Safari Wife

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    Safari Wife

    This story that I'm about to tell you happened about 5 years ago. I was 28 years old at the time. My name is Brandy and I'm married to Hank who is the same age. We have been married for 10 years and have two children.

    Lets see, I'll tell you a little about Hank and myself before we get started. I'm not like a movie star or super model. I'm just your plan Jane white housewife. I have hazel eyes and blonde hair that is cut short. I'm 5'3" tall and my numbers are 34B-22-33. I'm not a pothead or a big drinker, but I do drink from time to time, but not very much.

    Now Hank is right at six foot tall and keeps himself in great shape. Seeing his nude body still turns me on, even after fifteen years of marriage.

    Hank is always telling me how sexy I am, and that I should wear more reviling clothing. I do dress up sexy for him at home, behind closed doors. I have all the sexy little garter belts and baby dolls that I wear for him. All most all the sexy things that I own Hank, has bought for me. I do wear a lot of sexy panties and bra's from Victoria's Secret. One of Hanks rules is that I can't wear granny panties, as he calls them. He loves me to wear thigh-high stockings under dresses or skirts. And I do wear these for him. Oh yes, Hank has this thing about bikini panties. He doesn't like the g-string or thong panties. He tells me that he love to see my ass, or any girl's ass shake and move under bikini panties. He loves the way it rocks and rolls and moves up and down as your walking away, and thongs take away a lot of that. Must be a guy thing!

    About 6 years ago Hank started talking about taking a month long African Safari. He's into all this lions, tigers and bears stuff. From day one when we first meet he has talked about doing this one day. And now that he has a lot of time on the job and lots of vacation time saved up, he was ready to really do it.

    I told him my idea of a vacation was a cruise away from the kids. Not a trip out in the woods or jungle, living in huts and tents. But being the good wife that I am, I gave in and told him to plan out the trip and I'd work on a sitter for the kids.

    Hank got the entire trip lined up over the Internet. We did get a two-night stay at a hotel before the safari started. Then it was to be driving in 4-wheel drive vehicles until the last 10 miles. The last 10 miles was deep jungle and had to be walked.

    All I kept thinking about was big bugs, snakes, spiders and all the stuff I hate. And the price of this safari, shit, we could have gone on a cruise around the world for the price of this camping trip. But I bit my lip and went along with Hanks so called dream vacation.

    I wasn't sure how to pack for this kind of a trip. Hiking boots, raincoats swim wear and what ever Hank said I would need. The bad thing was going to be that we would have no electric, so no curling iron or blow dryer.

    The trip started out like hell. We left Chicago for London. Changed planes and were off to Dar Es Salaam in Tanzangire, Africa. Then change planes again to fly to Dodoma. Don't get mad if I kill the names of these places. Anyway it took us 25 hours to get there. And once at the hotel in Dodoma I about died. The place was a shit hole. No A/C, no pool just a full size bed in a crappy little room. Crappy or not we both hit the bed and were out for the night.

    The next day we met with our safari guide whose name was Jameraka. He was a big black man that didn't look like he missed a meal in his life. He spoke good English and told us a lot about how the safari was going to go. He also told us that he could speak the language of any tribes we would run into. I was so glad to hear that none of the tribes were headhunters or eat people. We were only going to travel in the daylight and at times would set up a tent camp at night. And other times we would be at some tribe's village in grass huts. The plan was for us to be at the Dodoma airport the next day with our baggage. We were then going to take a helicopter to some Village to meet up with Jameraka and all his helpers and trucks to start the safari.

    The last night in our hotel room I took a bath, yes a bath, we didn't have a shower. I was combing my hair and getting ready for bed as Hank took his bath. Thank God the room did have a ceiling fan to move some of the hot and humid air around a little.

    I slipped into a sexy little pink lace baby doll. I was thinking this might be our last night in a bed and my last chance to wear a sexy outfit for Hank. I knew he would love seeing me dressed like this, lying in the middle of the bed when he came out of the bathroom. Wail taking my bath I had taken the time to shave my vagina mound and legs nice and clean. I have shaved myself clean in the passed and it never failed to drive Hank wild.

    As I was laying on the bed waiting for Hank I started thinking about this hot guy that I had seen in the London airport yesterday. I started rolling my lace-covered nipple around making it very hard. I next squeezed both my breasts and then started playing with both my now very hard nipples. I closed my eyes and was thinking this guy was kissing my nipples and just then was working his way down my belly. My left hand was playing with my right breast and nipple as my right hand was sliding down my body. My fingers made their way down over my little lace panties. Once they got to the crotch I slowly started rubbing my vagina right through my panties. I felt my panties getting wet as I then slipped my fingers under the waistband of my little panties. My mound felt so smooth as my fingers slowly made their way down to my wet vagina lips. I moaned and rocked my hips up to my fingers as I sank two of them inside myself. I pulled my wet fingers back out and slowly started rubbing my juices all over my hard clitoris.

    MMMMMMMM I opened my legs wider as I rolled my clit around getting very close to have a powerful orgasm. Squeezing my nipple I moaned out again, mmmmmmmm.

    "Looks like somebody is ready for some hard cock".

    I about jumped out of my skin when I looked up to see Hank watching my play with myself. I pulled my hand out of my little panties and said; mmm baby I was just getting warmed up for you.

    "Don't stop lover, let me see you make yourself cum".

    I looked at Hank and said, mmmm no way, that's your job, get over here.

    Hank got in bed next to me and took my hard nipple in his mouth right through my lacey baby doll top. His hand went right between my legs to feel my wet panty crotch.

    Mmmmmm I moaned as Hanks fingers went to work on my hot and wet vagina. He then pulled the crotch of my little pink panties to the side and sank two fingers deep inside of me.

    "Ohhh God it feels like somebody just got done fucking you, your so wet".

    I hit him and said no, nobody just got done fucking me but I hope somebody is going too.

    Hank then started kissing his way down my belly. Pulling my little panties to the side even more as he moved down.

    "Well lookey here, you shaved this sweet little pussy clean for me'. He then kissed my mound and next ran his tongue up my vagina slit from bottom to top.

    Mmmm yes that feels so good I moaned as I pushed my hot vagina up to Hanks probing tongue.

    Hank started licking and sucking all around my vagina. Taking time to suck and kiss my labia and clitoris. I was going wild and knew it wasn't going to be long before I was having a great orgasm. Hank never fails to drive me wild when he eats me.

    "Oh baby your pussy tastes so good, I could eat you for a week". Then he started sucking hard on my clit. "Come on baby, cum for me, cum so I can get my hard cock inside you".

    Well it didn't take much more of Hanks pussy eating to push me over the top. He had my little pink baby doll pulled all the way open as he rolled my super hard nipples around. I had my ass up about 4 or 5 inches off the bed pushing my pussy into Hanks tongue. I kept moaning more and more as my orgasm started through my body.

    "Yes, yes that's it baby, cum for me, let me hear you yell your cumming".

    Yelling I did, I yelled out OH YESSSSSSS GOD YESSSSSSS I'M CUMMMMMMMING. I grabbed Hanks head and pulled it tight to my cumming vagina. I was rocking my slit in a way that kept Hanks nose rubbing my clit as I kept cumming and cumming, OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I yelled. I could feel and hear Hanks tongue lapping at my pussy as I came on his tongue.

    Once my orgasm came to an end I dropped my ass back down on the bed and moaned mmmm God that felt so good. I then looked down between my legs to see that Hanks face was covered with my pussy juices.

    "WOW, are you hot or what? I think everybody in the hotel now knows that you just came like a firecracker. I've never heard you yell that your cumming that loud before. But I like it, keep yelling like that. It lets me know I did a good job of making you cum. Now lets see if we can get you cumming again?"

    I'm sure it's not just me, but there is something about being in a hotel bed having sex that bring the slut out in me. It's just not the same as sex at home.

    Anyway I looked back down to see that Hank was now crawling up between my legs getting over the top of me. His cock was as hard as a rock pointing at his belly button. He took the time to kiss and suck each of my hard nipples as he moved up my body. Once he was up face to face with me we started in with a long hot kiss. I could taste my vagina on his lips as we kissed. This wasn't the first time that I had tasted my own juices, and it did nothing but make me even hornier for Hanks hard cock.

    With my sexy little pink panties still on Hank just pulled them to the side again and started rubbing his hot and hard cock up and down my wet vagina lips He was making sure to rub it all around my hard clit. Once he had his cock covered with my pussy juice he lined it up to my vagina opening. I was so wet he just sank inside me so easily.

    "Oh fuck Brandy is your pussy on fire or what? God your so hot and wet, mmmmm, lets see if we can cum together?"

    Hank started pumping his cock in me nice and slow. He would push in as deep as he could then pull out until it popped all the way out of me. Then back in again as deep as it would go. Hank knows just how I like it. He would pick up speed very slowly, and this drove me out of my mind. I hooked my legs around his back and moaned mmmmm yes as we kissed.

    "Come on baby, we got no kids to hear us, tell me what you won't."

    Hank loved for me to beg him to fuck me. And the truth is, again in a hotel room I love getting wild in bed. It just seems so hot and dirty to beg your man to fuck you hard.

    "Mmmmmm your pussy feels so good, oh man I'm going to pump you full of hot cum. You like your pussy full of cum?"

    Oh God his hard cock felt so good I was way into this now. OHHHHHHH YESSSSS FUCK MEEEEEEE. FUCK ME HARDDDDDDDDDDD. Oh baby yes, make me cum again. Give me all your cum, yes, yes OH FUCK MEEEEEEE.

    We were now screwing at full speed. Hank slipped his hand between us and was playing with my hard and wet clit. This was driving me mad and I knew I would be cumming again very soon.


    I could feel Hanks cock starting to get bigger inside me and knew he was about to cum also. He was now hammering into me like mad.

    "AHHHHH I'm going to cum in you baby, are you ready?"

    I just got out, OH GOD YESSSSSSS, when Hank pushed deep inside me and started pumping me full of his hot sperm.

    "Oh yes I'm cumming."

    Hanks jerking cock set me off also. I pushed up to him and yelled out, OHHHHHH GOD YES I'M CUMMINGGGGGG TOOOOOOOOOOOO. I was milking all his sperm out with my pussy lips as we both came together. OH GIVE ME YOUR HOT COME BABY, FILL ME UP. This was the last thing I got out before Hank collapsed on top of me.

    After we got our breath back we kissed and Hank rolled off the top of me. Leaving a trail of sperm across my leg from his shirking cock. I could feel all the cum that he had pumped in me now running out of my vagina down over my butt-hole making it's way to the bed.

    "God Brandy, you have to be the best fuck in the world. Man I love when you get wild and start yelling like that. Wish we could have sex like that at home."

    Smiling I got out of bed and said thank you, I'm glad you liked it. I'm also glad that you had a vasectomy, God look at this mess you made in my pussy. Have you been saving that up? That could have been twins. I had sperm running down both my thighs plus dripping on the floor.

    "Well it looks like we're going to be hitting the tub again, my face is covered with pussy juice."

    I smiled and said yep your right, "FIRST", as I ran into the bathroom, leaving Hank sitting they're with a sticky face and cock.

    The next morning Hank fingered me to a nice orgasm before we headed off to the airport.

    I dressed in shorts and a button up short sleeve top for or first day. I would've liked to worn flip-flops but I had on my hiking boots.

    Once we landed in this little Village and met up with Jameraka I started having second thoughts about this trip. One thing was the way that Jameraka was eyeing me up and down. It was like I was the first female that he had ever seen in his life. He never looked at my face, just my boobs, crotch and legs. And the second was all the black workers. There were maybe 10 or 15 black workers of all ages. Hank and I were the only whites in the group. Not that I have a thing against black, it just they didn't speak any English and I didn't know what they were saying to each other. I felt like they were talking about Hank and I as they talked. In any case I was stuck and would have to make the best of it.

    Jameraka help loaded all or stuff into one of the truck. He then told us that we didn't have to do a thing. His workers would load and unload our stuff every day. They would drive, set up out tents, cook all the food, you name it they do it. All that we had to do was take pictures and enjoy the Safari.

    Once everything was loaded and set Hank and I got into one of the Hummer type 4-wheel drive vehicles with a young black kid driving. It felt like Florida in the middle of the summer, very hot and humid. And wouldn't you know it, not one of the vehicles had air conditioning.

    Our convoy started out of the Village on this bumpy old dirt road. The Safari had begun, where we were heading I had no idea.

    We rode down this dusty road all day long, stopping a few times for drinks and restroom breaks. Right restroom breaks. I had to go pee behind a bush and hope all these guys were not watching me.

    Late in the day we pulled into this clearing next to a river to set up camp. I must say it was a beautiful spot; it looked just like a post card. The guys had tents up, a fire going and food on cooking in no time. Again I had to use a bush to go to the restroom.

    We had a so, so dinner and were sitting around the fire enjoying the end of the day. It was still light out and I asked Jameraka where I could take a shower?

    "A shower? The only shower you're going to get is if we get a big rain. And I think we'll be getting some rain at the end of the week."

    I looked at Hank and then Jameraka and said your fucken kidding me? I have to stay out here in the jungle and stink until it rains? No bathrooms, no showers this safari shit is bullshit.

    Jameraka spoke up once he seen I was mad. "No, no sexy lady, you can bathe all you like. That is why we stopped here. See all my helpers down there in the river bathing? Just take your soap and towel down there and jump in. But please make sure one of my crew is with you keeping and eye on you. This is the jungle and there are wild animals out here that will eat you."

    "Oh this is just fucking great," I said as I got up and went to our tent.

    Hank followed me into the tent. The tent was big, not your little camping tent. You could stand up and walk around in it. We had two cots, a chair and a little table, a lantern hanging from the top. Our bags were in one corner.

    "How in the hell am I going to bathe on this trip with all these guys watching me," I asked Hank?

    "Easy, just put on your bikini and I'll go with you, it's no big deal" Hank replied.

    "No big deal? You asshole, I have to piss and shit in the woods like some back-woods hillbilly. I don't know how I let you talk me into this shit. Close the fucking door flaps so I can change."

    Hank knew I was pissed and didn't say a thing as I stripped down nude. I dug out my only bikini from my bag. It was not the kind of a bikini a married woman should be wearing around all these men. It was a little white string bikini with little black poke-a-dots. The top didn't cover a lot of my breasts; lucky I'm not all that big on top. It left the sides of them exposed and it didn't have any padding so you could see the little lump my nipples made in it. The bottom did cover my butt with just a little V in the front. Don't ask me why, but somehow I had forgotten any other bathing suits. I tied it in place and then dug out some soap, shampoo and a towel.

    "Oh boy are the guys ever going to love seeing this little outfit. Damn honey you look hot."

    "Kiss my ass, I am hot, hot and stinky. Are you coming with me or not?"

    Hank jumped into his trunks and we then started down to the river. Jameraka was now really eyeing me up as we passed him. I could feel his eyes burning a hole in my ass as we went by. "He then yelled, don't be long kids, the sun is going down, we don't need anyone eaten the first day out."

    When we got down to the water edge I saw about nine or ten of the workers swimming and playing around in the water. They all stopped and watch me walk into the water. The water was very cool and I was surprised to find the bottom was all sand and not mud. We walked out about waist deep and started soaping ourselves up.

    I looked up towards the bank and saw three of the workers knee deep in the water. All three of them were totally nude and looking my way.

    "Oh my God Hank, them guys over there are nude.

    "Yep the sure are" was his only reply as he started washing his hair.

    I looked back at them again this time dropping my eyes down to their black cocks. All three of their cocks were hanging down pointing at the water. This was the first time I had seen a black cock. And for my first time I got to see three of them. I couldn't believe how far they hung down. They hung down about half way down their thighs. I've been told all my life that black guys are hung, but I had no idea it was true. I started thinking; God how big is it when it's hard? How do black girls take all that? I wonder how one that long would feel? I couldn't believe that I was making myself honky looking at these guys as I was rubbing soap over my bikini covered breasts and nipples.

    "Honey your staring, hey Brandy you hear me? Hello, hey Brandy you better stop the tit washing, your turning them guys on."

    All at once I heard Hank and snapped out of my trance, only to see that the guy on the end was now getting hard. His cock was pointing right at me now. His hand went right around it and he started stroking himself as he looked at me.

    "Oh my God" I turned my back to him only to see Hank smiling from ear to ear.

    " I think he likes what he sees, don't you?"

    "Oh my God that's so sick. Is he still doing what I think he's doing?"

    Smiling Hank said, "yep, ya done turned the kid on and now he's jacking off."

    I then started looking around only to find out that every man out there swimming was nude. Hank and I were the only one's with bathing suits on.

    "Is he still doing it?" I asked?"

    "Oh yes, I think he's about to blow a load in the water. Turn around and see."

    "No way, that's so sick, masturbating in front of all these people."

    "Honey, this is not the good old USA. These people live out here in the jungle. This is normal for them. Oh my there he goes, he's cumming, check it out."

    "Not on your life" I felt like looking but couldn't bring myself to turn around.

    After the guy had came in the water he went back to the camp. Hank helped me wash my hair and then we went back to camp also. I was so horny I couldn't wait to get Hank in the tent alone. My mind was going wild thinking about them black cocks. I was now kicking myself in the ass for not turning around to watch this guy masturbate. That was one thing that I've never seen a guy do, and would love to watch it. For that matter not even Hank has done that in front of me.

    Back at the camp Jameraka told us he would like to talk to us about the next day activities before we bedded down for the night.

    Once in the tent I changed into a little pair of baby blue lace bikini panties and an over size tee shirt that I always wear for a nightgown.

    I hung my wet little bikini and towel on this line next to Hanks wet trunks and then sat down across from Jameraka as I combed out my hair. It was now dark out and you couldn't see a thing passed the light from the fire.

    Jameraka told us how the next day was going to go. It was more or less going to be about the same as today. We were to set up camp at the end of the day again. He also told us that two of his men would be up all night keep guard on the camp so we could sleep with no worries. He then told us that we better get some sleep that the next day was going to be a long hot one. So a short time later we said our good nights and were off to our tent.

    Once in our tent Hank striped to his jockeys and me down to my little blue lace bikini panties.

    "Nice little show you put on for Jameraka out there."

    "What are you talking about, what show?"

    "Sitting there combing your hair with your legs spread wide open showing off them sexy little panties, that's what I'm talking about."

    "I wasn't, was I? He couldn't see anything, it was to dark."

    "Right, I was sitting right next to him and I could just about make out that cute little pussy of yours, right through them lace panties."

    "Your kidding, you could see that much?"

    Hank then took me in his arms and said, "yep you sure could. And you wonder why he keeps staring at you. Shit girl if you kept showing me that pussy of yours like that, I would be staring too. I can't blame the guy for checking out my hot little wife."

    Hank then started kissing me as his hands went down to my panties covered ass cheeks and started feeling them up. I moaned into his mouth as we moved over to one of the cots. In seconds we were laid out side by side on the cot. Hank was playing with my breasts as we continued kissing. In a minute or so I felt Hanks hand slipping down inside the front of my little panties. I moaned in his mouth again as his fingers started fondling my wet pussy and slowly slipped inside it.

    "Hmmmmmm somebody is really wet tonight. Did you like showing off your panties to Jameraka?"

    "No, I really didn't know that I was showing him anything."

    "Well something has this little pussy of yours on fire. Was it seeing all them black cock?"

    By this time my vagina was soaking wet and needed a hard cock. I was rocking my hips up to Hanks hand as he kept rolling my hot little clit around.

    "Mmmmmm I've never seen so many cocks in my life, and I didn't know they could get so long, did you?"

    Laughing Hank replied "a lot of these Africans hang rocks and stuff with strings onto body parts to change their look. No I've never seen a guy with a cock that hung down to his knees before. So that's what has you all wet" as he gave my hard little clit a squeeze.

    "Mmmmmm I may have to tie a string around your cock and see if that works."

    Hanks finger fucking had me just about at the point of orgasm as he said, "so my little wife would like to try one of them long black cocks, is that what your saying?"

    "I didn't say that! Oh God that feels good, mmmmm right there, don't stop."

    Hank was one hundred percent right, seeing all them cocks today had me so horny I couldn't stand it. All that I kept thinking about was how a cock that long would feel fucking me.

    "You don't have to say anything, your pussy is telling it all. Your pussy is saying stick a long hard black cock in me!"

    Hearing his dirty words set me right off, "oh yessss, yessss, I'm cumming," I moaned out as I pushed up to his fingers.

    "That's a girl, cum for me. Close your eyes and think that one of them long black cock is inside you making you cum right now."

    I did as Hank said and moaned out, "mmmmm, Godddd, ohhhhhhh yessss, that long cock feels so goodddddddd." My hips were now jerking up and down to Hanks hand and fingers as my orgasm kept going through my body. 'Ohhhhhhh yessss I'm cumminggggggggg."

    Hank was taking turns sucking hard on each of my hard nipples as my orgasm started winding down. He then pulled his hand out of my little blue lace panties and pushed me over on my back as he climbed between my legs over the top of me.

    Pulling my wet crotch to the side he started rubbing his hard cock head up and down my wet slit. Once it was all wet with my juices Hank said, "sorry baby, all your going to get tonight is this little white boy cock," as he started sinking inside my super wet pussy.

    I hooked my legs around him and moaned "mmmmm yes, your cock feels just fine love." But still implanted in my mind was them long black cocks I had seen.

    "Oh God your pussy feel so good", Hank moaned in my ear as he started pumping his hard cock in and out of me.

    I was still thinking of one of them long black cock as I hooked my legs around Hanks back and moaned, mmmmm God fuck me with that long cock.

    Hank then started pumping into me at full speed. I just couldn't get my mind off them long black cocks. So in a very short time I was moaning out that I was cumming. I hoped the other men in the camp didn't hear my orgasm with my Husband. What a great first night, I fell asleep that night, still thinking of black cock.

    As time went on every day was about the same. We would drive all day. Stopping at times to check out wild animals along the way. Set up camp at night near a lake or river. And we would bathe with the help, the nude help that is.

    Then a few days later one of the strings on my bikini bottom broke and left me in a real fix. Being that I only had the one bikini and the closest store was hundred of miles away, Hank talked me into bathing in my bra and panties. At first I was a little reluctant to do this. How many wives do you know that parade around in sexy little underwear in front of 15 or so strange men and boys? And as I said at the start of this story, I don't have any plain Jane panties and bras. All of mine are kind of sexy, lacey and sheer. Anyway, after a few days of showing off my sexy underwear to all the guys I started felling a little more at ease about it.

    As time went on and what seemed like a month we made it to this little village deep in the jungle. The village had lots of little grass huts, fires and cooking going on. The tribal people were all working at making stuff and doing what them people do. It was like we walked into a Tarzan movie. Oh yes, there were females there, I wasn't the only female in the group anymore. I was the only white one, but not the only one any more. They were all topless and Hank was enjoying this little show he was getting. They all looked at Hank and I and were saying things to each other that we couldn't understand. Jameraka took us over and introduced us to the tribes Chief. His name was Chief Zoomama, and like the others, he didn't speak a bit of English. He shook our hands as he talked to Jameraka. The Chief then pointed at one of the grass huts. Jameraka then told us that the Chief had given us that hut over there to stay in. It was a long ways from a Holiday Inn but both Hank and I shook the Chiefs hand again and thanked him.

    Jameraka then walked us over to show us the inside. I'm thinking fuck this place. Homeless people at home live better than this. But I kept my mouth shut as we looked in the door. Jameraka then told his workers to put our stuff in the hut. So once we got all moved in it wasn't all that bad. Well it was better than the tent anyway. We could have a little fire inside but it wasn't vented very well. You had to be careful; if you got the fire to big you'd smoke yourself out or burn the place down.

    Jameraka pointed out were the river was to bathe. And said it was safe here to bathe at about anytime. He also told us that the tribe was going to put on a feast and dance for us just before dark.

    After all our things were put into our hut Hank and I went it to organize and get ready to go down to the river. I put on a pair of black lace bikini panties and white sheer bra. Hank just wore his boxers. We grabbed our towels and soap and headed off. Once at the river I was in shock. It was beautiful. It was a big pool at the bottom of a big waterfall. It was a God made shower that was great. The water was just right, not a bit to cold. We soaped up and got in under the falls to rinse off. This was the best thing of the trip so far. Well next best thing, seeing all the cocks I've seen was the first best thing.

    After our beautiful shower we were making our way back to the village when Hank said, man the tribal guys are going to love that bra you're wearing tonight!

    Looking down at my breast I could see what he was talking about. My sheer bra had turned transparent once it was wet. It didn't hide a thing, you could see all of my nipples right through it and even the mold I have on the bottom of my right breast. I smiled and replied, you think they'll like this look?

    Fuck yes; I know they will, Hank replied back.

    Once back in the village I seen Jameraka was the first to notices my now very hard nipples standing out. And I was getting turned on knowing he was checking them out. Then I saw that the Chief and a lot of the other men and boys were eyeing up my bouncing breast with hard nipples in my little see-through bra as we walked to our hut.

    Once inside the hut I raped Hank on the spot. This showing off in sexy underwear was getting to me. I was turning into something that I never knew I could be. I was starting to like teasing all these men and boys. And the funny thing was the more I teased the more it turn Hank on. I never knew that my husband enjoyed other men checking me out. The bed in our little hut was nothing more than a bamboo mat on top of some grass and leaves. I was really surprised that it wasn't real hard. It really had a lot of give to it. Noting like my bed at home mind you! But it was a little better than the cots we've been sleeping on.

    I pushed Hank down on the mat flat on his back, still dressed in his wet boxers.

    Looking down at him I said, this showing off has me horny as hell, you better get them wet boxers off.

    As Hank was removing his wet boxers I started taking off my wet and sexy little white sheer bra.

    Hank moaned, mmmmm your hard nipples are telling it all. It your pussy wet?

    Dropping my little wet bra on the ground I then hooking my fingers in the waist band of my little wet black lace panties, I moaned mmmmm yes I'm very wet, as I pushed them down and let them fall to my feet.

    I stepped out of my panties and moved over next to the mat and took Hanks semi hard cock in my hand and started stroking it up and down. Mmmmmm get this thing hard baby, I need it inside me right now.

    Hank didn't let me down. His cock was as hard as a rock in no time. I leaded over and took it deep in my mouth. Hank moaned out, oh God that feels so good.

    I was sucking on the head of Hanks now super hard cock as I pumped it up and down with my thumb and index finger around it. Hanks hips started moving in time with my stroking and I knew I couldn't keep this up much longer or he would be pumping his hot sperm in my mouth. And I needed his hot sperm inside my pussy to put the fire out.

    To Hanks disappointment I stopped sucking on his hard cock and threw my leg over him as I saddled his waist. I reached between my legs and took Hanks hard and now wet cock in my hand and lined it up to my wet vagina. Once I had it lined up to my hot and wet pussy hole I slowly dropped down on it. Once it was all the way inside me I moaned, OH GOD YESSSSSSS.

    Hank took a hold of both my breasts and started rolling my hard nipples around as I began to pump up and down on his hard cock. GOD his cock felt so good slipping in and out of me.

    Hank moaned, motherfucker is your pussy ever hot. Tell me you didn't like showing off your tits to all them guys? He then released one of my breasts and moved his hand between my legs.

    I just about came on the spot as Hanks fingers started playing with my hard little clit. I moaned, oh yes it did. It made me so horny them guys looking at me.

    Hank added fuel to my fire as he said, you know all them guys are going to be jacking off them long black cocks tonight as their thinking these cute tits of yours.

    Oh God, my mind went right to thinking about one of them long black cocks slipping deep inside me. I closed my eyes and started thinking I was riding one right then.

    Hank then said, how about you go topless like the rest of the girls around here? You'll drive these guys nuts seeing your nice tits bouncing around. I know you showing your tits off will turn me on. And look at you now; you fucking loved them seeing your hard nipples. We'll never see any of these people again once we leave here. What do ya say, feel like giving all these guys a thrill tomorrow?

    I was now at the point of total orgasm. Thinking about one of them long black cocks fucking me. Thinking about going around topless for all to see. I was now pumping up and down on Hanks hard cock at full speed. Him playing with my clit and all his talk pushed me over the top.


    I was shaking all over as my orgasm went through my body. Hank then grabbed my hips and pulled me down tight on his cock as he moaned mmmmm God here it comes. His cock started jerking inside me as he filled me with his hot cum. I rocked up and down on him as I milked all of this cum out.

    I bent over and said thank you lover, I need that, and then gave him a long hot kiss.

    I sat back up with Hanks now deflating cock still inside me. I could feel all the sperm that he pumped inside me starting to run out between his cock and my pussy lips. I got the shock of my life when I looked at the door to see that it was open and Jameraka was standing in the doorway looking at me nude, sitting on my husbands cock. Like I said I was in shock and I didn't scream, try to cover up or anything, I just sat there looking back at him. Jameraka then closed the door and left. I didn't even say a think to Hank who didn't see what just happened. It made me feel all funny inside. I didn't know how long he had been watching us. I was sure that this man had just watched me have an orgasm as Hank and I had sex. I wasn't sure if I should tell Hank what had just happened or not. I do know that I felt all sexy knowing that Jameraka had just seen me totally nude, and having sex.

    I bent over and gave Hank a long hot kiss before I climbed off his now soft cock. As I stood next to the mat I felt Hanks sperm start leaking out of me and running down the insides of both my thighs. I looked at it and said, "God were do you get all this cum from? It feels like you pumped a gallon into me!"

    Hank smiled up and me from the mat and said sorry I made such a mess in your sweet little pussy.

    I replied, "Mmmmm, I like this kind of a mess," as I bent over and gave him another kiss.

    We both cleaned ourselves up in our hut as we started getting ready for the feast that evening.

    I asked Hank, "What do you think I should wear tonight?"

    Smiling from ear to ear Hank said, "How about just some sheer little red panties and nothing else? "

    "Oh sure, like I'm going to dress like that!" I replied, "In your dreams!"

    "Why not?" Hank replied, "That little wet bra you were just wearing didn't hide a thing. Everybody here now knows what your hard nipples look like. So why not let them see them hanging free? None of the other girls here cover up their boobs."

    I looked at him and said, "You're kidding me? You would really like for other guys to see me totally topless? You wouldn't get upset with them looking at me?"

    "Hell no I wouldn't. For that matter I think it would really turn me on. And I think it would turn you on also. And you know what's going to happen once we both get turned on."

    I looked at him smiling and said, "Well keep dreaming sweetheart, I'm not going topless. Sexy tops, bra's or whatever is about as far as this girl is going, sorry."

    Having said that I slipped on a yellow tee shirt, leaving my breasts braless. I then stepped into a little pair of light blue lace bikini panties. Last I pulled on a little pair of black Daisy Duke shorts.

    I placed my hands under both my breasts, turned around facing Hank. I started bouncing them up and down as I said, "How's this look, not topless but bouncing around free, is that okay?"

    Hank smiled and said, "You look great, but topless would be better."

    We finished getting ready then exited our hut. We then made the short walk across the village to where the feast and dinner dance was to be held. As we walked into the area we saw Jameraka sitting at a long table next to Chief Zoomama. He waved us over and told me to sit on the other side of the Chief and for Hank to sit next to me. Jameraka eyes kept eyeing me up and down as we took our seats. He eyed up my tight little Daisy Duke shorts then moved up to my swinging breasts under my tee. I felt so strange inside knowing that he had just seen me total nude and having sex not over an hour ago.

    Once seated the Chief turned and said something to both of us in his native tongue. Jameraka then translated that he was welcoming us and that he hoped we enjoyed the food, drinks and dancers. We both smiled and told him thank you, not sure if he understood us or not.

    The drums started and a few of both male and female tribal people started dancing and jumping around in time with the beat of the drums. Other people started bring out food and drinks to all the other tribal members. They sat some kind of food in front of all us also. They also gave us each these cute coconut cups with our drink in it. My drink was pink and Hanks was yellow. I looked to see that both Chief Zoomama and Jameraka had a clear drink. I asked Hank what is this stuff as I pointed at the coconut cup?

    He picked his up and took a little sip and said, "Mmmmm it's some kind of fruit punch, try it, it's really good. But what I would really like to know is what kind of meat that is, but I'm afraid to ask!"

    We both laughed as I tried a sip of the fruit punch too find that Hank was right, it was very good.

    We ate and drank like pigs as the four of us sitting at the table watching the tribal people put on their show for us. Hank kept making little comments about the nude black boobs bouncing around in front of him. I had my own little comments about how the male dancers' long cocks would pop into view from time to time from under their loincloths.

    A short time later and all at once my vision got very blurry. I was trying to focus on the people dancing and couldn't. I turned to tell Hank what was happening with me only to find him passed up still sitting up with his head fallen back like he was looking at the sky. I shook him and he didn't wake up. I told the Chief and Jameraka that something is wrong with Hank, he won't wake up!

    The Chief had that I don't understand what your saying look on his face but Jameraka spoke up and said, "Don't worry sexy lady, he's fine. He just had too much kekpa to drink, what do you say in your county, oh yes, he's passed up drunk."

    "Your kidding me, drunk, I didn't know that this punch had any booze in it."

    Jameraka laughed and replied, "Oh yes, sexy lady. It is made from local plants, unlike your American made, how do you say, booze. It will put your lights out for the night if you drink too much. Don't worry I'll have my men take him to your hut for you." He then said something to two men and they came right over and picked up Hank and started carrying him off towards our hut.

    I got up to go with them. My vision was still blurry and I felt like I was on fire or something. I felt very strange inside. The Chief said something to me and I looked at Jameraka to translate it.

    "The Chief said he was sorry that your mate passed out, and he would like you to stay and enjoy yourself."

    I replied, "Tell him thank you, but I'm not feeling well myself, and that I better go. Please tell him thank you and we had a great time tonight."

    I made my way back to our hut and I wasn't sure what was going on with me. I didn't feel drunk or high. I'm not sure what I felt, I had these feeling going on inside my body that I never felt before. Not bad feeling but like pleasurable feelings. The two boys had dropped Hank on the mat and were leaving our hut as I got there. I walked in and closed the grass door. I wished it had a lock on it so I could keep Jameraka from looking in any time he felt like it.

    It was just starting to get dark so I lit the little torch to give our hut some light. Hank was passed out flat on his back, sleeping like a baby. I pulled his shirt and shorts off, leaving him lying there in only his boxers. I was burning up myself so I pulled off my tee shirt. I was surprised to see both my nipples sticking out and hard as rocks. Drinking has always seemed to make me somewhat horny but I don't ever recall it making my nipples so hard. I ran my right hand over my left nipple, oh my God, I about came on the spot. I stood there a few minutes now playing with both my super hard nipples. I was squeezing and rolling them between my thumb and index finger. I was thinking my goodness why are my nipples so sensitive tonight?

    I got myself so horny playing with my nipples that I had to lie down and masturbate. I pushed my little Daisy Duke down my legs and stepped out of them. Now dressed in just my little pair of light blue lace bikini panties, I laid down next to Hank on the mat. As I was rolling my right nipple around I slowly ran my right hand down my tummy to my little panties. I ever so slowly started running my fingers over my wet crotch. I could feel the out line of my hot vagina lips right through the wet crotch. My hard little clitoris was trying to poke a hole right through my little panties as I found it and started rolling it around. I looked over at Hank and moaned, "Oh God, lover, why did you pass out on me? God I need you so bad tonight!"

    I could feel an orgasm starting deep inside my body as I continued playing with my right nipple and rolling my clit around through my wet panties. I closed my eyes and was again thinking about all those long black cocks that I've seen on this trip. In my mind one of the tribal boys was rubbing the hot rubbery head of his black cock right on my clit. His pre-cum was leaking out all over my clit making it slippery and wetter.

    "OH MY GOD!" I pushed my hips up to my fingers and started cumming right next to my passed out husband. "MMMMM GOD FUCK ME NOW!" I moaned out as in my mind one of the black guys had just made me cum by rubbing my hard clit with his cock and I was ready for him to slip it in me now.

    As my orgasm started winding down I opened my eyes and looked at Hank who was still passed out and sleeping like a baby. I reached over and pulled his soft cock out of the little slit in the front of his boxers. I moaned, "Mmmmm baby, get this thing up for me," as I took it in my mouth. I did my best to get his cock hard but it just wasn't going to happen. I kissed it, sucked on it, and licked it and still nothing. I stopped playing with it and looked up at his peaceful face. I moaned, "God damn you Hank, The night I need you, the night my pussy is on fire, you pass out on me."

    God I needed a cock inside me, I've never been this horny before in my life. I couldn't keep my hands off my hard nipples; they were so hard they felt like they might pop. Nor could I keep my hands off my wet crotch, which was now even wetter. Shit, why didn't I bring that toy vibrating cock that Hank had gotten me a few years ago? Man could I have put that thing to work right now.

    I got up and started looking through my bag for something that I could use as a cock to satisfy my burning vagina. I looked at the toothbrush tub my toothbrush was in but put it back. I was sure it would come apart and I would have half of it stuck way up inside my pussy. It would be hard to explain why I needed to go back to town to have it removed. Then I picked up my hairbrush, "Hmm," I'm thinking, "Long handle, has a little curve to it."

    I took the brush and laid back down next to Hank. Again I'm thinking, "What the hell is wrong with me, why am I so horny?" I was so horny that if Jameraka or any of the other boys or men came through the door right now I would give myself to them. I would let them fuck me until the fire in my vagina was out.

    Well, I couldn't wait for someone to come through the door to fuck me, so I pushed my little pair of light blue lace bikini panties down my legs and off. I spread my legs and ran my index and middle fingers right up my hot and wet slit. Oh my God, was I ever wet, hot and wet. My pussy was on fire and needed a cock.

    I looked over at Hank again and moaned, "Mmmmm, you asshole," as I slowly pushed the hairbrush handle inside my wet pussy. Oh God did it feel good as I started rolling my hard little wet clit around in time with the hairbrush handle. Once again I closed my eyes imagining one of those long black cocks sinking inside me. In my mind the young man I had seen masturbating in the river was now filling me with his long black cock.

    Hank was now totally out of my mind. I didn't even stop to think what he would think if he was to wake up to find me fucking myself with my hairbrush. The only thing I cared about right then was cumming, I needed to cum and cum bad. And I knew that the ways I was pumping that brush into myself it wouldn't be long at all before I was cumming again.

    Faster and faster I started pumping that brush in my pussy. Rolling my hips up as I was going in as deep as it would go. I took turns rubbing my clit and squeezing both my hard nipples. Then it happened, I moaned out, "OHHHHH YESSSSSS!" I pushed the brush handle deep inside my pussy as I squeezed my clit and yelled, "OH GODDDDD I'M CUMMINGGGGGGGG!" My hips kept jerking up to the brush as I kept cumming and cumming.

    Trust me, I've masturbated before, but I've never had an orgasm like the one I was having just then.

    Once my body started to settle down a little I turned and gave Hank a kiss on the cheek. I moaned, "Oh baby please wake up I need you." I could not believe that I was still horny. I started playing with his cock again, trying to wake it up. At the same time I sank two fingers deep in my wet pussy and moaned, "What the fuck is wrong with me?"

    I then pulled Hanks boxers off and lay down on top of him. I started dry humping him as I pushed my pussy mound down on his soft cock. I was kissing him and still hoping he would get hard and fuck me the way I needed to get fucked. But after a few minutes I saw that Hank was not going to be getting it up, so I ran my hand down between us. I sank two fingers inside my wet pussy, then pulled them out with my juices on them, I started rubbing it on my clit. I was now rubbing my clit as I humped on Hanks soft cock. I could not believe that I was on my way to making myself cum yet again.

    I didn't know if the tribal people could hear all my moaning outside of our hut or not. I did know that I was at the point of cumming again and was ready for it to happen.

    I was kissing Hank and humping down on his soft cock faster and faster as my orgasm started through my body. "OH GOD HANK, OH GOD HANKKKKKK!" I moaned out as I started cumming. I sank my fingers as deep as I could into my hot wet pussy and about yelled out, "OHHHH FUCK I'MMMM CUMMINGGGGGG!" I kept working my fingers in and out of my wet pussy making it even wetter as I kept cumming and cumming. My mind went right back to thinking that I was now cumming on one of those black cocks. I was soaking that black cock with my pussy juices right then.

    Once my orgasm had come to an end I rolled off Hank onto my back next to him. I was shaking and trying to get my breath back. I again ran my fingers over my right nipple to find it still hard as a rock and in need of being sucked on.

    I could not believe what was happening to me. My other hand had a mind of it's own as it made its way down between my legs again. My pussy was now even wetter as I sank my fingers back inside myself again. And again I would pull some of my juices out and lubricate my hot and hard little clitoris as I rolled it around.

    I was taking turns squeezing my hard nipples and fingering myself again. I was humping my pussy mound up to my fingers and well on my way to yet another orgasm. Then I don't know what happened to me, all went black. I'm thinking that when I started to cum I must have passed out.

    As I was waking up I could see that it was now daylight from the light shinning through cracks around the hut door. I couldn't believe that my pussy was still on fire and in need of some service. I moaned, "Mmmmm God what's going on?" as I felt like I was just about to have an orgasm. I looked down to find Hanks head between my legs licking and sucking on my vagina. "OHHHHHH!" my head fell back on the mat as my hips started working in time with Hanks tongue. "OHHHH GOD YESSSSS!" I moaned out as I came on Hanks hot tongue.

    Once my orgasm ended Hank kissed his way up my body, stopping to give each of my hard nipples a long hot sucking kiss. Once he was up face to face with me I felt his hard cock slowly sinking into me.

    "MMMMMM YES!" I moaned as I pushed up to him.

    "Do you like waking up with a tongue in your pussy?" he asked.

    I moaned, "Mmmmm yes, but I'm mad at you, asshole!"

    Still pumping in and out of me nice and slow he asked, "What did I do?

    "It's not what you did, it's what you didn't do. You passed out on me last night."

    "I know, all I remember is eating and drinking that juice. Hmm that juice must have had something in it."

    I moaned out, "Mmmmm that feels so good," as I pumped up to Hanks hard cock and said, "It's called kekpa, it's some kind of booze made from a local plant."

    Hank replied, "Shit, I didn't know it was booze or I wouldn't have drunk so much of it. I'm sorry I passed out on ya baby, did it knock you out also?"

    Looking up at him I moaned, "Mmmmm, no it didn't knock me out, I didn't drink as much as you did, it had a totally different affect on me."

    Picking up a little speed now Hank said, "What kind of affect did it have on you?"

    Hooking my legs around his back I moaned, "Mmmmm baby it made me horny, mmmmm God I was so horny last night. Oh yes, yes don't stop lover, oh God this feel good."

    Kissing my neck Hank then said, "Why didn't you wake me up?"

    I hit his arm and said, "Shit Hank, I did everything but sit on your face to wake you up. You were dead to the word, there was no waking you up."

    So what did my horny little wife do? "Please tell me one of the guys here took care of your needs?"

    I hit his arm again and replied, "No, none of the guys here took care of my needs, I would never do that to you. Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do!"

    Hank was now pumping in me even faster as he asked, "So what did you do, did you get yourself off?"

    Humping up to him I moaned, "Mmmmm maybe a little!"

    This dirty talk was getting to Hank, and myself for that matter as he asked, "Are you telling me that you got yourself off right here next to me, and I missed it?"

    "Mmmmmm yes baby," I moaned up at him, "I got off a few times last night. God I was so fucking horny I couldn't stand it. Oh God Hank fuck me mmmmm yes."

    We were now fucking at full speed. Hank was hammering his hard cock as deep into me as he could.

    He moaned, "A few times? How many times did you cum?"

    A great orgasm was just starting inside me as I moaned, "mmmmm baby I think four or five times!"

    My reply got to Hank, he replied, "Four or five times OH FUCK!" He then pushed deep inside my wet pussy and started squirting me full of his hot cum.

    His jerking cock set me off as I pushed up to him and came also. I was working my wet pussy up and down his throbbing cock as I moaned, "OH GOD FILL ME UP BABY, I NEEDED YOUR CUM INSIDE ME LAST NIGHT. OH GOD YESSSSSS I'M CUMMINGGGGGGG!"

    After a great orgasm Hank rolled off me and said, "Fuck that was good, did you enjoy that?"

    I kissed him and moaned, "Mmmmm yes, very much so."

    Then Hank sat up and said, "How about you do it again at let me watch this time?"

    "Do what?" I asked.

    "Get yourself off; I've never seen you make yourself cum, let alone five times. Come on baby do it for me, I would love to see you fingering yourself."

    I laughed and said, "Sorry but I'm not going to do that for ya baby. I was in a bad way last night and that was my only out!"

    "Come on," Hank moaned, "just once so I can see."

    I smiled and said, "I'll make a deal with you. You jack yourself off first and let me watch. Once you're done, I'll do it for you. How's that, we got a deal?"

    Hank got a funny look on his face and replied, "No way, I'm not doing that."

    I smiled and said, "Okay, case closed," as I gave him another kiss.

    Hank then gave me one of those looks and said, "How about one of these black guys? Would you like to do one of the black guys and let me watch?"

    "Get out of here, like that's going to happen."

    "It could happen if you would let it happen. And I would love to see how you acted with one of them long cocks deep inside of you. And tell the truth, you have been checking them out. And I know you would like to try one, wouldn't you?" he asked.

    "Are you kidding me? You would like to watch another man screwing me, a black man at that? I'm your wife, not some local slut, how can you think that way about me. Are you telling me that you wouldn't get mad if some guy was fucking me?"

    Hank hugged me and said, "Baby, baby what I'm saying is this, we are thousands of miles from home. If you felt like trying one of these long black cocks you have been check out all the time we've been here, I'm fine with it. It's not like your going to be doing it behind my back. I may be sick but I have dreams about seeing you cum with a long hard black cock deep in your pussy. So if it was to happen, once we go back home nobody there will ever know a thing about it. It would be something between you and I for the rest of our lives."

    I looked at Hank in shock and said, "You're not kidding are you?"

    "No baby I'm not kidding," Hank replied with a smiled.

    He got me thinking, he was right. I had been looking, looking a lot. And I couldn't get them long black cocks out of my mind. But could I have sex with one of them? I'm thinking that I could never do that. And could I do it and have Hank watching me do it. That would really be off the wall. What if I was to have an orgasm with another man and Hank was watching it happen. How could I ever face him again?

    I looked at Hank, gave him a kiss and said, "Lover I think this jungle has turned you into a wildman. We have been married to long to throw it away over sex. For right now I think I'm going to stick to just screwing you. We can always play it out in our heads that we are screwing whomever. Plus don't forget the fact that I can get pregnant and that would be hard to hide from or friends and family once we got back home. So I say, keep dreaming big boy!"

    Hank said, "Okay fine, but the offer is out there for you, take it if you feel like it. I sure do think it would be sexy seeing you getting fucked. Well if you're not into that, how about you finger fuck yourself for me right now?"

    I kissed him and said, "Maybe one day I'll do that for ya, but not today. We better get up and out of this hut, Jameraka is going to be waiting on us, you know today is hike day."

    Today was hike day. We had made it to the end of the road so the rest of the safari was going to be on foot everyday. Our base was going to be this Village to return to every night.

    We cleaned our selves up in the hut and started getting dressed for a day of hiking. I stepped into a little pair of pink lace bikini panties. Then some tight jean shorts not Daisy Dukes, but very tight that formed to my ass just the way Hank likes it. Due to the fact we were going to be walking who knows how far I put on a white sports bra. Hank wasn't too happy about this, but I was the one that would have sore breasts at the end of the day due to them flopping all around all day. Next was a white sleeveless button up top, white socks and my hiking boots. My white Chicago Bears hat and I was ready to go.

    Once Hank was dressed we walked out of the hut to find Jameraka and Chief Zoomama eating breakfast. Jameraka waved us over and said, "You two better get some food in you before we start off."

    After breakfast Jameraka, about ten of his guys and us started out of the village on a little trail going into the jungle. Jameraka and his guys all had guns, Hank and I just had ourselves.

    We walked for what seemed like fifty miles. I know it may have been six or seven. In any case it seemed like a long ways. Early afternoon Jameraka said to his people and us that it was time to turn back to the village. We needed to get back before nightfall.

    It had been a great hike; we saw all kinds of animals along the way. Monkeys, birds we even saw three hippopotamuses in the river.

    As we were walking back Hank came up beside me from behind and started patting and squeezing my ass as we walked. He said, "I can't wait to get back to the village and in that waterfall for a nice shower. What ya think about you taking a topless shower tonight?"

    I looked at him as I rolled my eyes and said, "God you don't give up do you?"

    Hank smiled and replied, "Nope I'll never give up. So do I take that as a yes, you're going to give all the men a little tit show in the waterfall tonight?"
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    I laughed as I hit him on the arm and said, "Keep dreaming buddy, just keep on dreaming."

    Once back at the village and in our hut getting ready for our showers Hank again started bugging me to go topless down to the river.

    "Come on baby, you look so hot in them little pink lace bikini panties. Just wear them and nothing else, please?" Hank begged.

    I got a little mad as I replied, "God Hank, give it a rest. No I'm not going topless in front of all these men and boys here. You keep forgetting that I'm your wife, not some slut. They're lucky that they get to see me in my bras and panties. I will go braless if it makes you that damn happy to have guys staring at my boobs. But that's as far as it goes!"

    "Okay, fine," was the only reply I got back from Hank. I knew from the tone of his voice he was mad also.

    So we walked down to the waterfall not speaking to each other. I was wearing my little pink lace bikini panties and my sports bra. Hank was dressed in his boxers.

    The shower made us both feel a lot better. We apologized to each other and kissed under the falls. Hank was getting me very horny as we kissed he was squeezing and playing with my wet panty covered ass. His cock was getting hard and poking into the crotch of my little panties.

    I laughed and said, "Hmmmm, looks like little Hank is awake as I reached between us and gave his hard cock a little squeeze. You better not drink too much of that kekpa stuff tonight. I'm going to be looking for some of this little Hank later on."

    Hank smiled and said, "I'll give you a little right now if you like?"

    I pushed away from him and said, "We better wait, too many eyes are watching us right now," as I looked around to see all eyes were on us, watching us play with one another.

    We finished bathing and made our way back to the village. Jameraka told us on our way to our hut that dinner would be ready shortly but there would be no dancing or shows tonight.

    In the hut once I was all dried off I saw it was time for some shaving. I got my little bowl of water and shaving stuff all out. First I shaved my pits and legs them moved on to my mound and vagina. Hank loved this little shaving show I put on for him. Then I started looking for something to wear that night.

    Hank then said, "Why don't you wear something sexy tonight for me?"

    I started thinking; oh hell why not let him pick my outfit for the night, as long as it wasn't topless.

    I said "Okay Hank, you pick out what you would like me to wear and I'll wear it just for you."

    He smiled and said, "Fuckin' a" I sat on the mat nude as I watched him dig through my bags looking for that sexy outfit to wear. Once he had the three items I was to wear laid out he looked at me and said, "Are you okay with this outfit?"

    I smiled and said, "Yes that's fine I can wear that." I got up and stepped into a little pair of sheer see-through purple bikini panties. I pulled them up and into place then turned all the way around to give him a little show.

    Hank moaned, "Mmmmm yes those are nice, I can see your cute little pussy right through them."

    I just shook my head and smiled as I next stepped into a short little jean skirt. I pulled it up over my hips then reached around back to zip it up. Again I turned all the way around for him. I wouldn't call the skirt a mini skirt but it was kind of short. Maybe it was three or four inches below the crotch of my sexy little purple panties. Then the last thing to slip on was a yellow tube top. I pulled it over my breasts and then had to adjust them to get them both sitting in the same spot on my chest. You could just see a hint of my pink areola through the thin material. But my nipples were standing out in full view. Once dressed, I did another full turn around for Hanks approval.

    "Mmmmm," Hank moaned, "Your fun bags look nice all rounded out on your chest like that. And that little skirt looks just right on you. Are you going to bend over and let all the guys check out this sexy little panty-covered ass of yours?"

    I walked up to Hank and gave him a kiss as his hands ran up the back of my legs under my skirt. He was squeezing both my ass cheeks through my panties as I moaned, "Maybe I'd do that for you tonight. Would that really turn you on if I were to do something like that?"

    He moaned, "Oh God yes it would." He now had one finger inside the leg opening of my little purple panties and was stroking my moist vagina lips.

    I pulled away from Hank and his probing finger and said that we better stop playing around or we were going to miss dinner.

    Before leaving our hut I turned to Hank and pulled my skirt up as far as I could, showing him the front of my little panties. I then said, "Take it easy on that kekpa stuff tonight or you'll miss getting into these later on. If you pass out on me again tonight I'll kick your ass."

    Hank cupped my panty-covered mound in his hand as his fingers stroked my clit. He looked me in the eyes and said, "Trust me I'm not going to drink too much tonight, I can't wait to get into these little purple panties."

    I gave him a kiss and pulled away smoothing my skirt back down and said, "Okay, don't forget I'm holding you to that." We then exited or hut and made our way over to the clearing where we eat.

    Again tonight as we walked into the clearing we saw Jameraka sitting at the long table next to Chief Zoomama. He waved us over and again he told me to sit on the other side of the Chief and for Hank to sit next to me. And again tonight I could feel Jameraka eyes burning holes in the outfit I was wearing. He was spending a lot of time staring at my breasts and hard nipples. Once sat down we both said hello to the Chief and he said something back to us. Then the tribal people started sitting out food in front of us. And again they gave us both them cute little coconut cups filled with kekpa.

    As Hank picked up his cup to take a drink I hit him on the leg and said, "One is all you're having tonight."

    He laughed and said, "God, take it easy, I know my limits."

    I smiled and said, "You better," as we did the cheers thing and hit our cup together.

    We started eating, what ever it was, but it was good. As time passed we had both drank all of our kekpa. A young man refilled my cup but not Hanks. I laughed and said, "See, they know you don't need anymore."

    A few minutes later another young man came by and filled Hanks cup. Again tonight I noticed that my drink was pink and Hanks was yellow. So asked Jameraka, "How come our drinks not the same color and why is yours clear?"

    Jameraka replied that they came from different kinds of local plants. That's why the color is not the same.

    I had just finished eating and had drank about half my second cup of kekpa when I looked over to find Hank again passed out with his head back as if he was looking at the sky again tonight.

    I hit and shook him and said, "Fuck, no way are you doing this to me again tonight."

    Jameraka looked over at us and said, "I told you last night that the kekpa would put your lights out. Looks like he had too much to drink again tonight, I'll have my men put him to bed." He then told some guys in his native tongue to take Hank to our hut.

    Once they picked him up I started getting up also to go with him. Chief Zoomama took a hold of my arm and said something to me.

    I looked and Jameraka to translate what he had said to me.

    Jameraka said that the Chief would like you to stay that he feels like you don't like his hospitality.

    "Oh no, please tell him that I'm just going to be with my husband, that he's not feeling well," I replied.

    Jameraka told the Chief what I had said and the Chief replied back to him. The Chief said, your mate is fine he is just sleeping. He will be sleeping all night from all the kekpa that he drank. If you leave it makes him look bad in front of all his people. Jameraka then added that the Chief feels like a great man sitting at the head table with a white female from another land sitting at his side. So please if you would, hang around for a little bite and make him feel good. Hank is down for the count tonight, and you can't do anything for him. And the Chief may feel like you guys don't like him after all he has done for us!

    I smiled at the Chief and said okay as I sat back down next to him. I looked and Jameraka and said tell him I'll stay for a little bite but the kekpa is starting to make me feel weird inside also. I may have to leave before I pass out also.

    Jameraka got a big smile on his black face that showed all his white teeth as he replied, "You don't have to worry sexy lady; you'll not pass out, the kekpa doesn't have the same affect on females as it does males." He then told the Chief what he had just told me and the both started laughing as the Chief looked at me and shook his head yes.

    "What are you talking about, the same affect? What does it do to females?" I asked

    Jameraka said, "Nothing, sexy lady, don't worry yourself it's nothing. A female can drink a lot more kekpa than a male can, that's all, and don't ask me why. So drink up and enjoy the nice night we are having."

    I still wasn't sure what he was talking about or if I even trusted him or not. I took another sip of my kekpa and smiled at the Chief trying my best to be as friendly as I could.

    All at once a short time later it started again, my vision got very blurry. I was trying to focus on the Chief and Jameraka and just couldn't. Again tonight I didn't feel drunk or high. I'm not sure what my body was feeling. I had these feeling going on inside my body just like last night. And it wasn't bad feeling but like pleasurable feelings going all through me again.

    I started to get up to leave again but the Chief grabbed my arm and kind of forced me back down into my seat. Then he said something to Jameraka as he was still holding my arm. I started getting very warm; no it was more like very hot. My nipples were hurting as I looked down to see them about to poke holes right through my thin tube top. I knew I couldn't touch them right then, but they needed touched in a bad way. My vagina was also starting to tingle in a way that was making me very horny. I looked down at my lap thinking I would see smoke coming out from under my short little skirt.

    Jameraka then said that the Chief would like to give me a tour of his hut. Not many people get to see the inside of it, I should feel honored that he has asked me!

    I replied, "Tell him thanks, but I'm starting to feel bad and should go to my hut and lay down."

    Jameraka looked at me and said, "Please sexy lady, don't make the Chief feel like you don't like him or you're putting him down. It will make him look bad in front of all his people if you don't do as he ask. All ya have to do is go look at his hut, smile a little bit to make him happy then go back to your hut. It's not a big deal and it will keep all of us on good terms with the Chief. So what ya say just for a minute or so?"

    "Just for a minute or so," I replied, "Then I have to get back to our hut and check on Hank."

    "That's fine," Jameraka said to me before he started talking to the Chief. I was assuming that he was telling the Chief what I had just told him. They talked to each other for a minute or so. Then laughing Jameraka patted the Chief on the back.

    The Chief stood up and took me by the hand and kind of lead me like a baby towards his hut. All the tribal people seemed to be watching us as he more or less pulled me a long. I was hoping that they all didn't get the wrong idea as to what was happening.

    Once at the Chiefs hut he held the grass door open for me to enter. Once inside I couldn't believe how clean and big this hut was. He had a mat bed just like ours, the only thing his was up high where ours was right on the ground. He made a patting motion for me to sit on the mat as he went over to this table in the corner. On the table were a few coconut cups and jugs of something. He filled one of the cups with something and brought it over and handed it to me.

    I saw that it was more of the pink kekpa in the cup and shook my head no as I tried to give it back to him. I said, "No thank you Sir, I've had too much already."

    The Chief said something as he stepped back and made the motion with his hands as if he was drinking something. I understood it as meaning for me to drink the kekpa. So to keep him happy I smiled and took a little drink from the cup. He then got a smile on his face and stepped back in front of me.

    I knew I had to get out of this man's hut and back to mine, and fast. My nipples were now even harder if that was possible. And my tingling vagina was now very wet and I'm sure making a big wet spot in my little purple panties. God I needed to get myself off so bad, so I put this little plan together in my head and put it to action. I killed the cup of kekpa to keep the Chief happy. The next part of my plan was to tell him thank you and good night. Get back to my hut and see if I could wake up Hank and rape him!

    As I slipped off the mat onto my feet my knees wouldn't hold myself up. The Chief caught me before I went all the way down to the ground. Picking me up from under arms he sat me back up on the mat. He said something to me but who knows what? Still my vision was going from good to blurry as I sat there trying to pull myself together.

    All at once I felt my left breast being squeezed and played with. I looked down to see the Chiefs big black hand cupping my breast. His hand really looked black on my yellow tube top that covered breasts.

    I pushed his hand off and shook my head no as I said, "You can't touch me there, I'm married!" I knew he didn't understand what I had just said. Then just a few seconds later he took a hold of both my breasts and started squeezing them again. I grabbed both his wrist to pull his hands off me. He was way to strong for me plus his thumbs started rubbing my hard nipples. Oh God did that feel so good the way he was rolling my nipples around and squeezing my breasts at the same time. I moaned nooooo, as I closed my eyes and stopped fighting him.

    Then I felt a blast of cool air on my breasts. I opened my eyes to see that the Chief had pulled my yellow tube top down setting both my breast free for him to view. He went right back to playing with both my hard nipples. And again I closed my eyes and let him have his way. He ever so slowly pushed me back onto the mat until I was laid out flat on my back. He then picked up my legs and put them up on the mat also. I opened my eyes to see him standing at the foot of the mat. My legs were spread maybe two feet apart and he was looking up my short little skirt at my little purple bikini panties. I had forgotten that they were sheer see-through and he was looking right at my wet little pussy. At that point in time I wasn't sure what was going on in my body.

    Don't ask my why but I didn't move, try to get up or anything as I watched him go over to the table and pick up another coconut cup. I just lay there with my nude hard nipples pointing up at the roof of the hut. I didn't seem to have a care in the word that this man was seeing me topless and looking up under my skirt.

    He came back to the side of the mat smiling with this cup in his hand. I looked up at him and said, "I have to go to my husband before I do something really wrong!" I knew in back of my mind that I was so horny I couldn't stop this man from doing what ever he felt like doing to me. I knew it was wrong being here like I was topless in this mans bed. But I couldn't get the will power to get myself up and leave, or even pull my top back up and cover myself.

    Smiling down at me Chief Zoomama dipped two fingers into the coconut cup. When they came out they were covered with what looked like honey. He then rubbed this honey like stuff all over my hard nipples.

    I just about came as he was taking turns covering each nipple with this liquid. He was doing it so softly I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling.

    He stopped playing with my nipples and stepped back just looking down at me as if he was waiting for me to say something. I opened my eyes to look up at him just as something started happening with my nipples.

    Oh my God, what ever that stuff was that he put on them was turning hot. Not a burning hot but a very enjoyable hot. It was driving me out of my mind it felt so good. Oh God did my nipples need sucked on.

    By this point in time I was so sexual aroused I had totally forgotten about Hank, being married or anything. All I knew is that my nipples were on fire and needed sucking on and I had a person right next to me to do that job.

    I looked up at Chief Zoomama and moaned, "Oh God Chief please kiss my nipples." As I asked my hands had a mind of their own and I had started squeezing my own breasts. Once my fingers touched my hard sticky nipples it was all over. I moaned ohhhhhhh yes as I started squeezing and rolling them around. My hips started pumping up and down as I continued playing with them. I closed my eyes as my head started rolling from side to side and I started moaning louder.

    Oh my God I was so horny that I was going to bring myself to and orgasm right in front of this man. And all this was from just playing with my hard nipples. God I have never even done this in front of my husband, and now I'm doing it for a stranger.

    I started squeezing my nipples hard as my orgasm started through my body. I moaned out, "OH GODDDD YES, OH YESSSSS, YESSSSSS!"

    Oh my was it a great orgasm I just kept moaning mmmmm, mmmmm as I laid there coming down from it. Then I felt someone pulling on my skirt. I looked down to see the Chief trying to tug my skirt off my body. I don't know why I helped him but I rolled on my side, reached behind me and pulled the zipped down. I flopped back on my back and the one more tug and my skirt went down my legs and off. I felt so sexy laying there in just my little sexy see-through purple panties as he was glaring at me. But the glaring didn't last long. The next thing I felt was his finger's hooking in the waistband of my little panties and starting them down my legs. I even raised my butt up off the mat to make it easier for him to remove my sexy little panties.

