Sam and Edward Ch. 03


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Sam and Edward Ch. 03
When Sam arrived at breakfast that morning she again looked a picture of feminine sexuality, her long curly hair flowed down her back and the tight, ultra low cut black one piece she was in gave her cleavage that even I couldn't stop staring at.

"Where the fuck are getting all these amazing clothes from?" I asked quietly as she sat down next to me.

"My new husband provides for me." She said with a sly wink before ordering a coffee.

"Well he's doing a great job." I offered with genuine praise, every day she looked sexier than before. I was genuinely curious how many outfits he had bought for her and how much he had spent.

"I'll tell him you approve."

"How was last night? You looked hot as fuck tied up in that outfit, I can't even imagine how hard he fucked you." I whispered between mouthfuls.

"Oh yeah, you saw some photos." She said absently as she clearly got lost in the memory of the night.

I let her enjoy the moment for a little while before interrupting, "Does the sex just keep getting better?" I asked, snapping her out of her trance.

"You've got no idea." She replied frankly as she turned to face me, a look of genuine exasperation on her face.

"I've got some idea, those photos had me dreaming up all kinds of crazy scenarios."

"Did you like the photos?" She asked, looking curiously at me.

"I fucking loved them. You looked so hot I nearly died, my dick might never be the same." I leant over and whispered to her.

"Well, that makes two of us. Let's just say it got pretty wild." She informed me as she turned her attention to her cereal.

"I'd love to hear about it." I told her as the table closest to us got up, allowing us to talk more freely.

Moments later Edward appeared and joined us for breakfast, "Howdy," he said as he sat opposite Sam.

"Morning." I replied and greeted him with a genuine smile which he reciprocated, breaking any tension. We chatted for a few minutes about the days diving and then I made my way back to my single cabin and set about getting ready.

When I heard a knock at the door I was a bit startled and I opened to reveal my stunning wife standing there in those black swimmers that were cut to just above the navel and made her breasts look stunning and some little slip on black sandals.

"Can I come in?" She enquired, making me wonder if someone else was in the corridor and I needed to play along.

"Certainly." I said as I shut the door behind her.

"You wanted to hear about last night and I don't want you to feel left out." Sam explained as she sat down on my bed.

"Fantastic." I said as I grabbed a chair, rubbing my hands together as I waited for her to start.

Sam explained in great detail about how she had dressed up for Edward, how sexy it made her feel, how he had tied her up and the brutal fucking she had begged for and received. She obviously still didn't know I had been a privy to the event as she was omitting some fairly large details. My cock was straining against my shorts and Sam could clearly see it.

"Do you want me to take care of that?" She asked as she stood and walked slowly towards me.

"Uh, no, actually, it doesn't seem right. You belong to Edward for this trip and I wouldn't want to make things awkward with you two." I said sheepishly, starring down as I spoke. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done to refuse her dressed like that but deep down, it just didn't feel right. It almost felt like she was now so hot she was out of my league, she had grown in presence as her sexual confidence had grown and I now felt a little subservient to her.

"Oh, yes, you're right." Sam said as she stood next to me and stroked my hair.

"Last night sounds amazing, I'm so happy you got to experience that level of sexual arousal." I said looking up at her as she stood over me.

"Thank you honey, you have given me a gift I will never forget." She smiled as she spoke.

"It's truly my pleasure."

"Do you want to hear the really crazy part?" She asked.

"Yes please." I said with a meekness that surprised me.

"Well, while I was tied up and Edward was teasing me, I kind of lost a bet."

"What kind of bet?" I enquired.

"That's not important, what is important is that I was sure I would win." She informed me.

"But you said you lost?"

"Well, yes, but I was sure I would win."

"And?" I asked, confused, as I looked up at her.

"Well Edward wants me to do something really crazy now."

"Oh." I said, waiting for her to go on.

"Yeah, it's really crazy. I don't even know what gave him this idea."

"What idea?" I asked, trying to draw out of my wife the details I already knew.

"He wants me to throw out my pills and fuck him without birth control." Sam said this so nonchalantly that it even caught me a little off guard, it was like she was telling me about losing a card game.

"Wow, that is pretty crazy." I said very calmly but the erection in my pants was at bursting point and Sam was keeping an eye on it as she talked.

"Yeah, I know." She replied.

"Well what are you going to do? You did bet the guy." I asked.

"What do you want me to do?"

"What ever you want to do."

"This is your fantasy." She reminded me.

"Yeah, but it's your body. I'm totally OK with what ever you do."

"But this in no joke, if I fuck him and get pregnant, that's a whole life changer." She said bluntly.

"Have thought about him getting you pregnant?"

"It has crossed my mind, not seriously, but yes. We have fucked a lot and I couldn't help but think about it, especially last night once he said it."

"How did it make you feel?"

"Honestly, confused, I love you more than anything and I would never risk our family but he is an amazing lover and the thought did turn me on. But that was in the heat of a very wild moment and this is now in the cold light of day." Sam explained, I could sense the confusion in her voice.

"Would it turn you on to fuck him without the pill and maybe get pregnant?" I asked. Sam paused and thought about it for some time, she had a habit of chewing her bottom lip slightly when weighing things up and she was doing it now.

"Yes, I guess, I don't know. The risk would certainly take this thing to a whole other level." She said frankly and honestly.

"Then do it." I told her.

"Really? But what if I get pregnant?" She asked, shocked at my advice.

"Sit down and listen to what I have to say, then make your decision." Sam did as I asked and walked her amazing body back over the bed, her ass looked sensational in that tight black lycra and I started to imagine it filling out a bit as she gained weight with another baby.

I told her to close her eyes and listen to me as I ran through a possible scenario, and if at any time the scneraio got to much for her she should open her eyes and tell me to stop. Sam nodded in agreement, layed back on the bed and closed her eyes so I started, talking slowly and calmly, like a hypontist would.

"Imagine we decide to risk it and you leave here knowing tonight you might get pregnant, you spend the rest of the day even more aroused than normal, wet, just thinking what it will feel like tonight when he shoots a load of seed into your unprotected womb." Sam's eyes were still closed, so far so good I thought.

"You dress up for dinner, knowing what you want and you rush back to your room straight after. You're nervous but excited, tingling with each touch as you anticipate that first orgasm and quickly undress him." I was rubbing my cock through my shorts as I spoke and trying to keep an eye on Sam, who still hadn't moved.

"You fuck him and feel his black seed spurt deep inside you." Still no movement, so I went for it, knowing this was the point of no return.

"His powerful seed finds your beautiful egg and the inevitable happens, a gorgeous dark skinned baby starts to grow inside your womb." Sam had moved one hand on to her belly and was slowly rubbing it as I spoke. I knew then that what she would do, there would be no stopping her now.

"Over the next few months, yours and Edwards gorgeous dark skinned baby grows inside you. You beam with pride every time you feel it move. You know your loving husband will never leave you and he'll raise the gorgeous baby as his own." Sam was now chewing on her bottom lip as she rubbed her hand across her, hopefully, soon to be growing belly.

"Edward comes over for regular visits and you take Jenny on trips over there so the baby gets to know him. People will find it strange at first, but they will soon get over it and you'll have a gorgeous baby to show for it." Sam hadn't opened her eyes and once she sensed I had finished she slowly sat up, opened her eyes, walked over to me and kissed me more passionately than I could remember.

"Thank you." She whispered in my ear before walking out the door.