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    In a span of just two years, my life and that of my wife Ann, has taken a dramatic turn. While neither of us could be painted conservatives, our sex life was not very daring. We were a married couple who were shocked when we found out that a couple close to us had split up after the wife caught her husband with a little on the side. Ann had inquired if I had ever thought about cheating. I replied honestly that it had never crossed my mind. Then a chance afternoon encounter while taking a sauna on a business trip with another man has led me down a slippery path of what some might consider perversion.

    A personals website hooked me up with a very attractive young man, who I later found out set me up for his dominating black master. David would have turned anyone's head, girl or guy with his flat abs and handsome looks. Over time I found out that he had met Mark, a towering black man who had seduced David and began his life of submission. David's task was to introduce someone else into Mark's world of domination and that some one ended up being me.

    After initially video taping our first encounter, and the many, many more that followed, Mark threatened to show the videos to my friends and coworkers unless I recruited my wife into this world of debauchery. The details of my confessions can be found in the Chasing Fate stories on this website. Believe them or not – that's your choice.

    Over the past year, my life with David began to take a downward turn. He wanted more of me than I could give. I simply couldn't turn my back on my wife and the live we were leading. I knew I had felt strongly for him, whether that was love or infatuation, I just couldn't tell. Eventually our lifestyle took a toll on him, and David took a job transfer when one was offered at his company.

    My wife Ann is a gorgeous blonde and we are both in our mid thirties. Mark had required us both to shave our bodies and we've kept them smooth. In addition, Mark had "marked" us both as his personal property. He had taken us both to a tattoo parlor he knew about and had both of my nipples pierced. While my wife asked for a piercing in her cute little belly, Mark had three tattoos permanently placed on her small frame. He had a bold black tat inked on her right breast. Later I was to found out the markings are the Chinese symbols for "Slave". Mark also had a tribal tat placed on her lower back over her cute little ass. I was shocked with the third tattoo. Just above her shaved pussy lips to the right are the words "Mark's Cock Slut". While the letters are not very big, the words tattooed in black are very legible and leave no doubt who owns Ann's pussy.

    Over the last few months, Ann and I have serviced many of his friends. Black or white, it made no difference as we took care of their needs. While there were moments of jealousy as I watched my wife sliding her plump pink lips along the ebony shaft of a hung black stud or some white stranger that Mark had met, I often had the chance to fuck the man's wife or in most cases sucked their dicks and allowed them to slide their stiff dicks up my ass.

    Last summer, Mark's eyes roamed over our bookcase and spied a picture of Ann's very pretty sister Cindy. Cindy just graduated from college and recently married a young man she has dated for several years while attending school. Cindy is very much a young version of Ann, although slightly shorter and with highlights in her mane of blonde hair. Mark's instructions were crystal clear – he wanted to meet Ann's little sister. It was one thing for Ann and I to get caught up in this world of domination and submission and quite another to involve her little sister.

    The thought was gut wrenching for Ann. But Mark threatened to cut her off from his black dick and stop bringing his friends around if she didn't comply with his demand. While despondent over the thought of leading Cindy into her sordid world, Ann was now an admitted sexual slut who would fuck or suck anything Mark required. On many occasions I saw the tears in her eyes when she looked at the pictures of Cindy on our bookcase or on the occasions they talked on the phone. But I knew the day would come when she would succumb to his demands.

    One evening, Mark and Ann were back in the bedroom while I was in the kitchen preparing our dinner. Ann walked into the room looking drained. I could see the reddened patches around her neck and on her breast where Mark had sucked and bit her succulent skin. Her little pussy lips were swollen and I could tell that he had again made savage love to my wife. Ann took the phone into the den but I could hear her speaking softly to her sister, inviting her for a weekend. I heard her suggest she pick a weekend when Tommy was out with his buddies. Tommy out of the way, Mark would be unimpeded in his quest of conquering his next prize.

    Cindy drove up a couple of weeks later. Ann met her at the door and asked for me to bring in the rest of her items from the car. Cindy looked stunning wearing a pair of shorts and a little beige sleeveless top which showed off her tanned young body. No doubt she had already begun spending time outdoors as her blonde hair swept across her bronzed shoulders. As she hugged Ann tightly, I wondered if she only knew the plans that lay in store for her. I knew Mark would not force his way on her. Any action she took would be of her own volition. However, I had seen him break down the will of countless women who seemed unable to resist his sexual seduction.

