Singapore girl

Ever had the urge to take it deep then have a cleaner suck it Out ???

Do as you want. but some poor guy sure would love to suck on your SWEET PUSSY....Only Cone Heads love the bubble gum.
I wish you all the best. I contacted a Saudi Arabian Hotwife whom regularly fed her husband
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Wow I saw her and she was as pretty as you. Just awesome. Lucky Husband.


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:eek: I don't know about that "cum jar" ... :frantic:
I think I would find that definitely a male ego killer!

I was at a convention, years ago, and met this attractive lit'l blonde at the motel bar. She was professionally dressed, and she seemed to take a chatty interest in me, so I bought her a couple drinks. She invited me up to her room for a night cap. (she wasn't a hooker as she never mentioned money).
Anyways, when we got to her room she excused herself to the bathroom for a few minutes, and while she was in the restroom, I kind of pondered around the room (it was a nicer room than mine) and I just so happened to glance down into her waste can ... yup, you guessed it ... a used condom. I also noticed an ashtray with 4-5 burnt cigs in it, and I hadn't seen this girl smoke ... had I seen her smoke, I probably would not have been in her room then. Anyways, it killed every ambition I had to nail this cutie ... and the weird thing is, I had every intention of using a condom myself. Anyways, I made an excuse and said my goodnights and promised to catch her the next night. However, I didn't even go down to the motel bar. :oops: