Wives - have you ever done something like this and felt guilt?

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She began rubbing his chest and stomach and eventually began teasing his nipple. The familiar stirring in his loins started again, and he started exploring her body in the same manner. He removed his shirt to give her better access and she took the opportunity by kissing all over his chest paying a lot of attention to his nipples. Her hand roamed down to his now aching crotch and she began to gently massage is huge cock and balls. He was so much bigger than her husband. She wondered if she would be able to take such a large dick. He helped her remove her t-shirt and finally beheld the breasts that he had wondered about for the last couple of weeks.

She briefly thought about her husband and what he would say if he could see her now, but she didn't care. She had made up her mind to make love with this beautiful black man she had met and nothing was going to stop her.

They continued kissing, touching each other, and removing each others close until they were both naked. She was breathing very heavy as he moved over her and began licking his way down her body. He spent a considerable time on each breast feasting like a hungry newborn before venturing to the 'V' between her legs. She asked, "You want to do that to me?" with a hint of surprise in her voice. "I would love too" came his reply. She tasted wonderful.

He began by taking her outer folds between his lips and gently sucking while tonguing her. He could hear a slight moan escape her lips as he began to let his tongue explore further inside her. She jumped and gasped when he took her clit into his mouth. As much as he was enjoying bringing her pleasure, he still had a lot more of her to explore. He wanted to take the time to find her most sensitive spots; the ones that would drive her crazy when manipulated.

He kissed the inside of her thighs and down to her knees where he licked and sucked on her kneecaps causing her to moan and writhe before continuing on to her feet. When he got to her feet, he took time with each toe licking, biting, and sucking on it causing her to continue writhing and gasping.

After he had her turn on her stomach, he began the agonizingly slow journey up her body finding the wonderful spots along the way. He licked the back of her knees which was very hard for her to take. He nibbled and nuzzled her butt and lower back. She was trembling more noticeably by the time he reached the back of her neck. She had the softest, most wonderful smelling hair that he had ever encountered and he played with it continuously while he was with her.

The time had come at last for him to go inside her. She was tight, very tight as she had not made love in quite some time. With patience on both their parts, he was able to finally penetrate her. She felt very full and uncomfortable at first, but she was very happy that he was a gentle lover. Shortly, he asked her to get on top of him, and she maneuvered to ride him, and ride him she did. All this time, he was trying to last until she had her orgasm, but he was at the point of no return. He announced this to her, but it only served to make her ride him harder. She wanted to feel his release inside of her and moments later was the recipient of one of the strongest orgasms that he had ever had.

They both lay there panting and holding each other until they drifted off to sleep. She woke him in the early hours of the morning so that he could go to his hotel and change to go to work. Once again, they kissed and held each other by the door. Her husband would be returning later in the day and she wondered how she could face him after this.