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Sam and Edward


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thought this was a great story.... from Literotica.... but one of those authors who... is slow or never finishes what he starts... anyway here is what he posted.... you can check from time to time to see if it ever gets finished

Sam and Edward Ch. 01
My wife Sam and I decided on a diving holiday in the Bahamas for our 10th wedding anniversary, we to would leave our 4 year old daughter, Jenny, with her grandparents and have 4 weeks of fun and relaxation. Our plan was to have a week at a resort, then 18 days on a luxury live-aboard dive boat and the last few days back on land at a different resort. This package was arranged by a specialist dive travel agency so we would probably be sharing the same itinerary as other divers.

We were both very keen to get away and Sam had spent the weeks beforehand excitedly buying new outfits for the beach and pool, sadly I hardly got to see them as I worked over-time right up until the day we left. But I did arrive home early on the day of our departure to find Sam modelling one of her purchases in the mirror while Jenny sat playing on the bed.

"Wow!" I exclaimed as I entered the bedroom which was still full of half packed suitcases and unopened shopping bags.

"You like?" she enquired giving me a little twirl and a wink. Sam still looked amazing for 31, at typical sporty Aussie beach girl with a tight athletic figure, she spent a lot of time outdoors and the tiny lime green bikini looked great against her tanned skin.


"Well I got a few other things too, but they'll have to wait, we really need to leave," she informed me as she quickly got undressed and placed the new swimsuit into her suitcase along with several other ones she grabbed out of the shopping bags. I did as I was told and packed as quickly as possible.

The trip from Australia was a very long but uneventful one, we arrived at the resort in time for a late dinner and went to bed early as we had a day of diving planned for the following morning.

The next morning we woke early for breakfast and began to explore the resort. It was more beautiful than either of us had expected and the ocean looked amazing, we ate and made our way to the resorts dive shop where we hoped we might meet some of the other people on the same package as us.

We eventually found the dive shop and met the 6 other people that would be diving with us that day but we were surprised to find that only one of them would be joining us on the boat, an American man named Edward. He was a bit taller and older than me at about 6'3'' and maybe 40, but quite a bit bigger, he looked like a serious gym goer, shaved head and dark skin all combined to make him appear quite a physical specimen. We exchanged introductions and whilst setting up our gear went through the usual small talk, he was an American Naval officer on holidays and he seemed like a really nice guy.

We spent the hour long ride out to the dive site swapping stories with the other divers, who all seemed quite pleasant. Upon arrival at the site we were placed in a group of four with Edward and a guide as we were the only ones going out later on the live-aboard.

"Guess it's the three of us," he said as we geared up together.

The dives were amazing and the boat was abuzz with discussion of what each group had seen on their dives as we returned to the resort.

"You should join us for lunch," Sam suggested to Edward as we docked.

"Sounds great!" he replied in his deep booming voice.

We ate and chatted for quite some time over a few drinks at one of the beach side restaurants before returning to our room. I was quite keen to get Sam alone and out of her new green bikini.

No sooner had the door closed behind us and I was all over Sam, lifting her transparent black sundress over her head leaving her in just that tiny new green bikini. For a mother she still looked stunning and as I admired her I realized just how revealing that little bikini was. We made love like newlyweds and collapsed spent on the bed, waking just in time for dinner.

Over dinner we discussed the days diving and Edward who would be with us on the boat.

"He seems like a really great guy," I offered.

"Yeah..." Sam replied looking at her food.

"And sexy as fuck!" I added to see how she would respond.

"Ye....what?" she said quickly looking up from her meal.

"I've got eyes, he's a total specimen and I saw you checking him out all day."

"I did not!" she said with indignation.

"You so were, and that's ok, you're only human," I informed her.

"Well I guess I had a couple of sneaky glances, he's massive and in great shape," she stated.

"Yeah, he certainly looks after himself," I agreed.

Dinner conversation continued on as per normal after that, but I was now hatching a plan now to see a fantasy of mine maybe become reality, I'd always wanted for Sam to get fucked by another guy and I sensed this might be a golden opportunity while we were so far away from home. We returned to our room and were soon asleep as we planned to repeat that days activities again the next day.

We woke early in the morning Sam pulled a new bikini out of her bag, showing it to me, this one was bright pink and even smaller than the previous one.

"Oh yes, for sure," I said excitedly thinking how hot she would look in the tiny little number.

Sam had gone for the full Brazilian before leaving and now I knew why, she was wearing the most revealing swimwear I had ever seen her in and I was loving it. It was at this time that I realized Edward would too, he had too, any red blooded man would be climbing the walls at the sight of such sexy woman dressed in such a skimpy bikini.

"You look stunning, I'm going to struggle not to get wood every time I look at you today." I told her truthfully.

"Good," she said flatly, "and thank you," she replied with a cheeky wink as she slid a white crochet shirt on.

The day was a carbon copy of the day before, amazing diving, a long lunch with Edward then back to the room for some fantastic sex. It was a routine I could definitely get used to, but I was craving more, and over dinner I decided to go for it.

"You looked so hot today babe, I saw Edward checking you out too," I casually dropped into the conversation.

"I doubt that," Sam replied.

"No, really, quite a few times," I insisted.

With a slightly blushing face Sam replied, "Well that's nice, if it's true than I guess I'm flattered. You're not angry?"

"I could hardly blame him, you looked so sexy." I was getting nervous now as I knew where I wanted this conversation to head.

"I don't want people to get the wrong idea, might have to tone it down a bit then tomorrow on the boat?" she suggested.

I looked at her and murmured, "Don't,"

Sam suddenly looked confused, "But why, you just finished telling me that Edward was checking me out all day?"

I could feel my face blushing, "Because I like it when guys check you out."

She looked at me strangely, "Really? You like guys perving on me?"

"Can we be totally honest with each other?" I had decided on a change of tact and rather than trying to coerce my fantasy into existence I was just going to be honest with Sam.

"I thought we were." she said warily.

"Promise you won't freak out?"

Sam just stared at me, and I knew it was a silly request, so I went for it anyway.

"Ok, here goes, ...... you remember Ron and Cathy?" I asked

They are two friends of ours, about our age who had gone through some big relationship problems and Cathy had gone off with another man for a few months. They had since gotten back together and Ron later told me that it was a black guy from her work and I'm sure that Sam, who new Cathy fairly well, new this too.

"Yes." she replied hesitantly.

Nervously I continued, "Well when I heard about Cathy having sex with another guy then going back to Ron it actually got me excited."

"You had the hots for Cathy!" Sam said accusingly.

"No, don't be silly. I started thinking about what if you did that and it got me excited, very excited and I haven't stopped thinking about it since. So when I saw Edward checking you out today I kind of got excited by it."

"Wow...........that's a shock.......um.........."

"Look babe, you don't have to say anything, I have been fantasizing about it a lot and wanted you to know."

A stunned looking Sam said, "Well I'm quite shocked but really glad you shared that with me."

"How about we head back to the room?" I enquired as I stood.

Sam held my hand on the walk back and about half way she turned to kiss me, "So this fantasy of yours, have you really thought it through?"

"Well I have thought about it a lot, in lots of different scenarios, but I guess not really. Why?" I asked excitedly.

Sam looked me in the eyes and said, "Well is it just a fantasy or do you really want it to happen? I mean to actually see me with another man, that's a big deal. I wouldn't want to see you with another woman."

"Sam, I still love you, more than I ever have, but since Ron told me about Cathy, it just turns me on so much when I think of you with another guy."

Sam hugged me and said, "I think we should both sleep on it and discuss it again tomorrow."

I woke Sam in the morning with a kiss and a raging erection which had kept me up all night.

"Well well well, have you been fantasizing again?" she asked while grabbing it.

"Yes, I was up all night playing it through my head. But I want to know how you feel about it"

"I thought about it too, a lot, and it's not every day a wife gets a free pass to fuck another guy. Especially a hot black guy, but are you sure our relationship could take it? Could you take it?" she asked.

Nearly bursting with excitement I very quickly replied, "I'm willing to try," thinking that my fantasy might actually come true.

Sam asked, "What if Edward isn't keen on me, or this whole idea?"

"Oh he will be, I promise that, he was near drooling over you yesterday!" I informed her.

Sam looked at me with a very seriously, "Look, I'm not promising anything but I'd like to hear your fantasy, the details, while we think it over."

So I then explained to my wife of 10 years and mother of my baby how I imagined her seducing a huge black man and then getting her brains fucked out. During my restless night of sexual fantasizing I had come up with what I thought was a particularly good plan. I had seen a poster advertising a fancy dress party two days from now. I would tell Edward that I had to make a work conference video call that might go for a few hours and suggest he accompany Sam to it. She would then be free to do as she wanted.

Sam decided to play devils advocate, "What if Edward is too much of a gentlemen to do that to you?"

I hadn't anticipated this and thought for a second, "Tell him I'm OK with it! Lots of people do this kind of stuff, there is a big on-line community of people that are into it."

Sam looked at me and giggled, "Wow, you've been doing research! This really does turn you on doesn't it?"

"You have no idea," I confessed.

"What if you can't watch, I doubt that will be an option if Edward believes your working?"

"I would love to watch, but it doesn't matter, it's the knowledge that your having sex with another guy that really excites me. I hope you don't find that too weird."

"I do think it's a bit strange," Sam said as she grabbed my rock hard cock, "but your fantasy is your fantasy and not mine to judge."

We got dressed and headed off to breakfast and another day of diving. Sam had broken out another new bikini, a pale blue string one with long ties that wrapped around her torso in a criss cross. The tiny bottoms barely covered her mound and left absolutely no doubt that she had waxed totally, she wrapped a small transparent blue and white sarong around her waist to complete by far her hottest outfit yet.

Edward greeted us with a huge smile and a booming, "Howdy folks," as we entered the shop, "how are my favorite Aussies today?"

"Great!" we both replied in unison. I saw Edward's eyes linger of Sam's fine form before darting away, I hoped so badly she would go through with it.

After the dives we got our regular table for lunch and a few minutes into the conversation Sam looked straight a Edward and asked, "Have you seen the posters for the fancy dress party?"

"Yes, why? Are you guys going?"

"Well I wanted to, but Mr Workaholic here has to be in a conference call that might go for hours, so he's going to be in the hotels office rooms while I'm there alone."
Sam said dejectedly while slyly grabbing my rapidly hardening cock under the table, "Would you mind going with me?"

Edward turned his eyes to me and before he could say anything I said, "If it's not a hassle for you, I'd really appreciate it," near pleading with him, "Sam loves fancy dress and dancing, I'd hate for her to miss it due to my work. But only if you really don't mind."

Ron smiled and replied, "Well sure, I wasn't going to go but I hate to see a lady in distress."

"Thanks so much mate," I stated truthfully, "I really appreciate it."

Edward explained that he didn't have a costume and no idea where to get one before tomorrow night. So Sam suggested they take a boat trip tomorrow to one of the larger islands where there were quite a few shopping malls and bound to find something, Edward agreed and they arranged to meet for the 9am fast boat.

When we left the restaurant I had to re-arrange my hard on which was making it's presence obvious, before we stood up. Once outside the range from Edward I turned to Sam, "Are you."

She cut me off mid sentence with a raised finger to my lips, "No promises," she said and walked off.

Once back in the room we ripped each other's clothes off but I was so excited that I came in just a few seconds, "Sorry, it's just that.."

A mischievously smiling Sam said, "Don't worry about it. I wonder if Edward would last longer than that?" before walking into the bathroom.

The night passed by in a blur and when I woke in the morning Sam was in the shower so I joined her.

"Sleep well?" she asked.

"A bit." I replied truthfully.

I started to soap Sam up but she turned to look me in the eyes, "Don't get too excited, I've got to go costume shopping soon and you have a big decision to make. When I leave here I need to know, do you want me to do this or not?"

I didn't even need to think, "Do it, I really want you too and I want you to come back here in the morning and tell me every little detail!"

"If it does happen, what will you do tomorrow when we see Edward, won't you feel humiliated?"

"I'll be fine, I promise, I've thought about it a lot and truthfully that part excites me just as much. I honestly don't know why but it just does."

Sam then stepped out of the shower and began drying off, "OK babe, it's your fantasy."

When I eventually joined her in the room as she was getting dressed, standing in just a matching white lace bra and thong set while selecting which dress to wear.

I couldn't resist asking, "What kind of costume do you think you'll get?"

A lingerie clad Sam turned to me and purred, "What sort would you like me to get?"

Sheepishly I replied, "Truthfully, slutty, really slutty, but only if you'd be comfortable with it. Plus you won't need slutty, he'll be all over you in what ever you wear."

"Thank you," Sam said as she threw a low cut, short white dress on and grabbed her bag, "love you," she said as she gave me a quick kiss and walked out the door to go meet the man she would hopefully soon make her lover.

I was back in the bathroom seconds after the door locked and quickly wanked out a load whilst thinking about Sam spending the day shopping for sexy costumes with a huge black guy.

All to soon I was on my way to the dive shop to pass the day, a few people asked if Sam would be joining us, but I said she was shopping. I don't remember too much about those dives, or lunch and the beers I had, just hurrying back to the room around 4 when the boat was scheduled back.

Sam was unlocking the door when I arrived, she was carrying two bags and I was dying to know what they contained. I gave Sam a kiss and excitedly I asked "How was it? What did you get? Can I see?.."

"Whoa, calm down there big boy!" Sam said laughing at my enthusiasm.

I raised my hands in defeat, "OK, OK."

Sam opened the door and once inside she explained that they had had a great day, Edward was really good fun, but they had really struggled to find any costumes. They had been to every place they could think of and had no luck, out of desperation they had entered a fabric shop and the clerk had suggested some leopard print cloth and that they go as cave men. Sam jumped at the idea and they grabbed some of the fabric but she needed a top and so they went looking for a leopard print bra or bikini. Sam explained that as the day wore on their conversation and body language was getting increasingly flirty so as they were entering a huge swimwear shop she decided to seize the moment, turned to Edward and said, "Tonight, I want you to fuck me! John's OK with it, actually he suggested it, so why don't you pick out what you want to take off me later on."

I was stunned to hear that Sam had been so forward, but she said the whole scenario of going shopping with a man she intended to fuck made her feel like a different person. I was desperate to know, "What did he say?"

"He just said, "OK," put his arm around my waist and we walked into the store together, like every other couple in there." Sam was starting to blush now. I was over the moon, Sam was almost definitely going to fuck him and my fantasy would become reality, she could sense my excitement.

Sam looked a little worried, "You're not mad I told him?"

"Not at all!" I reassured her, "How did it feel to be out in public shopping with a huge black guys arm around your waist?"

She replied quickly, "Naughty and exciting, my stomach was doing flips."

She went on to tell me that they had spent a quite a while walking up and down the aisles of the massive store, she got really excited when she felt his massive hand wander down to her arse as they walked. She got especially excited when the other girls in the shop would look at Edward, then at her, because she knew what they were thinking and didn't care.

I had so many questions that needed answering, "What did he choose?"

"This," she said as she lifted a small handful of leopard print lycra out of a bag, "do you want me to put it on?"

"Oh my God yes!"

Sam walked into the bathroom and emerged a few minutes later, she looked amazing, I could see why Edward had picked that swimsuit. It was a thin halter neck which then crossed across Sam's breasts, barely covering them, wrapped around her mid torso and came back around to form the tiny bottoms, exposing most of her arse.

"Did you try that on in the shop?" I asked.

"Yeah, you should have seen the look on the other girls faces when I came out to model it for Edward," she blushed, "but I did play it up a bit too, asking him if he thought it would be easy enough to get off."

Hearing that Sam had been so brazen in public with another guy, coupled with that outfit, gave me an instant erection and I made a move to grab her but she pushed me back onto the bed.