    The girls spent most of Friday night sipping wine and recounting their time apart. Cindy talked about Tommy and what they had been up to since the last time we were all together for the weekend at Ann's parents. The girls turned in early after planning a shopping trip in the morning. Ann had made plans for us to enjoy the afternoon by the pool tomorrow and she wanted to get new swim suits for the occasion.

    The girls returned around lunch time with Ann stopping by Subway on the way home. After eating, the girls retreated to the bedroom and exited to the pool with their swimwear proudly displayed. Ann wore a little two piece pink bikini under a lighter color top. Cindy had on a stunning little yellow bikini barely containing her breast. She had on matching little flip flops and I noticed that she had her little toenails carefully pedicured.

    I had never given a great deal of thought how sexy Ann's younger sister was having watched her grow up under my eyes. But I had to admit she was one hot little number and I knew Mark would be pleased with the next object of his desire.

    I took notice that Cindy too had a little tattoo across the small of her back. Hers was not as bold as the tribal tat that Ann had tattooed at Mark's request. Cindy's was a little butterfly design whose wings seem to stretch across her lower back just above her bikini bottom. Cindy was the first to ease down into the water, submerging to the bottom coming up at the ladder where she pulled herself up. Her little yellow top now becoming nearly see through as I noticed her hard dark nipples which strained against the fabric. She walked over pulling at the bottoms which had begun to ride into the crack of her tight ass. She eased onto the towel that lay across the lounge chair as Ann emerged from the kitchen with strawberry margaritas.

    Ever the great hostess, the cold frozen drink was a relief to the hot sun. Ann removed her wrap around sarong and stretched on the lounge beside her younger sister. Cindy looked over, halfway squinting with the sun blaring down, but she could notice Ann's own tattoo peeking out of the bikini top. "You got a tat sis?" asked Cindy. "I would have never figured you for that."

    Ann looked down to see how much of the tattoo was showing before she replied. "Yeah, I see you have a little butterfly on your back. It's pretty."

    "A few of my sorority sisters were at the beach a couple of years ago and we all got something. Janice got hers around the ankle but I liked this design and both me and my roommate got matching designs. What do you have?" Cindy inquired.

    Ann reached into her top and pulled out her breast. Cindy was a little startled but Ann immediately reassured her, "Nothing Larry hasn't seen many times before."

    "Wow," exclaimed Cindy. "Is that Japanese or something?" "Chinese actually," replied Ann.

    "What does it mean?" inquired her sister.

    "It's the symbols for 'slave'," Ann responded before she took a drink of her margarita.

    Cindy looked over at me with a very surprised look from the last exchange. "Dang Larry, I didn't know about you two. You really must crack the whip around here."

    If she only really knew the thoughts which were running through my mind. Ann was not my slave. We were both slaves to another man. A man who had dominated our lives over the last year and had designs on her. If she only knew how her older sister worshipped at Mark's cock. How many times we were both forced to pleasure Mark and his friends. Mark laughingly referring to both of us as his little bitches. And why not. I had indeed become as good a cock sucker as Ann. Mark and his buddies used my ass for their pleasure and I had to admit I looked forward to riding their hard cocks.

    "I'm sure there's a lot you don't know about us," I responded back as I eased up and began pulling my t-shirt over my head. When my chest came into view I watched Cindy's eyes get wider as she stared at the little rings which adorned my nipples. Mark had those placed on my nips as a constant reminder of my submission.

    Cindy, didn't ask this time, she merely eased back down on the lounge remarking, "Damn, you guys are full of surprises." She had no idea.

    A familiar voice startled us as we had all dozed off under the hot sun. "Afternoon, didn't think you would mind I let myself in."

    I looked up to see Mark's tall frame standing over us. Cindy flipped over and was surprised to see our visitor. "Cindy, this is a close friend of ours, Mark," I said introducing the wolf to his prey.

