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Seeking black for white wife

I am looking for ideally a black bi guy whom i can befriend as i want him to seduce and fuck my Lithuanian wife. She is constantly horny and she plays with her pussy all the time at night when she thinks I am asleep. She had a black guy before whom she was fucking for a long time and she loves the attention that guys give (I am sure that all women do) it turns me on to know that she was getting streched by a BBC. I want someone to seduce and fuck her hard just as she likes it.

She is an eager cocksucker and knows how to. She has this thing for black ass and she loves to rim ass. We are in the Oxford area in the UK and I hope to find someone that would become my friend seduce her and fuck her on an ongoing basis. I did organise a Jamaican guy who came over and she gave him the best blowjob of his life. Only thing is he came twice and too soon. He never got to fuck her properly. I am hoping that whoever seduces her would ram her hard.

She is 38 tall, slim, shaven pussy. I love the fact that my dick does not touch her walls when we fuck. I love her being stretched so wide. She loves thick rather than long, but if you have both then thats better.:exciting: