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Sharing With a Friend

Have you ever shared with a close friend?

  • Yes

    Votes: 19 51.4%
  • No

    Votes: 7 18.9%
  • I wish

    Votes: 11 29.7%

  • Total voters


Gold Member
My wife and I are swingers. We have been married ten years and have enjoyed sexy evenings at swinger clubs and parties for most of that time. Most of the turn on for her is exhibitionism. In fact, for a long while we were "soft" swingers. Meaning we would not go all the way but be watched and watch others. That slowly escalated over the years to touching, oral, and then full intercourse with others. What never changed was these encounters were always practically anonymous. They occurred either at a swinger club or party. The attraction was always the highly sexually charged atmosphere, very sexy dress, and the attention my beautiful wife would always get. This was always a secret lifestyle for us. No one from our outwardly conservative life would ever guess we were so open sexually.
There was one exception, my childhood best friend, Rick. Rick is like a brother to me and we are able to share everything. He is also a black man. The friend a lot of guys have that never really grew up. My wife and I are college educated and corporate, but my best friend Rick is a bar tender. I love him, but he is just so different from anyone we know or hang out with of our "vanilla" friends. That is why I have over the years confided in him about our swinging adventures. My wife also likes taking naked pictures and they are all over the Internet. Again, keeping with our conservative life those pictures do not show her face. But for a while I had been sharing those pictures with my Rick.
Rick left the area but returned for a visit and was staying the night with us. Rick and I attended a football game and returned to the house in the evening to hang out. It was just me, my wife and Rick in the house. It started out as a normal night of talking, eating, laughing and drinking. By late in the night we were all pretty influenced by alcohol when of course the conversation turned to sex. The topic of my wifes pictures came up and before to long I was showing Rick pictures of my wife on my laptop with my wife in the room. She did not know what I was doing at first, but then caught on. I knew she would love showing off like that and before long we were showing our private naked pictures of my wife on the big screen. Of course, this only made the sexual atmosphere get even more intense. I said Rick never grew up, and I regress about 20 years when I am around him. So next thing that happens is we are playing a game of truth or dare. It turns out when Rick brought it up, my wife had never played before! I believe her. she is the classic school girl gone bad. We do crazy things yet she remains very innocent at the same time.
It was not long into the game the my wife was dared by Rick to flash us her breasts. This would be a good time to tell you about my wife as honestly as I can. She is 5'2" and about 100lbs. On that frame she has 34C natural breasts. Because of her size her breasts look great when they are in bra. When she is naked I think they are great too, but they hand down like natural breasts do. She has a great face that has an innocent look to it that matches her brunette hair. She pulls off a great innocent but sexy look that is hard to describe and probably in my mind more than anything else since I know what she is willing to do.
Back to the story, my wife stood up from the couch to the front of the room and lifted her shirt "Girls gone wild" style. Rick, is quick on his feet and complained that the flash was way to fast. My wife protested that he had been watching pictures of her naked for an hour. But Rick turned that on her and said "exactly, I have already seen them so there is no point in you being shy about your flash". With that, my wife took off her shirt. Just like that. I knew she had that in her, but still it was a great turn on.
Now topless she came and sat on my lap. It was very late at this point and she was ready to end the night, with sex of course. So I called it a night and we started to wrap things up. Of course it was obvious that this topless woman and I were going to go in the room and have sex. Rick left to the kitchen and as we waited for him to return and say goodnight, my wife and I, facing each other and standing up, began to make out. Rick walked towards us and I motioned for him to feel my wife's body. She was now between us being felt by my friend and I. But she said goodnight and ran into the bedroom.
At that point I gave Rick my video camera and I told him to come and film. I went to the bed with my wife and Rick sat in a chair in our room watching and filming as I took off my wife's pants and kissed her whole body. Within in a few minutes she playful yelled at Rick to get out of the room. We all knew she did not mean it. Instead he got closer and playfully said he needed to get the close up shots. Well as soon as Rick was close enough she began to rub his cock through his pants. There was no corny line, no real mention of what was about to happen, it just happened. He joined into our sex. Before long we were all naked and my wife took Rick's hard black cock into her mouth. Rick spent a lot of time giving my wife attention orally and made her cum. Neither of us were really sure how far my wife was going to take it. When I finally asked her if she wanted him to have sex with her. All she said was "as long as he has a condom". I don't think Rick has left the house since high school without a condom and tonight was no different. Now we took turns fucking my wife for a long while. Rick finally finished the evening back where it started, cumming on her tits.
This was the first and last time this happened with Rick, although he is planning to come to town this summer. I really hope something like this happens again.

Yes, on a few occasions I have even traveled to spend the weekend with a close friend of my husband. Was very hot. Went to a swingers club and had an amazing time