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She is 2 hours late...

She's out with a coworker and was supposed to be home a couple hours ago. I have no heard from her. Its unlikely anything is happening other than her just having some drinks and networking with co workers but it can be fun fantasizing about what could be. A little bit gut wrenching as well


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It's always good, when your lady is unordinarily late getting home, to give her a call on her cellphone and simply ask if she's ok. No probing or questioning who she's with or where she is ... just letting her know you are concerned for her safety, followed with a "love ya" comment. That does a couple things ... one, let's her know you're thinking of her safety, and two, that you support/ok with what she's doing. You might have established a "safe word" that she could use if she was feeling threatened etc but unable to speak direct.
Also, if she's going to be "out and about" during the night, be sure to have her leave her cellphone on so authorities can trace its location later if she doesn't come home. Mac ;)