    "Hi, I'm Cindy," Cindy said as she held out her hand. Mark took the small hand in his giant paw and slightly squeezed and held it in place much longer than she expected.. "Ann has told me so much about you. I was hoping to meet you," Mark said with a great deal of sincerity in his voice.

    "Mark, we were just catching some rays. Join us and stay for dinner?" inquired Ann like she didn't already know his response.

    "Sure, sounds like a plan to me. But I don't think I'm gonna' get any more tanned out here," he said sarcastically. Cindy chuckled as she settled back down on the lounge, her eyes grazing over Mark's giant frame as he lay back in a chair. Ann and I both got up and retrieved fresh new drinks as Mark began to chat with Cindy.

    "You sure you want to go through with this? I inquired. "Do I have a choice?" replied Ann. "Anyway, she's a big girl now. She can decide herself if she wants to join in."

    I looked at Ann wondering if she was serious. "You really think Cindy has a chance. You know how Mark is when he wants something and I saw the way he was looking at her."

    "Mark promised he wouldn't ask her to do anything she didn't want to do and he's not going to treat her like us," Ann tried to sound reassuringly. "It's a one time thing and then we all go back to ...." She trailed off. Normal, I was thinking. There's nothing normal about what we were doing. "Any way, Mark made it clear we would take things as they come and if something goes wrong he'll stop."

    Ann looked at me. For a second I thought I saw a tear welling up in her eyes before Mark walked in. "Thought I'd check on you two. We're getting hot out there. Real hot if you know what I mean," Mark laughed as he peered back to the pool. "Your sister is just about as pretty as you are baby," Mark said as he walked up and put his arms around my wife. I took the drink from Ann's hand as I watched his lips ground into hers, his tongue snaking into her hungry mouth. She wrapped her hand down to his ass and squeezed.

    I walked out to the pool as Mark and Ann continued their embrace. "Your friend Mark seems like a great guy," Cindy said as she heard me set the drink down on the table. A few minutes later, Ann called from the kitchen to tell me to fire up the grill.

    Dinner was great as the girls and Mark continued to chat sending me into the kitchen for new rounds of drinks. As the sun has slipped down and the evening took hold, Mark suggested a little dip in the pool. Cindy went into the house to use the restroom and Mark instructed Ann and me to disrobe and slip into the pool while Cindy was away. I looked over at Ann who slipped off her top and bottoms. I eased out of my shorts and slid down into the cool water. Mark was last as he pulled off his top and bottoms freeing the huge member which already hung dauntingly below his waist.

    When Cindy stepped back out she saw us all in the water. "You started without me....," she trailed off after she saw our naked bodies skinny dipping in the pool. I saw her eyes glance around the pool at the small mounds of swimwear left on the chairs. Even with the drinks she had, Cindy was clearly at a loss for words.

    "House rules after dark," Mark tried to reassure her. Noting her hesitation, he reassessed. "You can leave your suit on if you like. C'mon in, we won't bite," Mark continued.

    Cindy continued to look hesitant as Ann echoed, "It's okay Cindy, we're all family here." Cindy looked down at the pavement before she gently sat down on the side of the pool and eased her body into the cool water.

    "That's it baby girl," Mark said softly as his body cut thru the water. While Cindy had taken the step into the pool, she was still clearly unsure of the situation. I slid over to the side of the pool where we had left the drinks. I walked a drink to everyone as we moved toward each other with the water lapping at our chest. Cindy took the drink from my hand but her eyes were gazing at the scene beneath the water as the pool lights displayed our slightly distorted lower halves.

    After a few minutes Cindy seemed to be settling down. Perhaps it was the drinks or maybe Mark's disarming personality. He pushed up to where Ann was leaning against the back of the pool. I watched as Cindy studied the contrast in their bodies. Ann's slightly tanned arm sometimes touching his black shoulder as the water splashed over their bodies.

    Mark looked down at Ann's breasts which bounced in the water. He looked at her face and then back down at her chest as he touched her slightly on the top of her breast. "You got a lot of sun today sweets," Mark almost cooed as he trailed his fingers across her tit. Her nipple hardening under his touch. I thought Cindy's eyes would pop out of her head as she watched this unfold. Mark glanced over at her and then at me.

