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She knew that some men were larger than others, this man was one of those that
was. His erection had a big curve in it, she remembered that part, how strange
that had felt. She also remembered how it had felt even larger, seeming to grow
as he had thrust inside of her, the way it had bent slightly before sliding in
with each stroke.

She remembered a couple of times how he had slipped out, then reinserted and
continued. He had an odd way of rotating his hips, it was strange but felt

"I really do need to get home, my husband...."

She instantly regretted mentioning her husband.

"Oh. You are married? You didn't tell me that, and you don't have a...? So
that's the deal, one of those guys, huh?" He looked at her with a strange
expression, glancing down at her hand.

Sissy had her wedding ring inside her coin purse, she had carefully placed it
there before leaving the house.

She had done that right in front of Jim, her husband. He had watched with a
smile, his face flushed. It was almost like some kind of final act of

She didn't answer Randall, just reached for her clothing. Then she hesitated,
the man was sitting right there, naked, fully erect.

Sissy sighed and slipped off the towel, baring her body to him. It didn't matter
now, he had already seen and touched everything. She noticed his eyes scan up
and down, pausing at her naked sex.

She had carefully shaved herself before leaving the house, Jim had insisted she
do that. That felt strange, it was like it was not her down there.

She looked at the man, he held out his hand. She went to him, knelt down and
took his penis into her hands. After a few minutes, she stood up, stepped
forward and lowered her body over him again. His hands came up to her sides as
he lay back, his rigid member jutting upwards.

Lost in the sensations, she had no control over her actions at all. He began to
nip lightly at her breasts, he had done that earlier. Jim always suckled, this
felt different but then everything felt different.

Again she quickly had a powerful series of climaxes, she had long since lost
track of how many.

After Randall had ejaculated inside of her for the third time, she stood and
looked at him.

"Honey, you are one great fuck, that's for sure!" He grinned up at her.

Without another word, she quickly retrieved her pale pink thong and matching
bra, pulled them on. She finished dressing quickly as the man sat there and

Amazingly, his huge, black cock was still partially engorged, she could see it
clearly each time the garish light outside flashed.

"Thanks! I will be here until Wednesday if you want to drop by again." Were the
last words she heard from him as she walked out the door.

Her husband takes her in his arms. If her hair and makeup in disarray hadn't told the story, the way she smelled, the way she tasted when they kissed left no doubt that she'd had sex with that Black man. "I love you so much," he says softly into her hair.

"He wants me again," she replies softly, momentarily looking up into his eyes, then letting her guilty gaze lower.

"Of course he does," her husband sighs pensively. "I'm sure he wants a LOT more of you." She keeps her face hidden in his neck to hide the furious blush at the truth of that statement. "And baby, you owe it to him. We owe it to him. You owe him a LOT more." He catches her chin in his hand and brings her eyes to his. "I want you to go back to him, baby. And stay with him until he's done with you. Fuck him good. Give him everything." Her eyes are tearing up and flutter closed as she buries her head in his chest.

An hour later, she's naked in the Black man's room, on her hands and knees. The Black dick is buried in her pussy as a Black hand paws one bare breast and the other pulls her head back by the hair. Her heart soars as her first orgasm approaches.