Sam had a stern look on her face, "Not today buddy, I'm doing this for you and the next man getting me out of this is the big black guy who paid for them."

I felt truly admonished and unbelievably horny, Sam was never forceful or aggressive and I was loving it. Sam went back into the bathroom and took a shower, spending quite a bit of time in there, while I sat on the bed waiting. When she emerged she looked like the sexiest cave woman ever, her light brown curly hair was all frizzed up and she had dark smokey make-up on, "Now for the final touches," she said. Picking up the fabric she tore off a thin strip, folded it into a triangle and tied it around her waist, it covered nothing and was a skirt in name only. Edward was going to do some very bad things to her tonight, the way she was dressed she'd be lucky to get to the party.
With a sly grin Sam gave me kiss on the cheek and strutted to the door, "See you tomorrow sometime Babe, I hope your fantasy is as much fun for you as it's going to be for me, oh and don't wank too much."

I gave Sam about 15 minutes then walked to the reception, I had arranged with the concierge for a costume that would let me go to the party but not be recognized by Sam or Edward, and when I picked it up it was perfect, A spiderman suit with foam muscles and a full face mask. After a quick change back in the room I was on my way to live out my voyeuristic cuckold fantasy.

The party was down at the beach side bar and was pretty busy when I arrived, I was surprised at how many people were there and relieved as it would make it quite easy to stay away from them. It didn't take me long to spot Edward, a huge, chiseled black man wearing only a loin cloth stands out quite a lot and with my stunning wife standing beside him they were getting lots of looks.

I grabbed a drink and did some mingling, when I saw them next they were both drinking with some of the people from our dive boat. I couldn't help but wonder what they were thinking and that got me really excited, I wondered how far they would go in public, secretly I was egging them on.

An hour and a couple of drinks passed and I decided to check on them again, now they were dancing, not too close but I couldn't help wander over for a closer look. The dance floor was quite crowded but I could see Sam was holding another drink and starting to really move, she is a great dancer and in that skimpy outfit she certainly had Edward's attention and that of just about everyone at the party.

The song ended and they walked back to a distant table near the beach, stopping for more drinks on the way. I could see Sam whispering in Edward's ear but I had no idea what she was saying, judging by the smile it put on his face it was to his liking though.

Then Sam leant over and kissed him and my cock near exploded in my costume, I had to check to make sure my erection wasn't too obvious. After a minute or so of making out they stopped, spoke briefly walked off hand in hand, towards Edward's room I imagine, but I had no idea where that was and I wasn't going to risk following them. So I let the would be lovers be, and walked back to our room alone, determined not to wank over the thought of them too much.

There was a knock on the door at 11am the next morning and when I opened it Sam stood there looking radiant, glowing with a smile from ear to ear. Her hair was wet and brushed back plus her make up was gone so I instantly assumed she had had a shower but she was still dressed as she had left the house the night before in her new leopard print outfit.

"You look amazing," I said excitedly as we embraced, "how are you?"

"Wow..............I mean......wow.......thank you so much for that Babe, just......thank you...." she whispered in my ear.

"You had a good time?" I asked as I took a step back to drink in the sight of my freshly fucked wife.

"Yes, oh yes....."

"I want to hear all about it."

"That might take some time, we were at it for a good while, and quite a few times."

Taking a seat on the bed I informed her, "I'm not going anywhere."

"Well ok...."

Sam sat down next to me, still in her swimsuit and tiny skirt, and began to tell me all the intimate details of their night of passion. She had been nervous initially as she new some of the other guests new she was married to me, but after a few drinks she decided that their opinions meant nothing to her and she just went for it. She felt Edward's massive pole while they were dancing and soon was begging him to fuck her.

"Once we got back to his room we were all over each other, being with such a big black guy made me feel so naughty! I turned into a total slut baby, I hope you're not going to get angry with me?" Sam said with a slight concern on her face.

"I promise, whatever you tell me will only turn me on more, plus you can't imagine how I was picturing it while I was wanking. What did you do?"

She told me that while they were kissing she felt how big his dick really was, she ripped his loin cloth off, fished the massive black snake out and dropped to her knees. She had to hold it in both hands as she licked it and tried desperately to suck it all.

"How big is he?" I asked.

She made a gesture with her hands that well and truly put me to shame, "I could only get the tip into my mouth before I started to choke on it," she said as she blushed slightly.

"Did he come in your mouth?"

"No, it was too big for me, when I put a condom on him I was actually a little scared. I didn't know if he'd fit it all inside me."

"Did it feel good?"

Sam looked up at me, "Amazing."

"I think he came 3 times."

"And you?"

"Honestly, I lost count. He's good babe, so very good, thank you so much for making this happen."

"What outfit are you going to wear over to his room tonight?" I asked.

"You want me to fuck him again?" she looked at me curiously.

"For sure, I can see how much you enjoyed it. I'd be crazy not to let you do it again. We're only here on holidays, you obviously loved it and I'm the horniest I've ever been, why wouldn't you?"

"I'm not going to refuse an offer like that. How about you pick one out for me while I grab some sleep, I didn't get too much last night," she said with a wink before laying down.

I opened Sam's bag and began to search through it for a suitable outfit, every item I examined bought vivid images of her and Edward to mind. I found a black lace thong and matching push-up bra that I knew would look amazing on her and set it out on the bed with a short black low cut dress and black heels.

I let Sam sleep for a few hours then woke her for an early dinner. She put on the outfit I had picked for Edward and we walked to the restaurant. Over our food I pressed Sam for more details and explained how she had felt his massive pole stretching her and pushing so deeply inside her.

"I was stretched so tight around him that I could feel every throb of his cock when he came," she said with a hazy look in her eye as she thought back to their night of lust.

"The first time he came I was actually worried that the condom would break, he just kept pumping shot after shot, when he eventually pulled out I was shocked and quite impressed at how much cum that condom could hold," she quite frankly as she ate her steak.

"Are you excited about fucking him again?"

"Very...but you obviously are too judging by the outfit I'm in, you must really want him to fuck me senseless."

I explained to Sam that seeing her dressed in the sexy outfit I'd picked out for her, knowing see was about to spend a wild night with her new black lover was the more than I could have ever imagined and something I definitely didn't want to stop.

"You know if I got back there tonight I'm going to keep going back as often as I can, and that could be A LOT?"

"Totally, nothing would make me happier than knowing you were getting your pussy stretched by his massive black cock. Actually, I want to walk you there."

"Really, why?"

"I want to give you to him, so we all know where we stand."

So we got up and Sam led me to her lovers bungalow which was in a stand alone secluded part of the resort, on the beach surrounded by gardens. It was perfect, I would have some where to hide and listen to them fuck, I might even be able to watch. I looked over at Sam as we approached and I could see her smiling, she knew I'd be out here. We walked straight up Edwards door and knocked, while I waited I kissed Sam and gave her the final once over. My wife looked so hot and knowing what she had on underneath gave me a constant erection.

The door opened and Edwards impressive frame near filled it, we shook hands and I explained that he had my blessing to fuck Sam as much as either of them wanted and that I didn't care if they acted as a couple in public. As far as I was concerned if Sam was choosing to give her body to him they need not hide it.
Edward thanked me and turned to Kim pulling her into his embrace and passionately kissing her, Sam's hands wandered furiously over Edwards' muscular back. When they finally came up for air, Sam turned to me and whispered, "Thank you," as Edward led her past me and into his abode.

I had barely turned when I heard the door click shut behind me so I immediately walked around to the side of the building and set up behind a fern with a view of most of the open plan bungalow through an open curtain.

It didn't take long for the lovers to wander into view, Sam was looking up as Edward bent forward, they made out in a frenzy of hands and rubbing bodies. Edward was soon lifting Sam's dress over her head, he stepped back to admire her lingerie clad body then quickly scooped her up, she wrapped her legs around his torso and they continued to make out like teenagers.

I changed windows to try and find a better view, by the time I found one Sam had Edwards shirt off and was kneeling before him unbuckling his trousers. They dropped to reveal the biggest cock I have ever seen, Sam wasted no time grabbing it and licking the huge purple head.

