San Diego Bull to seduce my wife

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    I am writing you to see if you might be the guy to hopefully finally see my life time of fantasies come to reality. You see Heidi has no idea that I am pursuing this but I am convinced that she will absolutely love BBC once she is exposed to the lifestyle. I am mainly interested in her pleasure and willing to do whatever it takes to make this happen. Heidi is 45 yrs old, 5'8" tall thin with small perky breasts with nice long nipples.
    Do you have experience in seducing an unsuspecting wife?
    Are you open to this opportunity?
    I can tell you that I have fantasized for years of having an alpha black male use her regularly as I wait at home for her return. She should never know that I know anything about this and I am convinced that she will be much more uninhibited if she thought that. All I ask is that you tell me what a slut and whore my wife was for you after you have had your way with her? Either way it is about her pleasure for me, I just want the play by play later. I have also fantasized of her becoming so subservient to you, that you share her with a select friend or two. I have attached a few photos of how I envision Heidi to be with you, as well as a few of Heidi so that you know that we are real. I look forward to your (hopefully favorable) response.
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    looks like we are in similar boat. did you find someone for her you can recommend to us? am taking su to san diego and it would be nice to hook up w a bbc there. pls advise. thanks