" he asked. "I just thought you wanted to hang out and maybe go out to eat" she replied.

"You have been hinting to me that you wanted more sex" he said. "Do you want to fuck me tonight?"

She looked at him and said "maybe" I was surprized at how quick Ray was going after my wife, but I was so excited I didn't care. They made small talk for a few minutes when my wife said she was ready to go.

I could see Ray slowly approach my wife and ask if she had any other things on her mind. To my surprise she nodded yes. With that cue he slowly kissed my wife as she slightly resisted and asked him to stop. She explained that she just wanted some company. But he could tell be her nipples that she was extremely excited.

Moments later, despite her plea, he was undressing her. He threw her to our bed, unhooked her bra, and tore off her panties. He undressed and revealed his horse cock to her. I heard her gasp.

It was huge and looked bigger than my wife had said it was. I couldn't imagine how it would fit in her tight pussy. He stood in front of her and in plain sight of me. She reached out to his huge cock with both hands. My cock instantly got rock hard and started to twitch when I realized that she wanted to fuck his massive cock.

I heard my wife say. "Its even bigger than I remember!". as she started to play with it. She brought it to her mouth and strained to put the head in.

"Twelve inches baby, just like it was the first time I fucked you," laughed Ray.

Ray's cock was massive. It hung like a horse cock. She stroked and kissed it all the while it got bigger and harder. He was about to cum as she moaned on the head of his cock. He pushed her back and his cock hung there for me to see.

He took my wife by the hips, pushed her down on the bed lifted her up and slowly put the huge head of his cock in her pussy. She let out a soft moan followed by a primal cry as he thrust a few inches in her, her eyes rolled backward begging to be fucked slowly. His cock must have penetrated about 4 inches deep when she let out an orgasmic cry. My cock was hard as a rock watching Ray's massive cock enter her.

He stopped for a minute keeping just a few inches in her tight pussy as he tried not to cum.
I could see my wifes juices clearly flowing like crazy. With this lubrication, Ray managed to thrust all of his horse cock deep inside her.

My wife let out another loud scream letting Ray know that he had just made her cum yet again. He was trying with all his might not to cum himself. I could tell he was about to cum when I heard him say " get on your hands and knees I want to fuck you from behind." She did as he asked. I had a clear view of her and his cock. He held it with both hands and forced it in her. She let out a low cry and said "It feels even bigger from behind." With those words I felt the first wave a cum shoot out my dick. It felt like I shot a load all over. My fantasy of cumming without stroking it came true. As I watched Ray fuck my wife I came. It took all I had not to reveal myself as I moaned to myself.

They fucked doggie style slow at first as Ray tried not to cum, but then my wife started a low groan "fuck me fuck me with your big, black cock." Hearing her say this made my cock even harder. She literally started fucking Ray's massive cock enjoying every thrust it wasn't long before Ray said "Im cumming." My wife let out a wild yell "fuck me with your huge cock" hearing that again my dick shot another load all over I literarily came twice with out even stroking my own cock.

She fucked him he uncontrollably. I'd never seen her like this. She kept saying "fuck me I want your fat cock fuck me harder. " Ray wasn't in control my wife, who was bucking and backing into his cock like a mad woman. She let out a bellowing cry "I cumming" she she slammed all of his massive cock deep into herself. I couldn't take anymore and came yet again. I guess I shouldn't have let her go so long without sex because they fucked all night long while I was stuck in the closet jacking off. My fantasy was fulfilled, but my wife's was just beginning.