    The Chief then again started dipping two fingers into the coconut cup. Once they were covered with what honey stuff he started rubbing it up and down my vagina lips. Then he spent a lot of time making sure my clitoris was covered with it. As he was rubbing it on my clit I moaned out and started cumming again. "OH GODDDDD I'M CUMINGGGGGGG!" I was pumping my hips up to him as I came. I couldn't believe that I had just cum with a man other than my husband. I didn't even think that another man could make me cum.

    After I had come he went back over near the table and was doing something. Now my pussy was on fire just like my nipples were. I reached down and touched my clit thinking that it would burn my fingers it was so hot. Oh my God what is wrong with me, why am I so horny I was thinking as I started rolling my hard and sticky clit around.

    I then looked over at the Chief and about died. He had removed his loincloth and was standing there looking at me totally nude. He was stroking his long black cock with one hand and was rubbing that honey like liquid on it with the other. His cock looked to be a foot long as he continued stroking it. It was all shiny and wet as he now started walking back over towards me.

    He got to the foot of the mat and smiled down at me still stroking that monster black cock. He stopped stroking it and took a hold of my ankles and opened my legs as wide as he could. He then climbed up between them as he got over the top of me. I then felt his hot hard cock hitting my thigh right below my crotch.

    I looked up and him and said, "Please, please we can't do this I'm married. Oh God please don't make me do this." Not understanding a word I said he reached down and took a hold of his hard cock and lined it up to my wet vagina. Looking down at me smiling he gave his cock a little push and the black head slipped right inside me. He gave a second little push and it went even deeper inside me. Oh my God it felt so good as he pushed even more inside me. The honey stuff that his cock was covered in was now inside my pussy. God my pussy was on fire inside and the only thing that felt good was his big black cock sliding in and out.

    It only took about five or six deep strokes from his long cock to turn me into his slut. I hooked my legs around him and started fucking him back. I never in all my dreams dreamed that a long cock could feel so good. He wasn't even all the way inside me, but he was hitting places deep inside my pussy that Hank had never touched.

    The Chief was going at a slow pace that was driving me wild. I started humping up to him as the first time in my life I came on another mans cock. I was yelling out, "OH YESSSSSSS, GOD YESSSSSSSS I'M CUMMINGGGGGGG, OH DON"T STOPPPPPPPP OH GOD FUCK MEEEEEEEE!" As I was cumming and pushing up to his hard cock he also pushed deeper inside of me. This made my orgasm so much better. As I was still cumming he gave his cock a hard push. It hurt for a second then I think the head went into my uterus.

    It must have felt good to him also as he moaned and then buried all of his long black cock deep inside of me. Oh God, it felt so strange as he continued pumping that long cock into me. I looked down between us and couldn't believe it. His black curly pubic hair was massed against my bald pubic mound; I had all of his cock inside me.

    Still fucking at this same pace I started cumming again. Only this time was even better that the last. I know everyone in the village had to hear me yelling out, "OH FUCK MEEEEEEEEE, YESSSSSSSS OH GOD YESSSSSSSS I'M CUMINGGGGGGGGGG." And this time the Chief was at the point of no return. He grunted and moaned then I felt his long cock explode deep inside of me. I did my best to milk every drop out of him as he filled me with hot sperm.

    I fell down on the mat panting as the Chief started slowly pulling his meat out of me. Once the black head popped out of me a river of cum started leaking out between my pussy lips. I closed my eyes and moaned mmmmm God that felt so good. My mind was going all over the place behind my closed eyes as I was thinking how satisfied I was right then.

    My eyes popped open when I heard Jameraka say, "Well, well looks like the Chief got ya! And he has you all primed up and ready for me. Man sexy lady, your pussy looks hot with the Chief cum running out of it. Shit I can't wait to pump some more cum inside you myself."

    I covered my breasts and started to get up but Jameraka kind of pushed me back down. I tried a second time and he did the same thing and then said, "Just stay put sexy. You and I both know that your little pussy is ready for more cock. All the kekpa that you drank would make any girl horny for a week. So lay back and enjoy some more black African cock. Your old man is not going to do this pussy any good tonight. So the Chief and I are going to see if we can send you home a happy little white housewife."

    Having said that Jameraka bent over and pushed my hands away from covering my breasts. He then started taking turns sucking on one hard nipple then the other. Oh God did it feel good. Then he ran two fingers deep inside my cummy sloppy pussy and moaned, "Mmmm you got a hot little pussy here sexy lady."

    Well it didn't take much of his nipple sucking and finger fucking to have me moaning out yet another orgasm. "MMMMMMM YESSSS OH YESSSSSSS OH GODDDD YESSSSS I'M CUMINGGGGGG!"

    I opened my eyes to see that Jameraka was now nude and climbing up between my wide-open legs. His big belly was not a bit sexy but his long black cock sure was. It was about the same size as the Chiefs, maybe even a little fatter. The Chief walked up and handed Jameraka the cup of honey stuff. He dipped in it and started rubbing it on his cock. It looked as if it was getting even longer as he stroked it on his now very hard cock. Once he was done stroking himself he wiped the extra off his fingers onto my wet and sloppy pussy lips. Next he got over the top of me and said, "Okay sexy lady, grab that cock and put it were you would like it."

    My mind was going crazy, as I said, "No, no I can't do that. I love Hank I can't do this to him. I'm all messy down there, we can't do this now!" Then my mind just went totally the other way, God I was so horny, I reached between us and wrapped my fingers around it. It felt bigger around than Hanks. And shit I think it was three times as long as his. I lined the black head up to my little pink pussy lips and pushed up to it. That was all it took, Jameraka slowly filled me right up with it. He moaned in my ear, "Oh God I love fucking some white guys little white wife. Your pussy is so hot and tight unlike the black girls around here. And you white girls always love getting all the black cock you can get. I'll bet you come back looking for more black cock after tonight. Does my cock feel good sexy lady?"

    Oh God did it ever feel good. I was so wet and slick from the Chiefs sperm and my juices that Jameraka long black cock sank inside me so easily. I moaned up to him, "Mmmmm yes it feels so good," as my hips got in time with him.

    My mind was trying to come back to normal but I just couldn't make it come all the way back. Jameraka was right; I'd had way too much kekpa to drink tonight. I started thinking, God I've had sex with the Chief behind Hanks back. Now I'm having sex with Jameraka, also behind Hanks back. I've had them right after one another like some slut would do. What the hell am I doing having sex with two men as my husband lies passed out on the other side of the village? Then Jameraka cock felt like it had slipped into my uterus just like the Chiefs had. Oh God that felt so good that my mind went right back to being filled with hard black cock. Hank was again totally out of my mind. All I knew is the fact that I was full of hard cock and needed to cum again.

    Jameraka kept talking dirty to me as he was picking up speed. He was now hammering his black cock deep inside me at full speed. "You love black cock in your little white married pussy don't you? You love getting two black cocks don't you? Think your husband will like you coming home full of two black men's cum?"

    All this talk and his expert fucking with that long cock pushed me over the top again. I played right into his hand as I moaned, "Yes, yes I love your cock; oh yessss fuck me hard with your black cock."

    Now pumping into me like a speeding train Jameraka moaned, "Mmmmm sexy lady are you ready for more black seed in your little white pussy?"


    Jameraka then pushed his black cock as deep into me as he could. Moaning in my ear, "Aaaaaaaaaaah," as his cock started squirting his hot cum deep into my uterus. My orgasm just kept going and going as he was filling me up with hot sperm. Both our bodies shook as we both came together.

    A minute or so later Jameraka rolled off me. His cock made a loud suction sound as it slipped out of my vagina. Then it felt like a river of sperm started leaking out of me. I looked down to make sure I wasn't bleeding. I saw no blood but I couldn't believe how much sperm was flowing out of my pussy from these two men.

    Jameraka was sitting up next to me when he sank two or three fingers into my sloppy pussy and moaned, "Shit sexy lady, you're sure one good fuck. Smiling, he then said, "I think the Chief is ready to have you again?"

    Jameraka pulled his fingers out of me and stood up. At the same time Chief Zoomama was crawling back up between my legs again.

    I looked up at him and said, "No, no, we-." Before I got the words out the Chiefs hard cock was sinking back inside me.

    The Chief moaned and totally filled me with all of his hard cock. This time it went all the way in with no problem. It just took a few minutes of him screwing me before I was pumping up to him.

    In a very short time I was humping up to his hard cock and yelling out that I was cumming. I had no idea that I could cum as many times as I'd cum tonight. And the Chief was still pumping into me like a madman. I was sure that he would have me cumming yet again.

    It didn't happen this time. He pushed deep inside of me and moaned as he flooded my womb with more hot sperm. His cock keep jerking and jerking as he pumped his load into me. I tried to squeeze his cock with my pussy the way Hank loves me to do. But I was so wet and slippery I couldn't do it.

    The chief pulled out of my now even sloppier pussy and said something to Jameraka that made them both laugh. I looked over in shock to see that Jameraka long black cock was again hard and pointing straight ahead. He then looked at me as he was stroking it and said, "Okay sexy lady get on your hands and knees. You're about to get fucked like a wild boar!"

    I did as he said as he moved in behind me. I was now a total slut for these two men. I didn't care what happened as long as they made me cum again. I never in my life needed to cum like I did right then.

    Jameraka took a hold of my hips and filled me full of black cock in one fast move. I pushed back to him trying to get even more cock inside me. He moaned, "Mmmmm is your pussy ever hot. Man we made a mess out of your little pussy. The next time Hanky fucks you he'll think he's fucking a bucket of butter. Your pussy is going to be so reamed out by the time the Chief and I get done fucking you." He then bent over and took both my swinging breasts into his hands. He started squeezing them and playing with my hard nipples as he pounded is long cock into me.

    A short time later I was pushing back to him yelling, "OHHHHHHHHHHHH YES I'M CUMMINGGGGGG!"

    My yelling must have set him off also as he dropped my boobs and grabbed my hips. As I was cumming all over his cock he pushed deep inside me and moaned, "Oh yessss." And again my pussy was being filled with more hot sperm.

    Once my orgasm ended I fell face down on my belly making Jameraka cock pop out of me. I then felt his hot sperm running out of me and covering my hard clitoris as it ran down to the mat.

    I think I was just about passed out when Chief Zoomama took hold of my feet and turned me over on my back. I couldn't believe that he was hard yet again and crawling up between my legs again. Oh my God he's going to fuck me again. Before I could say a thing I was being filled with hot hard cock again.

    The Chief filled me with more cum and then Jameraka took another turn fucking me and added his load of cum to my over filled pussy.

    After they had both screwed me three times each Jameraka said, "We better get you back to your husband."

    He took a rag and cleaned up some of the sperm leaking out of me. He laughed and said, "Shit sexy lady, you may be leaking cum for a week." He got my tube top back up and in place then had me step into my little jean skirt. He pulled it up and then zipped it up. He then picked up my little sheer purple panties. He put them to his nose and sniffed in deeply. He looked at me and said, "Aaaaaaaaaaah, I think I'll keep these as a souvenir."

    My legs were weak as Jameraka held me up and walked beside as we made our way back to my hut.

    God I was still horny as we made the short trip to our hut. Once at the hut Jameraka held the door open for me to enter. He came in also and lit the little torch that gave the hut some light. As he was getting ready to leave he patted me on the ass and said, "Goodnight sexy lady," as he stepped towards the door.

    What in the hell was wrong with me? I needed more sex and Jameraka look like the only one that was going to give it to me. I looked down at Hank passed out cold and then grabbed Jameraka arm before he got out the door. He turned to face me and my hand went right to his crotch to get a hand full of black cock right through his pants. I looked him in the eyes and moaned, "Please fuck me again, God I'm so fucking horny."

    Jameraka smiled and then said, "I knew we would get you addicted to black cock. I just didn't know it would happen in one night. Sure sexy lady I think I can get it up again for you. Lay down there right next to Hanky. I'm going to enjoy fucking you right next to him."

    I didn't even think about it, I just lay down next to Hank on the mat. Jameraka dropped his pants and moved between my legs. He got down on his knees and pushed my little skirt up around my waist and then pulled my tub top down setting my breasts free. He started playing with my breasts and moaned, "Man sexy lady I just love your tits. And these nipples, God they are made for sucking," as he sucked one of my hard nipples into his mouth.

    I opened my legs as wide as I could as Jameraka lay down between them. He reached between us and lined his hard cock up to my sloppy slit. He looked at Hank and said, "Hey buddy I'm about to sink my long black cock into you sexy little wife." Having said that, he started sliding his black cock into me.

    "Ohhhhhhh yessss," I moaned in his ear as he slowly filled me full of black cock. I knew right then that I had turned into a slut as I started begging for Jameraka to fuck me. And fuck me he did, God I didn't know that a man could get it up four times in such a short time. I hooked my legs around his back and started giving him a ride he wouldn't soon forget. I was humping up to him as I kept moaning in his ear, "Fuck me, oh God fuck me, oh yessss, yessss don't stop."

    Jameraka looked down at me smiling as he was now hammering deep into my welcome pussy and said, "I knew once you got a taste of black cock in your pussy you'd turn into a little white slut." Then looking over at Hank he said, "Wake up buddy, your going to miss you sweet little wife cumming all over my black cock." Then looking down at me he continued saying, "And you're going to miss me filling her up with more hot African cum.

    I was really into the fucking that I was getting by this time. Never in my life had I ever been this horny and in need of sex. This was so unlike me to care about nothing other than getting fucked and reaching an orgasm. I didn't care about Hank or the kids or even my marriage. All I need was for this man to keep fucking me and make me cum again. As bad as it sounds it was true.

    I soon went from moaning in Jameraka ear to yelling in it, "OHHH GOD DON'T STOP, YAAAAA YESSSSS," and "YESSSSSSS." By this time Jameraka had me just about at the point of total orgasm. "OHHHH YESSSS, YESSSSS I'M GOING TO CUMMMMMMM."

    Jameraka was slamming every inch of his long cock into me as he again looked of at Hank and said, "Here she goes buddy. Her little white pussy is going to cum all over my long black cock."

    That was all I could take. I pushed up to Jameraka and took every bit of his cock deep inside me and yelled out, "OHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD I'M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG." My body shook all over. My head was rolling from side to side as my orgasm ripped through my body.

    Jameraka was enjoying me cumming also. Still driving deep into me at full speed he moaned, "Mmmmm that's a girl, cum for me. Are you ready for some black cum? You better get ready because I'm about ready to seed you."

    Just seconds later Jameraka moaned, "Ohhhhhhh yes," as he pushed deep inside me. "Open that pussy up baby here comes a nice load for you." Then he kissed me full on the mouth as he pumped his sperm into me. The bad thing was the fact that I kissed him back and welcomed his squirting cock deep inside me. He then broke the kiss looked over at poor Hank and said, "Hey Hanky, I'm filling your wife's pussy up with cum, you better wake up and watch this!"

    Well Hank didn't wake up as I laid there next to him letting another man cum inside me. I was even trying to milk all his cum out with my slick and slippery pussy. I don't know how Jameraka could enjoy screwing me as wet and sloppy as I was. But at the time I didn't care. For that matter I was hoping that Jameraka was up to screwing me again.
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    But Jameraka didn't stay around to screw me again. He pulled out and stood up at the end of my mat pulling his pants back up. He smiled down at me and said, "What a picture this would make wish I had a camera. We got a sweet little white housewife flat on her back legs spread wide open with her skirt and top around her waist. A river of a black mans cum running out of her little pussy as her husband is sleeping next to her and knows nothing about it." Smiling he added, "It doesn't get any better than this."