"I'm yours now," Sam said looking up a Edward in between circling the head of his cock with her tongue.

Edward lifted Sam up and she turned and presented her thong clad rear to him, he slipped a huge black finger under her thong and ripped it clean off her. Sam didn't even flinch and braced herself against the lounge chair as Edward lined his spear up with her dripping snatch, I couldn't believe how much of a slut Sam was being. Edward took his time and slowly pushed just the massive head inside my wife, Sam moaned and begged for more.

"In good time babe," Edward said as he continued to slowly force more of his massive pole into Sam's stretching pussy. He let go of Sam's hips and was reaching around to massage her breasts all the while slowly driving deeper.

"Oh God, please fuck me! Just give me it all and fuck me!" Sam begged was she writhed with pleasure, her knees shaking.

Edward must have bottomed out as he slowly began rocking back and forth, Sam began to moan loudly as he started build a powerful deep stroke. When Sam began to buckle and drop I knew she was coming, I can't imagine how powerful the body racking orgasm must have been. When she stopped shaking Edward pulled out of her, I could see her pussy still gaping before he led her to the bed and laid back beckoning her to jump on top. Sam quickly straddled him and began to slowly rub her dripping wet and still hungry pussy along his massive rock hard shaft.

Sam let Edward remove her bra and then she slowly lowered herself onto his massive black pole, she was soon grinding down and thrashing wildly as she rode her new lover for all he was worth, she was like a woman possessed. This was a side of her I had never seen and I was so glad I had allowed it to happen for her.

I watched her ride him to at least two more orgasms, then she began to quicken her pace, looking down at Edward she raised his hands up to her breasts which he took to with abandon, roughly massaging her breasts as she rode.

"Give it to me......." she pleaded through gritted teeth.

"You ready for my load Baby?"

"Oh God yes......... cum in me.............. put it deep inside me," Sam panted between breaths.

I hadn't thought about them not using a condom and I was shocked at how little I was worried, and even a bit excited about it. I sat there nursing a throbbing erection as I watched Sam have Edwards cum pumped deep into her belly. Edward was pulling her hips down as he fired shot after shot of semen up into her womb, Sam's still suspender clad torso convulsed with each pump of his hips, cooing as each wave hit her cervix.

While Sam kept writhing on her black lovers torso I began to contemplate the consequences of what had just happened, it appeared my fantasy had quickly taken on a life of it's own. What if she got pregnant? My stomach was churning with a strange mix of fear, anxiety, embarrassment and arousal. This was something I had never even thought about and now could be a very real development, I was worried about how good the idea made me feel. Sam walking around with another man's baby in her belly. What would our families say? What we tell our Daughter? I should have been horrified but I was left feeling even more excited the more I thought about it.

I moved closer to window so I could eavesdrop on their conversation. When I looked up Edward had Sam laying next to him, exhausted they both were staring at the ceiling.

Sam spoke first, "That was mind blowing, I can't believe how much you cum, I can still feel it warm and inside me."

I had heard enough, I was so happy for Sam and so super aroused, as they cuddled in post orgasmic bliss I left to go back to my room and masturbate to my new favorite fantasy of Sam carrying Edward's baby. I beat off in record time back at the room, images of Sam and Edward fucking flashing through my mind, followed by us going home and Sam being pregnant. At this point I exploded all over the bathroom and was asleep in minutes.

It was early morning when Sam woke me, she climbed into bed with me still in her now soiled lingerie, she looked a mess. Her hair was knotted, she was covered red marks and small bruises around her breasts and she absolutely stank of cum, she reeked of sex.

"Did you like what you saw last night, I knew you'd watch?" she whispered while nibbling an my ear.

"I loved it."

"I wanted you to watch it, him cum in me, was that part of your fantasy?"

"I hadn't thought about it, but I did all last night, I was so horny and I beat off to it."

"A little black baby hey?" Sam whispered in my ear while placing my hand on her belly. "There might already be one in there, he put more cum in me than you can imagine."