Should White Sissies Marry Bi-Black Bulls?

Discussion in 'Cuckold Forum' started by Danica Lane, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. Danica Lane

    Danica Lane Active Member

    I was curious if anyone had an opinion on those bisexual Black Bulls who express an interest in actually marrying sexy, passable sissies?


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  2. hotjen

    hotjen Well-Known Member Gold Member

    Why shouldn't they
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  3. Danica Lane

    Danica Lane Active Member

    I guess since pleasing white women is out of the question, maybe this is the only fate left to sissies.
  4. Boy in Pink

    Boy in Pink Member

    If a black man wants a sissy wife I think it would be great.
    One of my fantasies is that my wife leaves me for a black man. Then I find a black man who I marry as his wife. Naturally he is strong, hansom man with a big cock for me. :qos:
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  5. BethLuvsBBConly

    BethLuvsBBConly Well-Known Member Gold Member

    I do not see any reason why not.

    Personally I support polygamy. We have talked about, fantasized about marrying a black man. Hubby spent the first few years of our marriage as a sissy and we dated white men together back then. Raising a family ended his dressing, but sexually he remained more submissive and more fem then masculine in bed. For our 12 years black only, we date bisexual black men who want both of us.
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