    "It's okay, Cindy. It's like Ann said, we're like family," Mark said in a soft voice. Mark moved behind Ann as she pressed her back to his chest. His hands running along her sides and then his hands reaching up to cup her breast which floated in the water. Separated by a few feet, I could clearly hear Cindy breathing harder as she watched her sister in the arms of another man – a black man.

    "Actually, and I don't think it would be any point in lying to you. We enjoy more than each others company. Is this a little too much for you?" he inquired almost asking for her permission to continue.

    "No....I, uh guess not. I mean, I just didn't. I guess I never would have thought..." Cindy continued to stammer before Ann chimed in. "If your uncomfortable, we'll go in," Ann looked her in the eyes. Cindy, in an almost childlike move, gently bit on her lip, as she turned and glanced over at me.

    "I'm okay with it too Cindy. Actually I enjoy seeing Ann and Mark together. At first I was jealous but they enjoy each other so much and I want her to be happy. Mark can give her things I can't...and I'm okay with that," I continued.

    Cindy looked back at Ann and Mark as Mark spoke up. "Go ahead and tell her Larry. It turns you on to see your wife in my arms," Mark said as he gently pulled at Ann's nipple. Cindy and I both heard her wince and then groan as he continued his methodic assault on her breast. Mark's face rubbed against Ann's as she slowly turned her head seeking his lips. She half turned as their tongues met and they started a hot wet embrace as the water lapped at their bodies. Cindy was entranced as she watched her sister began to push her body into Mark's. His dark arms wrapping around her drawing her close.

    Mark seemed to casually glance up at Cindy as she continued her fixed gaze to the sight before her. Ann trailed kisses down his chest as he eased up onto the side of the pool. His hardening black cock coming into view. In the dim pool light, you could still see the sharp contrast of their skin as Ann wrapped her hand tightly around his dick. "Suck it baby, go ahead and show your sister how much you love my cock," Mark said softly as Ann's mouth immediately dove down to take in his ebony shaft.

    I too eased up on the side of the pool with my dick beginning to harden watching my wife and her lover. "You ever seen a black cock Cindy," Mark inquired in between sighs. His fingers moving through Ann's wet hair, every once and a while pulling it tightly to his crotch. He continued a fixed gaze on Ann's sister. "Ann loves my black cock don't cha' baby." Ann could only muffle a response as she continued to slide her mouth up and down on his hard cock. "Tell Cindy how much you love it baby. Tell your sister how much you love my black dick."

    Ann rose her head up, seemingly out of breath, "Yea, I love your dick. I can't get enough of your cock," she said as she continued her assault on his ebony member.

    "It's turning you on to see us isn't is Cindy? Look what it does to Larry." I was caught up in the moment hearing his words. I looked down to see me stroking my own cock. My hand sliding up and down on my member as I watched my wife worship Mark's cock.

    "You're really enjoying this. I can see your hard little nipples in your suit," taunted Mark. Cindy looked down and saw her nipples were straining against the yellow top which did little to hide her excitement.

    "Take them out and show me me those beautiful breast," Mark continued. Cindy hesitated a second before I watched her reach her hand behind her back, unfasten the clasp and slowly drop the top from her shoulder. She removed the wet top and placed it on the side of the pool. "Oh, yeah. Your titties are gorgeous," he continued. Her tan lines were clearly visible. "Touch them for me...touch them while you sister sucks on my dick"

    Almost as if in a trance, Cindy reached up and rubbed gently on her breast. Holding it in her hand, cupping it and then letting it slide out as she held on to her nipple. "That's it baby girl. Pull on your little hard nipple. Show daddy how hard your little nipples can get." Cindy complied, pulling and twisting on her nipple. I could see her left hand slip under the water. Her hand moved under her suit and I was sure she was fingering her little clit.

    "Slide over here baby girl. I just want to touch your tit. Just for a second..." Mark seemed to be pleading as Cindy did slowly walk through the water, her eyes almost glazed over as her willpower continued to ebb. Just within reach, Mark raised his hand and gently stroked her arm. I heard Cindy sigh as his touch electrified her skin. His large hand hovered over her arm, gently coming down and tracing his fingers on her skin. As he reached the top of her chest, she closed her eyes and I watched as his fingers teased her nipple. Cindy's head went back on her shoulders as she thrust her chest out to meet his touch. As he gently traced patterns on her breast, twisting her little nipple, she groaned. I knew it was just a matter of time now as he continued to draw his prey closer.
    Mark looked down at Ann who continued to work on his cock with abandon. "I'm sorry baby...I'm not paying enough attention to you am I sweetie? I bet you want me to slip this into that hot little pussy. Would you like that?" he asked knowing her response.

