Shango Impregnates a French Wife


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Olu was scrubbing his back with a sponge with his back facing her when she stepped into the stall. He smiled as he saw it was her and allowed her to take the sponge from his hand to scrub his body for him. She pressed her body against while she scrubbed his arms and torso. She kneeled before him to scrub his penis and balls and ran the sponge between his ass cheeks, taking pleasure in fondling his testicles as water washed the soap suds off his body.

“Got to make sure that you’re properly clean,” she said to him, while in her hand his prick nodded itself to hardness till it stood less than three inches from her face erect. Olu turned the shower fountain away from her so as not to distract.

“You’d better start sucking that cock, woman,” he said. “Or else it’s going to go back to sleep again.”

She kissed the round head of his prick. “We wouldn’t want that to happen now, would we.”

Her hand slid over the protruding vein and ridges that snaked the girth of his prick. Her mouth spat saliva over the knobbed head of his cock, rubbing it over his shaft before pushing it into her mouth. Olu held the sides of her head and thrust his manhood all the way into her mouth, fucking it like it was a second pussy. Mona relaxed her throat and jaw muscles, grunting as she swallowed more of his cock, wanting to please him with her mouth skills. Olu was impressed with her over-night maturity. Nothing could be more enjoyable than a morning blowjob … especially one gotten in the shower. He pulled her up to her feet and their lips locked upon each others in a deep, passionate kiss. His hand squeezed and pinched one of her tits while hers remained wrapped on his cock, stroking it, not willing to let it go.

“I’m so in love with your cock,” Mona moaned between kisses.

“You still up for some morning fucking then?”

Mona gave him a look that spoke of joy. “Oh Oui!”

Turning off the shower faucet, but they remained there for a moment, kissing, while water dried off their body before then stepping out of the stall.. Mona was reaching for the door but Olu stopped her and instead made her bend over the toilet with her hands grabbing the urinary bowl, her legs opened behind her. He searched with the head of his cock for the slit opening that was her labia. Finding it, she reached a hand underneath for his cock and guided him inside. Mona was already wet, though taking his prick was never an easy feat. She steeled herself, shut her eyes and gritted her teeth as he thrust his manhood inch by inch inside her pussy. She muttered another groan as her pussy enclosed on his shaft. Olu leaned forward and turned her face towards his and stuck his tongue into her mouth.
“You truly love my cock, bitch!” he growled into her ear.

“Ohh yes! Oui ... Oui! I love it so much!” she cried out helplessly.

“You want to be feeling this cock fucking you always? Tell me how much you want it.”

It was so hard for her to concentrate, for her to even think anything, what with the thickness of his rod thrusting in and out of her cunt like a fist of God’s fury. “Ahh ... I ... I want it always ... I want it ...”
“You want what?” he gave her face a light slap. “I’m talking to you, bitch! You want what?”

She cried out with a passion: “I want you ... Oh God! I want your cock ... YOUR COCK FUCKING ME ... ALWAYS FUCKING ME!

“You ready to become a black cock lover, bitch? You ready for that?”

“Ohh yes! Yes!”

Olu grinned at her. “Yeah, I knew you wanted it. I saw it in your eyes last night. And it’s why you’re going to carry my baby.”

Her eyes opened with horror at the mention of that. “What? NO!

“Shut the fuck up, bitch!” he yanked her hair hard enough to make her howl. His cock was still pounding her, never loosing focus from its purpose. He spoke harshly into her ear: “You’re going to be part of my harem, Mona. Whether you like it or not, and I don’t care what your husband might think. You’re going to submit yourself to me in more ways that you’ve never committed to your man before. Every night when you go to sleep, you’re going to be thinking about my black dick. Of wanting to have my black dick, and of many ways your French pussy, asshole and mouth can do to please my black dick. And in the end, by the time you and I have gotten to know ourselves more, you’re going to give birth to a black African baby,” he grunted “Or maybe even more.”

Mona was confused. Her emotions shattered, suddenly became a stifling mixture of fear and ecstasy that she was having a hard time believing his words or assuming he was telling a nasty joke. It didn’t sound like a joke though.

“You can’t ... can’t be serious?” she moaned, still caught in the unbridled lust his cock fucking her, as well as his words, were meting upon her.

Olu abruptly stopped what he was doing and pulled his cock out of her. Mona gave a moaning cry as if someone had just killed the sun. She didn’t want him to stop so soon, not when they were still having fun. Olu turned her around to look at her. While Mona crumbled on the toilet seat, her face flushed with excitement and breathing heavily from the bout of fucking he’d just been applying to her, Olu’s face was cold and serious.

