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I guess this is pretty weird but for a long time I've had this fantasy about watching a big, black man come in my wife. When I'm making love to her I think about it.

I finally told her. At least she didn't freak out. Finally admitting it made me feel better.

Then one night when we were messing around in bed she asked me to tell her more about the fantasy. She was holding my penis, which she knows lowers my resistance. But I thought the fantasy was strange and I didn't want to tell her more. She insisted. Since the cat was already out of the bag, I filled in some details.

I said that in my fantasy I have invited a man over that you don't know and after wine we watch this this porno video where a wife gets fucked by a neighbor while her husband watches.

My wife said, "So that's it?"

I said I left out some parts. The woman in my fantasy is you and the guy is someone you don't know.

I said, in my fantasy the movie turned you on and I could see that it did the guy I invited over too. In fact I could see his erection, so after a while I ask him if he would like to fuck you.

My wife said, "Just like that, you ask him?"

I reminded her it was my fantasy and I said, that she didn't seem to object, so he starts to undress you right in the middle of the living room and you just let him. Then you just law back and open your legs for him. Then he holds you down and pushes into you and you just let him.

His cock is huge and his balls are big and hanging down like one of those bulls. I watch him very slowly build to a climax and we both know he's going to come in you.

And then there is that moment when he starts to bang you hard like a man does when he starts to come. You feel it happening, so you pull him fully up into you so he doesn't slip out. It's like you want to make sure you get all of it.

Then I see he's coming and I know his sperm is shooting up into you. All the time he's on top of you holding you down and you couldn't get away if you wanted to.

She listened to all this and said, "My god!"

Then she seemed a bit angry and said what about her feelings in all this -- did she want it to happen or was it more like rape?

I said that in my fantasy you didn't have a choice, but you didn't seem to mind ether. In fact, when he starts to come you you hold onto him and pull him fully up into you.

And then there is that beautiful moment when I know he's coming in you, filling you with his sperm. You can feel it happen inside of you. I can see it in your face.

She considered it. "I thought in porno, the guy came in the girl's face."

"No I want to know that he comes in you."

"But when you had your vasectomy I went off the pill and so if that actually happened I could get pregnant. Is that what you want? And, by the way, don't I have a say about the guy?

"No, you might like him too much and I don't want that."

"You just want me to carry his baby."

"I hadn't thought about that part."

"Maybe you should."


"In case it really happens sometime."

"Could it?"

She said, "If I said 'no' it would ruin your fantasy wouldn't it?"

"So it could?"

She smiled,"Yes, it could."
My wife will sometimes "talk dirty to me" at my insistence and tell me how a guy is fucking her and how she feels as I masturbate to it. It doesn't happen very often as she has expressed a dislike for it many times. But the few times she agrees to play on my fantasy, she knows I come very hard.