    "Please, yes, I want it. Please give me your cock," Ann pleaded. "Let's go inside. C'mon baby girl. You can watch as I give your older sister what she wants," Mark stated with confidence. Following him inside we all grabbed our towels as we moved to the den, rubbing the wetness from our bodies. My dick swaying back and forth, erect from the spectacle I had witnessed. Mark sat down on the couch as Ann walked over and sat astride his lap. Once again kissing him as she pushed her heaving breast against his dark frame.

    I went into the kitchen to get us a new round of drinks and when I returned Cindy was sitting naked on the floor. She had removed her bottoms and was now rubbing her clit and pulling at her nipple. My wife was riding Mark, bouncing up and down as he took her left breast in his mouth, sucking and biting as she bounced up and down on his hard prick. "Oh God, she shouted, Oh, Oh shit..." she continued as she rode him madly.

    "You love my black dick don't cha' baby. You can't get enough of my black dick can ya'. Ain't nothing like my cock to take care of that sweet little white pussy of yours. Tell baby sister how much you love my cock. Tell her," he demanded.

    "I love your cock. I'll do anything to have your cock. Fuck me...Fuck me," she exclaimed.

    "Tell baby sister what you are," Mark continued.

    "I'm your cock slut," Ann cried in a groan.

    "Who does that pussy belong to? Tell your little sister who owns that cunt...," he demanded.

    "You do. You own my pussy belongs to you....I belong to you...oh, fuck, give me that cock. I love your big black cock!" she cried.

    Cindy's fingers were plunging hard into her box and her own breathing was ragged. I knew the sounds Ann often made and I knew she was close to coming as well. As Ann continued to bounce up and down, I could tell they were close to climaxing. Mark leaned his back hard into the couch as he thrust up. His legs coming off the couch. He grunted loudly, as Ann held his head tight to her chest. "Yes, Yes, Yes...fill me baby. Fill me up, give it to me!" Ann cried as Mark shot his load deep into her cunt.

    They both started to slow as Cindy continued to rub her own fingers madly on her little clit. Ann slid off and for the first time Cindy's eyes gazed on the tattoo just to the right of Ann's shaved pussy lips, now swollen from the fucking Mark had provided - "Mark's Cock Slut". The letters were covered in their sweat and cum but the words were very legible. Mark looked on with amusement as he glanced over at me. "Larry, why don't you clean her up."

    Ann settled back onto the couch and spread her legs as I eased down on the floor and crawled between my wife's legs. I began to lap at her hot hole. Their juices leaking from her stretched pussy. Ann grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face tightly into her smooth wet mound.

    "Was that exciting baby girl? Did you enjoy the show?," he continued as he looked down at Cindy whose assault on her own box had slowed. "You ever touched a black cock before?, he asked.

    "No", came her meek reply. "Its okay, baby girl. We're family here. Everything we do stays here. You want to touch this?" he inquired as he reached down and held his now relaxed member, still glistening with my wife's juices. Cindy seemed frozen as he continued to hold his cock in his hand. "Larry," he looked over. "Show baby girl what you like to do." Without thought, I shifted to Mark's crotch and took the member in my hand as I eased my mouth down on his hot cock. I could taste my wife's pussy on his dick as I lapped the head with my tongue.

    I could only imagine the reaction of my sister in law as she was watched me give another man head. "Larry likes my dick too don't cha' boy." I muffled my confirmation as I continued to suck on his hardening cock. "Come over here baby girl and let me rub those pretty titties again."

    Cindy eased up on her knees and moved closer to him as he reached out and began stroking her chest. Cupping her breast and pulling lightly on her nipple. Twisting the little nubs between his thumb and finger. "Damn girl, you got some fine little titties," he continued as she sighed under his touch. I looked over to see Mark take her hand in his and then rest it on the shaft of his cock. He rubbed their hands up and down as I continued to suck and lick on the crown of his cock.