“Tell me this, have you ever heard of a drug called Clomid?” he asked her.

Mona screwed her face. “No ... no, I don’t think I have.”

“Maybe someone else would know. Come with me.”

He grabbed her arm and pulled her roughly into the bedroom. Mona’s mind was a whirl of confusion. Her pussy was still hot and craving for his cock whereas her brain was trying hard to digest what he’d just revealed to her.

Becca had risen from bed stretching her arms and giving a yawn prior to Olu and Mona exiting the bathroom. She wrinkled her nose at the smell of dried cum still permeating the bed and set about dressing the sheets back in order. Her hair was a mess and her body was sticky with sweat. She definitely needed to find herself a hair salon before noon, she thought to herself. Her ears captured what sounded to her like her friend’s moans coming from the bathroom and smiled at the thought that her master was at it with Mona. He just couldn’t wait to give her a morning treat. Becca was contemplating surprising them in there and joining in on the fun when the door opened and out came the master pulling Mona along.

“Becca,” Olu barked at her. “You know anything about a drug called Clomid?”

She screwed her brow for a moment to recall if she had. And then a light came on. “Yeah … yes, I do know about it, though I’ve never used it before. What about it?”

He pulled Mona to stand beside him. “How about you telling our third wife here what the drug is about, since she seems unaware of it.”

Mona looked at him, her eyes aghast with shock. “Third wife?”

Becca burst into laughter. “Oh, Mona’s going to be one of us? How sweet!” she clasped her hands together like one caught in a moment’s rapture before turning to her friend. “It’s a fertility drug, Mona. Stuff taken to foster pregnancy. When was the last time you had your period?”

“About a week and some days ago. Why?”

“Why? Because the drug kicks up your cycle into blooming speed, that’s why. Long story short, you’re going to be carrying an African trophy just about the same time that I would!”


“Like you, I too am in heat just as you now are. Get the point?”

Mona did. She stood there stupefied and still caught in a daze she felt she was living some type of dream. Her eyes went back and forth from Olu to Becca, hopping to see some type of lie reflect on their face, but nothing of such happened. This whole thing wasn’t a game anymore.

“I don’t know what … I don’t know what to say. I still don’t know whether to believe any of this or not.”

“You’d better believe it,” Olu asserted, his voice became instantly seductive and charming. “You are the one I’ve been looking for, Mona. To complete my circle of wives. What neither you nor your husband Nick knows is that I’ve known about both of you, even before we met last night. I work at the Nigerian embassy, and there’s practically no foreigner entering Nigeria whose passport doesn’t run by my desk. My friend who was here last night with us, Abbey, had been keeping tabs on you—who else do you think it was that sent you the invite to the club last night? For some years now you and Nick have been struggling to have a baby, but so far no luck has come of that.”

Mona’s jaws went slack listening to him divulge a secret only she and her husband and her examining doctor had kept between themselves. There’s no way anyone would have known if one of them hadn’t talked. She put a hand to her mouth and muttered a gasp of horror.

Mon Dieu! How could you know—”

“That I know or how I came to know is irrelevant,” he interrupted her. “What is important is that I desire you just as much as I know you desire me too. I see it in your eyes of how much you want to keep having me. How you’d like to have me fucking you every hour of the day. I can give that to you, and even more, I can make you have that baby you and Nick have always wanted to have but don’t know how to.”

He came to her and placed his palm against her belly. He smiled as if aware of something she wasn’t. “Even now, I can sense a ripe egg swimming in your womb, desperately in need for my cum. I can give it to you … all you have to do is be submissive to me.”


“The why isn’t important for now. What you should know is this: it has my desire to have three wives, just as Becca most likely explained to you yesterday. She is my Osun. Nneka is Oba; as for you, I’m going to refer to you as Oya.”

He turned to Becca and told her to fetch his wallet which was lying inside the bedside cabinet. She pulled out the cabinet and got it for him. Olu reached into a recess part of the wallet and took out a white ring, similar to the one he’d given Becca a few days ago. Mona didn’t move or say anything even as he extracted her wedding band from her finger and inserted his own in its place.
“The circle is now complete,” Olu announced.

Becca hugged Mona, grinning with glee. “Welcome to the black family, Mona. Isn’t it wonderful—you, Nneka and I—we’re now sisters!”