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Show us your wifes with BBC

I would like to see your wife in action. If you have photos or videos of your wife with a BBC, post it and share the experience you had.
I definately would if I could and hopefully one day we will. The problem I have is quiet simple. The first time Pam took on Edwin, my old university friend and roommate, who happens to be black, she wouldn't let me take any pictures! NONE!! To convince her I had to agree that they'd be for "our" personal use only! I've honoured that promise faithfully right up to the time of this post. This is not to say however I'm not trying to persuade her otherwise and to let me post just a few pics and maybe a few minutes of vid. Came close a few times, but close is only good when playing horseshoes! It's a slow process to convince her but I think I'll eventually get my way. It took almost nine years to get her to the point where she fucked Edwin, of course at that time it could have had been anyone, Edwin just happened to be the lucky guy! My point is, patience is something I have plenty of.
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