    Eventually he removed his hand and Cindy continued to grasp his ebony flesh, stroking it up and down as I continued to give him head. I heard Cindy gasp as I opened my eyes and saw Mark's fingers sliding in between the folds of her cunt. He dipped his finger in and rubbed his thumb along her clit as she pushed her chest into his arm. I saw her reach down and grab his arm, not pushing it away. Instead, pulling down hard as if she wanted him to impale her with his arm. "I think baby girl wants some of daddy too," Mark said softly as he continued to rub her clit. "I believe baby girl wants some hard black cock. Is that right baby girl? You want Mark's cock?" he continued.

    Her voice was soft, very faint, but her reply was unmistakable. "Yes, please, I want your cock." Mark pushed my head away and gently slid them both to the floor. For the first time Mark slid up her body trailing kisses on her stomach, to her breast, and then to her mouth. Her lips hungrily seeking his. Her tongue pushed into his mouth before he had time to meet her advance. Her arms wrapped tightly around his back as he reached down and began rubbing his cock along her wet pussy lips. He dipped in just the head before pulling it back out. Her hips rising off the floor trying desperately to keep the head inside her folds.

    "You want it bad don't cha' baby girl." "Yes, please, yes give me your cock," she cried as he toyed with her. Mark began easing into her pussy and she groaned as his meat filled her tight liitle hole. "I'll go easy... I know that sweet little pussy ain't never had this much dick before." Cindy was clawing at his back as he continued to ease his cock into her hot wet cunt. She continued to moan as his hardness filled her. As he moved his hips back and forth, slowly, she began accepting more and more of his throbbing meat.

    "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck...," Cindy chanted as he slid his dick back and forth. "You like that black dick don't cha' baby girl. You know once you had black, there ain't no going back. You ain't never gonna' be satisfied with those little white dicks again. Tell daddy how much you like that dick. Tell me baby girl."

    "Oh's so big. Your cock is so big, damn," she continued to swear. Cindy wrapped her legs tightly around his back as he pumped her over and over.

    I looked over at Ann who was watching her sister and her lover. Her finger rubbing her clit back and forth as she gazed at Mark ravaging her sister. I went back to Ann's cunt and began licking her hot snatch as she continued to rub her clit.

    "You ready for me baby. You ready to take my load up your hot little pussy," Mark moaned as his tongue snaked into her ear.

    "Oh yes, fill me. Give it to me baby. I want to fill your cum in me. Please..."

    The room seemed to explode as I heard first Mark and then both Cindy and Ann who all seemed to come in unison. Mark was groaning as Cindy's cries mixed with his. Mark rolled over and lay on his back as Cindy closed her eyes seemingly regaining her composure. Mark looked down at Cindy's puffy lips which already seemed to be leaking his juice. "You want Larry to clean that up?"

    Cindy looked at me and then Ann. Ann pushed my head away, as if in consent, as I slid between my sister in law's legs. I heard her groan as my tongue found her wet hole and I dipped my tongue inside her sopping wet pussy.

    Her taste was almost identical to Ann's as her juices mixed with Mark's cum. The only difference was the small strip of pubic hair she had just above her clit. I wondered how long that would be there now that Mark had claimed his prize. I pushed my tongue deep inside her as I felt his cum rush out to meet my mouth. I grasped both her ass cheeks in my hands as I devoured her cunt. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled at my hair as she began to thrust into my face. She came again hard as she thrust back and forth.

    I withdrew my mouth planting little kisses down her legs to her cute little toes as I withdrew to the couch. I looked into Ann's eyes and we moved together in a kiss. I looked over to see Cindy watching us with a smile. She understood what had happened and she was okay with it.

    I went into the kitchen to make a drink. When I returned to the den, Ann was gathering the wet items to throw into the pantry. I started to ask where Mark and Cindy went when I head voices down the hall and the shower running. Mark and Cindy spent the night together as Ann and I made our way back to the bedroom. We were way too exhausted to hear any noises coming from their room. I wasn't sure what the rest of the weekend held but I did know Cindy would never be the same. It's like Mark said, "Once you go black, there's no going back."
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