    Jameraka started for the door then stopped. Looking back down at me he said, "Sexy lady we better keep this between you and I. I don't think it would be a good idea to tell your husband that your safari guide was guiding his hard cock in you. If you have to tell him something I think you should tell him that you fucked the Chief tonight and leave it at that. He may not understand how his sweet little wife could let two guys fuck her all night long. It's up to you, but I'm sure your going to tell him something in the morning. Oh yes, one more thing sexy lady. This safari is not over yet so I'm sure you're going to be getting a lot more black cock before you get back to the USA, goodnight."

    Once he was gone it hit me like a ton of bricks. What the hell have I done? Why did I do it, and with both of them? What has this Safari done to me? I've turned into a whore in one night. I ran my fingers down to my still horny but sore little pussy. I was so wet and slick with both of their cum still leaking out. I looked over and Hank and moaned, "I'm sorry baby I don't know what made me do this." I then started crying and must have passed out as I was rubbing my vagina lips.


    In part two of this story, Brandy wail under the influence of the fruit drink kekpa had sex with Chief Zoomama three times and their safari guide, Jameraka four times. All of this happened in one night as her husband Hank laid passed out in their grass hut. For that matter the forth time with Jameraka was in her hut, right next to her passed out husband Hank.

    Jameraka had just pulled out of Brandy and stood up at the end of her mat pulling his pants back up. He smiled down at her and said, "What a picture this would make wish I had a camera. We got a sweet little white housewife flat on her back legs spread wide open with her skirt and top around her waist. A river of black mans cum running out of her little white pussy as her husband is sleeping next to her and knows nothing about it." Smiling Jameraka added, "It doesn't get any better than this."

    Jameraka started for the door then stopped. Looking back down at Brandy and said, "Sexy lady we better keep this between you and I. I don't think it would be a good idea to tell your husband that your safari guide was guiding his hard cock in you all night. If you have to tell him something I think you should tell him that you fucked the Chief tonight and leave it at that. He may not understand how his sweet little wife could let two guys fuck her all night long. It's up to you, but I'm sure your going to tell him something in the morning. Oh yes, one more thing sexy lady. This safari is not over yet so I'm sure you're going to be getting a lot more black cock before you get back to you're good old USA, goodnight."

    Once he was gone it hit Brandy like a ton of bricks. What the hell had she done? Why did she do it, and with both of them? What has this Safari done to her? She had turned into a whore in one night. She ran her fingers down to her still horny but sore little pussy. She was so wet and slick with both of their cum still leaking out of her. She looked over and Hank and moaned, "I'm sorry baby I don't know what made me do this." She then started crying and must have passed out as she was rubbing her slick vagina lips.

    Now, on with the story, picking up right where it left off.

    I started dreaming that Jameraka was screwing me again. I was moaning up to him, Oh God Jameraka, your cock feels so good. Mmmmmm yes fuck me, oh yessssssss fuck me hard.

    Jameraka was on top of me driving his hard cock deep inside my sore little pussy. I could feel my orgasm starting deep inside my body as I started pumping up to him in time with his deep strokes. He had his hand between our bodies rubbing my hard little clit, and this was driving me wild also.

    All at once I yelled out, OH GOD JAMERAKA, I'M CUMMING, YESSSS, YESSSSSS OH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. My body shook all over as my orgasm went through me. I was pushing up to Jameraka trying to get every inch of his hard black cock deep inside me as I came all over it.

    Jameraka put his hand over my mouth to quite down my yelling as his mouth locked on one of my hard nipples. Just when I didn't think I could take any more Jameraka moaned ahhhhhhh as he pushed deep inside me and started pumping his hot sperm deep inside me. His jerking cock set me off again as I started cumming a second time.

    Then in my dream state Jameraka said, Fuck Brandy is your pussy ever wet. I've never felt you this wet before.

    What was going on here I started thinking? Jameraka voice sounded just like Hank! I opened my eyes to see that Hank was on top of me and he was the one that had just filled me with hot cum. It wasn't a dream, or was it? What ever it was, I was happy to see that it was my husband that had just screwed me.

    Hank took turns nursing both my hard nipples as his cock drained inside me. He then moved up and kissed me full on the mouth. After a long hot kiss, with a big smile on his face Hank asked me, what were you dreaming about young lady?

    Nothing, I lied.

    Bullshit Hank replied, you were yelling for Jameraka to keep fucking you. Tell the truth, were you dreaming that Jameraka was fucking you?

    I was so embarrassed as I looked at him and said; well maybe I was, I don't know, I was asleep.

    You were weren't you? You were dreaming about getting some long black cock weren't you?

    I was busted, so I just had to fess up. Yes I was, I'm sorry I didn't know who or what. I'm sorry I shouldn't have.

    Hank stopped me and said, don't be sorry, I think it's so hot that you're thinking about getting fucked by a black guy.

    At this time Hank rolled off the top of me and was laying up on his elbow looking at me.

    I then said, you asshole you passed out on me again last night, I was trying to change the subject.

    I know, I'm sorry. That kekpa shit kicked my ass again. I don't remember a thing after two or three drinks of it. Smiling at me he then said, so did you have to take care of things yourself again last night? Or did you get one of these black guys around here to take care of you?

    I looked at him and replied, you're an asshole, with tears in my eyes.

    Hank got this funny look on his face that I knew that he knew something had happen last night. What are you not telling me, Hank asked?

    I then broke down and started crying.

    Hank took me in his arm and asked again, what happen last night? Tell me what happen? Did something happen?

    I then started thinking what Jameraka had said to me last night that I shouldn't tell Hank that the two of them screwed me. That if I tell him anything I should just tell him about Chief Zoomama. That Hank may not understand how his sweet little wife could let two guys fuck her all night long.

    Thinking that Jameraka was right and the truth was not a good thing here I said, yes something happened Hank. I'm so sorry; I don't know how it happened?

    Now looking me right in the eyes Hank asked, Brandy, what happened?

    Still crying I said, I had sex with Chief Zoomama. God I'm so sorry that I did this to you. I don't know what happened to me. I don't know why I did it.

    Hank kissed me and said baby I'm sorry I put the seed in your head. I just didn't think it would really happen. Did he wear a condom?

    Condom, God that word hit me like a baseball bat. Still crying I said no, God no, he didn't. What if I get aids, this country is full of aids?

    Hank then asked, did he cum inside you?

    Still crying I replied, yes he did. Oh God Hank I'm so sorry I let this happen.

    Hank replied, oh fuck; I hope he didn't knock ya up!

    I think it's my safe time of the month; I'm not fertile right now, thank God. I just hope I don't get aids. Or have aids now. Oh God I may have given you aids. I then started crying again.

    Hank took me in his arm and gave me a long hard kiss along with a wonderful hug He then broke the kiss and said it's okay baby. It's not the end of the world. So you had sex with the Chief. As long as you're not fertile things should be okay. I think most of the aids problem down here is in the cities, not out here in the jungle.

    I looked at him feeling a little better about that news and said, are you sure about that?

    Sure I'm sure hank replied as he gave me another long kiss and told me that he loved me.

    I was so happy to hear that he still loved me even after I had had sex with Chief Zoomama. Hanks kissing kept going as his hand moved up to my right breast. He started rolling my hardening nipple around as he kept on kissing me.

    Hank broke the kiss again and was looking down at me when he asked; did the Chief make you cum?

    I didn't know what to say. I didn't need to hurt Hank anymore than I have already. But the look of joy in his eyes told me that maybe the truth would be in store here. Looking up at him I softly replied, yes he did.

    Hank quickly moved his hand from my breast to my vagina. He slowly sank two fingers inside my wet hole. He then said, that's why you were so wet this morning. You still had the Chiefs cum inside you. God your still super wet with both of our cum inside you. His fingers were now working in and out of my wet pussy.

    Hanks finger fucking was feeling very good. And I felt better now that I knew he was more or less happy that I let the Chief screw me. I started moaning and working my wet pussy up to Hanks probing fingers.

    Then Hank started the questions. Did he fuck you more than once? Did you cum more than once? Were did he fuck you at? Did you give him a blowjob?

    By this time Hanks cock was back hard as a rock. He climbed back on top of me and easily sank his hard cock back inside me.

    I was just as horny as him by this time as I moaned mmmmm and pushed up to his hard cock, taking it as deep inside me as it would go. Putting my arms around his back I moaned ohhhhhhh God I think he did it to me three times.

    Hank moaned, ohhhhhhh fuck your kidding me. He fucked you three times last night?

    Mmmmmm yes he did I moaned in his ear.

    Oh God your so wet with his cum Hank moaned back in my ear. How many times did he make you cum?

    Humping up to him I moaned oh God I don't know, maybe six or seven times.

    Hank moaned out, ohhhhhhh man. He came in you three times and you came seven times. Oh God I can't believe my sexy wife came on a black cock seven times. Oh fuck I'm cummmmming.

    Hank then pushed deep inside me and started squirting more cum inside me. I did my best to milk his hard cock dry with my super wet vagina lips.

    Hank then rolled off me as he was panting for air. Then the questions continued. Were did you guys do it at?

    I told him how the Chief asked me to go see his hut. And that I didn't know why but once I got there I got so horny that when he put the moves on me, I just let it happen.

    He then said, well if you came seven times with him, I don't have to ask if you liked it. Was his cock really long? Was it fat? How did it feel?

    I held my hands about a foot apart and said it was about this long. I then made the okay sign with my thumb and index finger and said it was maybe this big around.

    Smiling Hank said, so you really liked that long black cock? Tell me how it felt inside you.

    I replied, God what have I turned into? Yes I really liked it. Not that I don't like yours. This one was not the same. It went in so deep; I swear it went all the way inside my uterus. And the truth is, it felt so good I couldn't stop cumming.

    Hank moaned, shit I'm sorry I missed all this. You think it could happen again? And let me see it happening this time?

    I hit his arm and said, no, no way it's going to happen again.

    Hank smiled and said, we'll see about that.

    I then said, how am I going to face the Chief (and Jameraka I'm thinking) today? I acted like a whore with him last night.

    Hank got that shit eating grin on his face and said, the Chief is just like any other guy. He thinks he got some pussy off my wife and I don't know about it. He'll not let on like anything at all happened last night. All he'll be thinking about is getting his black cock back inside you.

    Well that's not going to happen if I can help it, I replied.

    Hank smiled and then said, well Brandy, I hope it happens again. And I hope I get to see it happen this time.

    I hit him again and said, shit Hank you make it sound like you like having a slut for a wife? No normal husband would enjoy seeing his wife being taken by another man.

    Hank replied back, I'm not normal and I would love to see that. When we're away from home I love you playing the slut role. No one by us will ever know a thing about it.

    In shock I said, playing a slut and being a slut are two deferent things. The Chief fucking me made me a slut last night. Are you telling me that you would really enjoy seeing me get laid by another man?

    Hank took me in his arms and gave me a deep kiss. Then he said, yes I would and the best thing about it is the fact that you're my little slut! And you'll always be my little slut. Plus the fact that you enjoyed it drives me wild! As sick as it sounds fucking you right after another man had cum in you was the best feeling I ever felt. I would love more of that.

    Just then came a knock on our grass door. Jameraka yelled, you kids better get up and get some food; they are about to put all the food away. We will be leaving on today's hike in an hour or so.

    I looked at Hank and said, tell them I'm sick or something. I'm not going to leave this hut today. I can't face the Chief or any of them people out there. I'm sure the Chief has told everybody in the village about the prize he got last night.

    Hank kissed me and asked if I was sure about staying there all day, and would I be all right?

    Yes I'm sure I replied. I didn't get much sleep last night and I'm sore between my legs. I don't feel much like walking. Maybe I'll feel better about facing these village people later on tonight.

    Hanks got dressed, gave me a hug and kiss and said he loved me before setting off on today's safari hike with Jameraka and his helpers.


    Hank and the group were gone well over two hours when I started getting real antsy sitting in the hut. Not only was it hot and humid it there. I smelt really bad from all the sex last night. Plus I had three men's dried sperm on my upper thighs that needed washed off. I got dressed in a little black lace bra and matching black lace bikini panties. With my towel, soap and shampoo in hand I walked out of the hut and headed right to the waterfall. I felt like some of the villagers were looking at me as if I was the village whore as I passed them on the way down to the river. They said things to each other that I didn't understand, but I was sure it was me they were talking about.

    The warm water from the falls felt so good as I got in it then stepped out to soap myself up. I spent a lot of time with my hand down inside my panties getting my sore little vagina nice and clean. I looked up to see two of the younger tribal kids watching me clean myself. I say kids, but they were maybe 18 or 19 years old. Once I had my vagina nice and clean I went to work on my breasts. It's not the easiest thing to wash your breasts inside your bra. So I turned my back to the kids and pulled my bra up to give my breasts a good cleaning. Still with my back to them I stepped back under the waterfall to rinse off.

    Once I was all rinse off and my bra back in place I stepped out of the waterfall and was shocked to see the two black kids stroking their hard cocks as they watched me. I slipped back under the falls just far enough that I could still see them playing with their cocks.

    Oh my God I got so horny standing there watching these two young men. They were doing what I have always dreamed of seeing a man do, jack himself off. I couldn't believe how fast they were pumping on their cocks. Both their fists were just a blurr as they were pumping away on their cocks. My right hand had a mind of it's own as it moved down my body to my wet panty covered pussy. I started rubbing my clit right through my panties as I watched them near their orgasms.

    The one kid hips started pumping in time with his hand. All at once he looked up at the sky and moaned. Then a big wad of white sperm came flying out of the little black pee hole on the end of his hard cock. About four big wads came squirting out and landed in the water. Just then the other kid moaned and his cock was squirting out sperm also.

    My life long dream of seeing a man make himself cum had just been filled. I was just about to cum myself as I watched them now drop down in the water and start swimming around. Still rolling my sore little clit around through my lace panties I closed my eyes and could still see them young men jacking off. I was just about at the point of giving myself a great orgasm, under the cover of the waterfall.

    My orgasm had just starting through my body when someone on the riverbank started yelling something I didn't understand. Shit I'm thinking, couldn't you have waited just one more minute and I would have been done. I looked to see what he was yelling about, but didn't see a thing. The two young men were now running through the water towards the bank. He was waving for me to come in also and pointing at something on the other side of the river. I looked over to see this big black cat that was getting a drink out of the river. It looked as big as a car. I screamed and ran for the bank, leaving my soap and shampoo sitting on a rock near the falls. Don't ask me what kind of cat it was. All I know is that it was big, real big. The man that had given us the warning helped me up onto the bank and was talking to me in his tribal language, but I didn't understand a thing that he said. All I could say back to him was, thank you.

    I picked up my towel and started drying myself off as I watched the big cat get his drink then walk back into the jungle on the other side of the river. One of the young men that I had observed masturbating ran back out to the falls and retrieved my soap and shampoo. He handed it to me with a big smile on his face. I could see his eyes drop to my wet breasts clad in my little black lace bra. They then dropped on down to my little lace panties. I thanked him and gave him a big smile. He said something then ran off to his friends.

    I made my way back to my hut to find it even more hot and humid inside than before. I removed my wet bra and panties and finished drying off. I knew I couldn't stay and hide in this hut all day; I would die from the heat. So I then started looking through my things for something to wear. I found a cute little pair of red silk bikini panties that had little white poke-a dots on them. I stepped into them and pulled them up and into place. Just then I started thinking about them two kids in the river jacking off. I ran my fingers down over my soft panties to my crotch. I ever so softly started rubbing my vagina lips right through my panties as my left hand moved up and started squeezing and playing with my hard right nipple. I closed my eyes and started thinking how good one or both them young hard black cocks would feel inside me. I was just getting ready to lie down on the mat and get myself off, when some people talking outside my hut distracted me. Having no locks on the grass door, and I had know idea if they would open the door to find me standing there playing with myself or not. So I just stopped and went back to looking for something to wear.

    I was already sweating from the heat so I just grabbed one of Hanks oversize tee shirts and slipped it over my head. It came down about mid-thigh on me so it was okay to wear out in front of the tribal people. It looked more like a dress on me than a tee shirt. I didn't think about the fact that everyone could see my hard nipples poking through the soft cotton material. Or that they could see my braless boobs bouncing all around under the shirt.

    By this time I was getting very thirsty and hungry. So when I exited the hut and walked over to were this lady looked as if she was cooking something. I knew just like all the others that she didn't speak a drop of English. I made a sign like I was drinking something and also rubbed my tummy and pointed at my mouth. She smiled and shook her head yes. She then dipped in her pot and gave me a bowl of what looked like some kind of stew. She also handed me a coconut cup of what I think was water.

    I thanked her and walked over and sat on a tree stump to eat. A lot of the village men stopped what they were doing to watch me as I made my way to the stump. I just smiled at them and started eating my food.

    After I had finished eating I returned my coconut bowl to the lady and made a sign to refill the cup with more water. (Oh yes, it was water not that kekpa drink). She refilled it for me and I thanked her again. With the cup in hand I went walking around the village, not sure what I was going to do the rest of the day.

    Once I was back by our hut I desisted I would get my sleeping bag out and go find a nice sunny spot to work on my tan and get a little needed sleep.

    There was a clear spot about 100 feet or so right outside of the village. Know one was around so it looked like a nice place to be alone for a while. I spread out my bag and sat down. Then I'm thinking, why the hell didn't I put a bra on when I was in the hut? How the hell can I get any sun with a tee shirt on? Then I said to myself, oh hell with it, it feels good just chilling right here.

    I put on my dark sunglasses and laid out flat on my back. I rolled the tee shirt up until it was right below my breasts. I'm not sure how long I laid there until I was out like a light. Then I started dreaming about them two kids jacking off in front of me. In my dream they were taking turns fucking me with their long black cocks. At one point the one kid was fucking me hard and fast as the other watched us. He was making me cum at this time and I started moaning, ahhhhhhh yes fuck me. Ahhhhh yes I'm cumminggggggggg.

    As I was cumming I opened my eyes to find that I had my tee shirt up around my neck with both breasts fully exposed and two fingers inside my little panties rubbing my hard clit.

    I sat up and looked around to see if anyone had just seen me getting myself off. I was happy to see that no one was around to see what had just happened. I fell back down on my back thinking. What the hell is going on with me? All I think and dream about is black cocks. This safari has really turned me into a slut. I pulled my shirt back down and to just below my breasts and fell back asleep again in the warm sunshine.

    Once I was back sound asleep I'll be dammed if I didn't start dreaming about black cock again. This time I didn't know who was screwing me. All I knew is that it felt really good as I started fucking them back. Oh God it felt so good. Whoever was fucking me had me about ready to cum again. I hooked my legs around his back and started moaning, yes, yes, ohhhhhhh yes fuck me, as I humped my pussy up to him.

    Then my orgasm started through my body. I was yelling now, OH GOD YESSSSSS, DON'T STOP, YES, YESSSS OH YESSSSSSS I'M CUMMINGGGGGG.

    My head was rolling from side to side as I pushed up to take all that hard cock that I could get deep inside my cumming pussy. Oh God it felt so good cumming with him.

    Then I started waking up as I was still pumping my hips up to this great cock. I mind wasn't fully clear as to what was going on. I knew that I had just cum, but who did I cum with? I opened my eyes to see that I was face to face with Chief Zoomama.

    As my head cleared and I became awake, I saw that I was not dreaming at all. In fact Chief Zoomama was fucking me on my sleeping bag right here in the clearing. He had pushed my tee shirt up around my neck and pulled my sexy little red silk poke-a-dotted panties to the side. His cock was so deep inside me I was just about to cum again before I realized what was happening to me.

    I looked around to see that several of the villagers were watching the Chief and I. The fact was that the Chief right then was raping me in front of all the tribe.

    I started to fight him but couldn't do a thing to stop him. He was three times as big as me. He kept driving his long hard black cock deep inside me. And again it felt like he was all the way inside my uterus. My mind told me that I had to stop this. But my body wouldn't listen to my mind. I was pumping my hips up to his hard cock as I moaned, stop, stop, please stop.

    I heard someone beating on something beside me, but wasn't sure what they were doing. I was to busy pushing on the Chiefs chest and kicking, trying to get him to stop fucking me. I knew that I was about to fall into his trap and start loving the fucking I was getting, if I didn't get it stopped right then.

    I soon found out what the beating was next to me. Two of the village men took both my arms and tied my wrist to these stakes they had driven in the ground on both sides of me.

    I was now fighting mad as I tried with no luck to free my arms. I yelled, you mother fuckers let me go. Get the fuck off me.

    Now that I couldn't fight back as much the Chief now took full advantage of his freedom to screw me. He took my hips in his hands and was pulling me up hard onto his hard cock.

    As bad as I hated it my body started to betray me. Oh my God his cock was going so fast and deep inside me. My head was rolling from side to side as I still was moaning, no, no, please stop.

    The next thing I knew my body did a 360 on me. I stopped moaning no and started moaning yes. Oh my God what hell am I doing, as I started humping up to him and moaned out, oh yes, yes oh God fuck me.

    I had totally forgotten about being married, or being tied down or even that I could be totally fertile right now. All I cared about was the fact that the big black cock inside me was about to make me cum. I now had my feet flat on the ground as I pumped my pussy up to him.

    The Chief got a big smile on his face once he saw that he had broken my will. He now had a white mans wife about to cum all over his big hard cock. And it was true; I had given up all fight and was now working on having an orgasm. I didn't care about anything at all other than the fact that I was going to be cumming with Chief Zoomama very soon.

    Faster and faster Chief Zoomama fucked me. And then it happen, he pushed as deep into as he could and moaned something I didn't understand.

    I felt his cock start jerking deep inside me and knew he was filling me with his hot black seed. His cock felt like a vibrator deep inside me as he filled me with his cum.

    His cumming cock set me off also. As I pulled on the ropes holding me down I yelled out, OH GOD YESSSSS, OH YESSSSSS I'M CUMMINGGGGGGG. I kept working my hips up and down as my pussy milked all his cum out. I had never in my life come with my husband like I just had with this man. I was like in a state of shock as I lay there coming down from my orgasm.

    The Chief smiled down at me as he slowly started pulling his long cock out of me. It made a wet suction sound as it popped out and that was followed by a river of sperm running out of me.

    He stood up next to me and I could see his now limp cock was all shiny as it was covered with both our juices. He said something to one of the young men that I had seen masturbating earlier.

    The young man shook his head yes and was smiling from ear to ear as him and the Chief talked. He then looked down at me as he dropped his loincloth on the ground. Very quickly he was on his knees between my still spread legs stroking his big black cock.

    It took me a few seconds to comprehend that I was about to get fucked again. And there was nothing I could do about it. This young 18-year-old boy was about to have his first 28-year-old married white woman.

    As he moved over the top of me he was still holding his hard cock in his hand. He lined it up to my wet little slit. My pussy lips were covered with the Chiefs sperm so the head of his cock slipped right inside me ever so easy.

    I was pulling on the ropes trying to free myself, as I kept saying no, no stop you can't do this.

    He didn't under stand a thing I was saying nor did he care. All he cared about was getting his first pieces of white pussy. Looking back now I think that it was his first pussy at all.

    Looking down at me he slowly filled me up with his long black cock. And like the others his cock was so deep inside me it felt like the head went inside my uterus. I did everything I could do to get him out of me, but couldn't.

    He pulled back out fast then hammered his cock back beep inside me and held it there.

    He then let out a low moan and I felt his cock exploding his hot young sperm deep inside me.

    All the men standing around started laughing and pointing at him as he filled me with his hot seed. I knew they were making fun of him for cumming so fast. I was just happy that it was over and done so fast. He then pulled out of me and went running back into the village. My little red poke-a-dot panties kind of fell back over my pussy. The crotch was soon soaked with all the sperm leaking out of me.

    Again I tried to get free but couldn't. I yelled out in vain, you mother fuckers let me go right now. My husband is going to kill you.

    I knew that none of them understood a thing that I had just said, or even cared what I said. I started crying as I pulled and yanked on the ropes. I was so mad and I think I was even madder at myself for cumming with the Chief like a slut.

    I was always told that a woman could turn off her mind if she was raped. That you could let the guy have his fun then move on with your life. No one ever told me that your body could turn on you. That you could start enjoying it and actually have and orgasm with the man raping you. I was so mad, I not only came with him but I fucked him back and loved it.

    Just then another one of the tribal men stepped up by my feet looking down at me.

    I looked up to see this big black man standing over me. He was not all that fat just big. He looked like he could be a linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He also dropped his loincloth on the ground as he dropped down at my feet.

    I tried to kick him away from me, but missed. He grabbed both my ankles and opened my legs like they were putty. There was nothing I could do to stop this man from opening my legs as wide as he felt like opening them.

    His big black cock looked even fatter and longer than the others that I had seen. It was about half hard and getting harder as he looked down at my white pussy leaking out the others sperm.

    Then I noticed something about his cock that really scared me. It looked as if he had some kind of implants under the skin all along the top of it. The only thing that I can think of that it looked like was the top of a dinosaurs tail. The lumps were about the size of a bean. So I'm thinking that maybe he had implanted little pebbles or something like that.

    Whatever it was he was getting ready to sink that monster inside me. He took both my ankles in one of his big hands and held my legs straight up. He then took his now hard cock in his hand and started it towards my wet little pussy.

    I was squirming around and pleading with him not to do this to me. But he was not to be denied, he was going to fuck me if I liked it or not.

    I then felt the big head of his black cock slip so easily between my slick pussy lips. Still squirming around trying to get his cock out of me I yelled up at him, "stop you fucker you."

    Well he didn't stop and wasn't going to stop. Once he had the head of his hard cock well inside me he took a hold of both my ankles again in each of his hands. He then opened my legs as wide as they would go, still holding them up in the air. I looked down between my legs to see that he had just the head of his bumpy cock inside me. It felt as big as a flashlight or something.

    Again I started pleading with him. "Please don't do this to me, I'm married, I love my Husband."

    He just smiled down at me and slowly started slipping his big cock a little deeper inside me.

    I started crying again and moaned, " please stop, please don't do this to me". His cock was now about half way inside me. I was so slick and wet from the other two's cum this bigger cock didn't hurt one bit as he slowly kept sinking more and more of it inside me.

    My body was doing it to me again; this big cock was starting to feel good. Those bumps on his cock were rubbing on my wet clitoris each time he went in and out.

    I started rolling my head from side to side as I begged him again to please stop. He now had about ¾ of his cock inside me and was fucking me every so slowly.

    I moaned out, "oh my God please stop as my hips pushed up to meet his down stroke". My clit was on fire and I knew the only way to put that fire out was to keep fucking this guy.

    Right then it went from rape to all out fucking. Oh my God his cock was driving me wild. He still wasn't all the way inside and he didn't have to be. I was now his for the taking. I had just turned into a full-blown slut. All I knew is that this cock that was inside me right then was the best feeling I've ever had in my pussy. I was trying to fuck up to him faster but he kept up the slow pumps that were driving me wild.

    Hank has used French ticklers on me in the passed, with all the little bumpy things on them. But it was nothing like this cock I was now getting. This man was smiling down at me and knew full well that he was about to have this white wife cumming on his cock.

    He was still pumping in me very slow as I now hooked my legs around his back and started begging for him to go faster.
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    subhub174014 Well-Known Member Gold Member

    It didn't take much of his big cock and the clit rubbing it was giving me to push me over the top. I pushed up to him as hard as I could and moaned out ohhhhhhh yes I'm cumming. As my orgasm went through my body he took this time to push his big cock all the way inside my cumming pussy. Again I felt a cock slip all the way inside of my uterus. This was a feeling that I'd never felt before this Safari. This set me off into a second orgasm with this man. This time I yelled out, OHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSS, OH GOD DON'T STOP, PLEASE DON"T STOPPPPPPP.

    As I was holding my ass up off the ground trying to get even more of his fantastic cock deep inside me, he just kept up the slow fucking. Only thing, now he was taking very long strokes. He would pull out till just the head of his cock was covered with my pussy lips. Then slowly sink back inside me until the head slipped back inside my uterus. The way his cock kept flicking my clit with the bumps on it was just too much for me to handle. I looked up at him and moaned, "mmmmm God I love you". Where that had come from I'll never know. Must have been the heat of the moment.

    Right about this time he decided it was time to pick up speed. Still taking full deep strokes inside me, he started hammering his cock in me. Faster and faster he started slamming his cock in me. I tried my best to keep in time with his fucking. He was fucking me now like some kind of wild animal. He even started taking turns sucking on my super hard nipples as he filled me with cock. I looked down between us to see that I was totally filled with his bumpy cock each time he pushed into me.

    I couldn't believe it but his cock started getting even bigger as I knew he was about to cum.

    Then it happened. He took a hold of my hips and pushed himself as deep as he could inside me and moaned ahhhhh. I also moaned out, oh yessss I'm cumminggggggggg as I felt his big black cock pumping his hot seed deep into my uterus. He pulled all the way out and sprayed some hot sperm on my clitoris before he sank back inside me and shot even more in my uterus.

    I just kept cumming and cumming as we both came together right there on the ground in front of all the tribe.

    My orgasm was slowly slipping away and my mind was starting to return too normal as this man quickly pulled his cock out of me. I looked down to see that my clit was covered with his thick creamy sperm and a river of it was running out between my pussy lips. He stood up smiling down at me as he put his loincloth back on.

    Then just as quickly another nude black man stepped between my spread legs. And again before I even had time to protest he was on top of me filling me with long black cock.

    I moaned, oh God no, not again, please stop I can't take any more.

    Just then a lot of yelling started and people started running all around. The guy fucking me pulled out and took off running to the village. Two men untied my arms, pulled the stakes out of the ground and took off for the village also. In less than a minute I was left alone laying on my sleeping bag with three men's sperm leaking out of me.

    I sat up to see what had spooked all of them, but saw nothing. My tee shirt fell back down covering my breast and I put my little red poke-a-dot panties back over my leaking pussy. The crotch was so wet from all the sperm leaking out of me. I started crying as I was thinking, God I'll never be satisfied with Hanks cock again. Not the way that I just got fucked. And the way that I came with that man, oh my God.

    A few minutes later I saw Jameraka and the group coming out of the jungle heading back to the village. Now I knew why my gangbang had ended so fast. I saw Hank was in the middle of the group. As soon as he saw me he came walking over to me.

    He sat down next to me and asked, "what ya doing out here all by yourself", as he gave me a kiss?

    I busted out crying as I fell into his arms.

    "Brandy, what's the matter, what happened", Hank asked?

    Still crying I said, "I'm so sorry Hank. I had sex with Chief Zoomama again".

    Hanks eyes got real big as a smile formed on his face and he said, "I think your starting to like getting his black cock"?

    "Hank you don't understand. I had sex with him again and I had an orgasm with him".

    "So what" Hank replied.

    "Hank, I'm your wife, I came with another man. How do you feel about that? You should be the only person that I ever come with. I feel like a total slut".

    "Brandy, if I'm okay with it, you should be okay with it. Its just sex".

    Then Hank slowly slipped his hand down inside the front of my little red poke-a-dot panties. Once his fingers came in contact with my slick leaking vagina he moaned, " God Brandy is this the Chiefs cum I feel?"

    "Hank, what in the hell is wrong with you? Four men had just more or less raped me and you're turned on by the fact that their sperm is leaking out of me?"

    Hanks eyes got very big as he replied, four guys, not just the Chief? Did they hurt you?

    Crying again I said, "No Hank, they didn't hurt me. Oh God Hank, I enjoyed it.

    Hank was now sliding two fingers in and out of my slick and hot little vagina as he asked; did they all make you cum?

    Still crying I hugged Hank and said, I'm sorry baby, yes two of them made me cum.

    That was it, Hank couldn't take any more. He picked me up in his arms and about run to our hut.

    Once inside he dropped me on the mat and started removing his clothes. I was still crying and trying to tell him how sorry I was for what had happened. He didn't hear a thing that I had said. I looked up to see him standing there nude with a big hard-on looking down at me.

    Hank then pulled my tee shirt off in one fast move that left me lying there in just my sperm soaked little red poke-a-dot panties. He opened my legs and got down on his knees between them. He hooked is finger in the waistband and ripped them right off me in one fast jerk. He then kind of sat back looking at my vagina.

    With a big smile on his face he finely spoke, "oh my God Brandy, all of there cum is still leaking out of you".

    Then I think I got the shock of my life. Hank dropped down between my legs getting a close up view of my leaking vagina. Then I felt his tongue enter the bottom of my pussy and he licked ever so slowly all the way up to my clit.

    I about jumped out of my skin as I yell, "Oh God Hank, what are you doing? Stop that, that's so gross." He gave my wet pussy maybe ten long slow licks before he moved up over the top of me. He then kissed me and I could taste the four men's sperm on his lips.

    Hank stopped kissing me and moaned, "oh God I got to have you now". Having said that he slowly sank his hard cock into me. He was about half way in me when he moaned, "ahhhhhhh God I'm cumming", as he now pushed as deep inside me as he could. I felt his cock jerking inside me and knew that I was now getting my fifth load of cum pumped inside my wet pussy.

    I looked up at him and asked," Hank, what the hell is happing to us? We have turned into perverts on this trip."

    Smiling down at me Hank replied, "isn't it great." He then gave me a long hot kiss. He broke the kiss and then moved down to kissing my neck. Then on down to my nipples. He took his time kissing and sucking on each of my super hard nipples. Next he started kissing his way down over my tummy. Lower and lower he kept kissing until he was right above slick, sperm leaking pussy.

    He slowly sank two fingers inside my sloppy pussy as he rose up looking at me and said, "mother fucker your pussy looks so good I'm going to eat you until you can't cum anymore!"

    It took a second for me to comprehend that Hank was about eat my messy vagina again, that was covered with those other men's sperm, and now his.

    "No, No Hank you can't do that, I'm so dirty down there, no please don't do that," as I was squirming around to get away from him.

    Hank held my hips in place and again I felt his tongue enter the bottom of my vagina and lick from bottom to top. I was still fighting to get free from him as he kept licking me.

    I moaned, "Oh God Hank that is so gross please stop it" But in the back of my mind I'm thinking, oh God he's licking other men's cum out of my pussy. Never in my life did I think anything like this would ever happen to me.

    Well, Hank didn't stop licking me. He started tongue fucking me. Then he took his time at sucking on each of my libia lips then moving up to suck on my clitoris. In a very short time I went from thinking how gross this was to holding onto Hanks head as he sucked his and the others sperm out of me.

    What in the hell has this safari turned us into? I came here a happily married woman. Now I'm having sex with black me, and loving it. And Hank loves it also, what's up with that? Hank is now eating my pussy after other men had pumped me full of their cum. He loves it as much as I am. I'm asking my self all this as Hanks about to bring me to a wild orgasm with his tongue. Are we sick people or is this normal I ask myself as I pull Hanks head tight to my pussy and yell out, "OH YESSSSS, YESSSS I'M CUMMMMMMMING."

    I came really hard with Hanks tongue licking me. As I was coming down from my orgasm Hank started kissing his way back up my body. Stopping to again give my hard nipples a nice sucking. Next he moved on up and we kissed. This time I could taste the four men's sperm plus his as we kissed.

    Still kissing I felt Hanks again hard cock sink back into me. I moaned in his mouth as I pushed my hips up to take all of him inside me. I don't know how he could be enjoying this? I was so wet and sloppy and my vagina wasn't a bit tight. It must have felt like screwing a bowl of hot pudding.

    He moaned in my mouth "oh fuck Brandy, your pussy feels so good. I never dreamed your pussy would feel so good after being fucked by other guys."

    I didn't get to cum this time. Hank gave me at the most ten pumps before he moaned out, "OH GOD BRANDY I'M CUMMING IN YOU CUMMY PUSSY AGAIN."

    I could just barely feel his hard cock jerking as he pumped his hot sperm into me. I pulled his butt down to me as I pushed up to him. I just moaned out, "that's it baby, cum in me, give me your cum."

    Now totally out of gas Hank rolled off me panting for air. I rolled over and kissed him and then asked, "Hank what the fuck has happened to us? We are not the same two people that came down here."

    Kissing me back he replied, " Baby I don't know what happened, but I sure do like it. Our sex life has never been this wild. I say we keep it up until we return home. Then we can go back to being the normal old Dick and Jane."

    Looking at him I asked, "are you sure you're not up set about me getting screwed by them guys? Or more, you're not up set that I came with them? I feel that a woman should only have an orgasm with her husband. This doesn't bother you at all?"

    Kissing me again Hank said, "bother me, hell no, I love it. I get so horny when I hear you say that you came with them. That's the point you should cum with them. That way I know that you're enjoying the fucking you're getting as much as I'm enjoying your pussy full of their cum."

    "Oh God, we are one hundred percent perverts now" I replied.

    Smiling Hank then asked me, " so does this mean you'll now go topless for me in front of all the tribe? You have no idea how much that would turn me on to see all these men checking out your nice tits", as he gave my left breast a little squeeze.

    Kissing him back I said, "hell why not, shit they all have seen me nude by this point."

    Smiling from ear to ear Hank then said, "and you know I'm dying to see you getting one of these long black cocks. I can't wait to see that happen."

    Kissing him again I replied, "Maybe you'll get you're wish later on tonight, we'll see. But for now we better get cleaned up, it's going to be dinner time soon."

    Brandy was more or less raped again by the Chief Zoomama and three black tribe members. Three of which had cum inside her unprotected womb. In the passed they had given her this drink called kekpa that made her so horny she was ready and willing to fuck a tiger. And that same drink would knock Hank out for the night. But on this day she was tied down and totally sober. As they say, it's hard to rape the willing! This all happened wail she was left alone in the village as her husband Hank went on a hike with Jameraka the safari guide and a group of his helpers.

    Upon returning from his hike Hank found Brandy sitting in a clearing all alone. She then filled him in on what had just happened to her, yet again. Brandy was really surprised how much Hank was enjoying her getting screwed by these black men. In fact he was so overwhelmed that he took her right then and there to their hut and fucked her sloppy wet pussy.

    As they were in their hut screwing away Hank had to hear her tell all the details of the day. How many times she came? How good them long black cocks felt inside her? Also if she was going to let him watch her fucking one or more of them?

    Then what really blew Bandy out of the water was when Hank went down on her and sucked his and three other men's cum out of her wet pussy. This was a big turning point in both their lives. Nothing like had ever happened back home in Chicago. She had never even dreamed of getting screwed by four guys in a row. Or even screwing black guys for that matter! She had never looked at blacks in that way. Now on this safari so far the Chief and guide Jameraka took turns screwing her all night long one night. And again today the Chief and three others took turns screwing her. Hank hasn't seen this happen yet and was begging her to do it for him. Hank had already talked her into walking around the village dressed in just sexy little bras and panties.

    So after the great sex they had just had, Hank was now asking her to go topless in front of the tribe.

    Brandy was thinking, "What in the hell have we turned in to?"

    Now, on with the story, picking up right where it left off.

    Now after our hot and humid sex in the hut was over I told Hank, "lets go down to the river and clean up before dinner." Having said that I got up and slipped back on my little black lace bikini panties that I had worn down to the river earlier that morning to bath. They had dried out nice hanging in the hot hut all day. Next I took my black lace matching bra off the hook and started putting it on.

    Watching as I dressed Hank then said, "come on Brandy leave the bra here. Please go topless for me! You have no idea how hot that would be for me to see all these villagers checking out your nice tits."

    I started to protest but then just gave in and said, "Okay it's your call! If you like guys seeing my bare boobs you got your wish," as I flung my sexy little bra to at him.

    "Mmmmmm that's my girl" he moaned as he got up and patted me on the ass. I grabbed some towels, soap and shampoo as Hank jumped back in his shorts.

    Stepping out of our hut for the first time, totally topless was one hell of a rush for me. And Hank also I'm sure.

    We headed down the trail that leads to the river slash waterfall. I felt so strange walking through the village with my boobs bouncing all over my chest as my hard nipples pointed the way we were going. All the tribal men couldn't keep their eyes off my boobs as we passed through the village.

    I said to Hank, "God these guys act like they've never seen boobs before".

    Don't forget, as I said in part one of this story, I'm only a size 34 B cup. So it's not like I'm super big busted or anything. For that matter most of the tribal females have boobs that hang down to their waists. So I didn't see the big deal about my boobs. Other than the fact that my nipples look to be always hard and pocking out!

    Hank replied, "shit Brandy, you have the best looking tits in this place. These guys have never seen good-looking tits before. And they are white, which drives black guys wild. Look at all these black girls, their tits look sick they way they hang on their chest. And your hard nipples are to die for". Having said that he gave my right breast a little squeeze as we walked on.

    I hit him on the arm and said, "He was terrible for talking like that. They have all been so nice to us. You shouldn't talk about their boobs like that".

    Laughing Hank said," well the guys have been a lot nicer to you than the girls have been to me! Maybe I should try to get me a little black pussy?"

    I hit his arm again and said, "I'll give you black pussy. You better stay out of that black pussy!"

    Stopping in our tracks Hank looked at me and said, "so you get to try black cock, lots of black cocks and I can't have any black pussy? Is that what your saying?"

    Not sure how to reply to that I just said, "honey it's like this. I didn't set out to screw any of these black guys. They gave me something in that kekpa drink that turned me into a, I don't know what. But in any case I didn't go to them trying to get myself fucked. They more or less tricked me into having sex with them. So if they do that to you, I'll be okay with it. But if you just go get yourself a black woman to screw, I wouldn't like that."

    Smiling at me Hank then said, "baby I'm just giving you shit. I'm not looking to fuck any of these girls here. Hell I hate saggy tits it totally turns me off. You have all the pussy that I need, and your hot looking with nice tits. Sick as it sounds I love the fact that you're getting to try some strange cock. Enjoy it baby you'll not have this opportunity once we get back home."

    Then patting me on my panty cover ass again we kissed and then headed on down to the river.

    Once under the waterfall we both washed ourselves up really good. I did a lot of washing inside my panties trying to clean up all the sperm that I had all over myself. It seemed like it was never going to stop leaking out of me.

    Now that we were both nice and clean we headed back to our hut to dress for dinner. And the truth is, I was starting to enjoy showing off my breasts to all the tribal men as we made our way back.

    Back in the hut Hank took me in his arms and kissed me. He broke the kiss and said, "Man all them guys loved your tits." He then tweaked my hard left nipple and said, "lookie here, you liked showing them as much as they liked seeing them!"

    I smiled at him and replied, "You're liking this way to much."

    "Liking it, hell I'm loving it. I love the fact that I have something that every guy here would love to sink his cock into, and that would be you! And don't lie and say your not enjoying showing off in front of all these guys," Hank replied.

    Again I just smiled and said, "I think you're enjoying this a lot more than I am."

    Now playing with both my hard nipples Hank said, "bullshit, these nipples are telling the true story. You like this as much as I do!"

    He was right it was turning me on. I still don't understand what kind of people we had turned into.

    Just then Jameraka knocked on the side of out hut and yelled that dinner would be served in about twenty minutes.

    Hank put on some clean shorts and a tee shirt. I slipped on a little pair of side-tie white leopard and rose print panties. The front was a little v and the back covered my butt nicely.

    As I was tying the right side of my sexy little panties Hank moaned, "Oh fuck Brandy the guys at dinner are going to like them little panties."

    After getting them tied and in place I turned all the way around modeling them for Hank and said, "So ya think the guys will like these?"

    Smiling from ear to ear Hank replied, "Fuck yes their going to like them. Every guy here is going to wish they could get inside of them tonight. What ya think? Are you going to let someone get inside them sexy little panties?"

    Looking at him I said, "You would really and truly like to see that happen? You in fact would like to watch some guy fuck me?"

    "Oh God yes baby, I would love to see your face as your cumming all over some big black cock deep inside your pussy" Hank replied. "Will you make that happen tonight for me baby," as he took me in his arms and kissed me.

    Half mad and half turned on by the idea of doing it in front of Hank, I decided to call his hand.

    I looked him in the eyes and said, "Okay, if I'm going to do this we need some kind of a plan!"

    My plan was this. When they pass out the kekpa at dinner tonight you take it and some how dump yours on the ground and don't drink it. It turns me into a wild horny slut so I'll just drink mine. After you dump two or three cups out start acting like your passing out. Once it looks like you're totally passed out Chief Zoomama will have two or three of his men haul you back to our hut. By that time I'm sure the kekpa will have me in the mood for anything. So once things get started I'll not go to their hut, I'll make them go to ours. You just continue to act like your passed out and watch what ever happens.

    "Wow that's a great plan. You'll really go through with this," Hank asked.

    Trying to smile I said, "Yes Hank I will if that is what you want me to do. But you have to know up front that kekpa makes me wild. You wouldn't be mad at me if I enjoy what's happening to me will you?"

    "Hell no I'm not going to be mad at you," Hank replied.

    "Hank I mean I might really, really enjoy what's happening to me! I might even have a few orgasms! You'll be okay if that happens," I asked?

    Smiling Hank said, "Fuck yes I'll enjoy that. The more they make you cum the happier I'll be. So you're going to do it?"

    "Okay love, I'm going to try," I said to him as we kissed again. I couldn't believe that he was so willing to see this happen.

    I then picked up a little white lace bra and started putting it on as I continue getting dressed for dinner.

    Just then Hank pulled the bra off me before I got it hooked. Looking at me he said, "No bra baby, just wear what ya go on!"

    I shock I said, " no way Hank. I can't go out wearing just these little panties; they don't hide much at all! Please let me wear the bra."

    "Nope, you're going to dinner tonight just like the rest of the females in this village, topless. I don't see the big deal. Hell most the guys here have seen your tits by now. So when in Africa do like the Africans. Plus baby their not going to be looking at your tits anyway. Your ass looks so sweet clad in them sexy little panties, you'll be lucky if they don't rape ya before we get to the table." He then kissed me again and gave my panty cover ass a squeeze.

    I pulled away from him and said," fine if that's what you want fine. Maybe tomorrow I'll just walk around totally nude all day. Will that make you happy?"

    Smiling Hank said, "Hmmmm that would make a lot of people happy."

    Running my brush through my hair I gave him one of them looks that only a wife can give and said, "You're an asshole. Okay let's go so I can show everybody my fucking tits an keep your ass happy!"

    Holding the door open for me Hank said, "You got it, and we are going with your little plan tonight right?"

    Mad as all hell I said, "Yes we'll go with the plan. Everybody here is going to see your wife's tits. And all the men may get to fuck me tonight. That's the plan, I hope you're happy with that?"

    "I'm very happy with that, lets go, " as we stepped out of our hut and headed to the eating area.

    Hank was so proud as we made our way through the village. People were seeing his wife in a way that know one should ever see a man's wife. Topless and wearing a pair of the sexiest little panties that Victoria's Secret sells. Boobs bounce around on my chest with nipples sticking out as hard as rocks. I was so embarrassed as we walked up to the long table to take our sets. Every eye there was on my breasts, crotch and ass. Chief Zoomama and Jameraka kept eyeing me from head to toe as I sat down. Jameraka welcomed us both to dinner and the Chief said something but who knows what. We just smiled back at him and shook our heads. The last time we sat at this table I was seated next to Chief Zoomama with Hank on my other side. This time they had me sit between Chief Zoomama and Jameraka, with Hank next to the Chief. Once we were all seated and ready to eat it was just like before. Drums started and both male and female tribal people started dancing and jumping around in time with the beat of the drums. Other people started bring out food and drinks to all the other tribal members. They sat our food in front of us along with the cute coconut cups of kekpa. I took a sip of my kekpa and looked to see that Hank was holding his near the edge of the table waiting for just the right time to dump it. I looked away and a minute. When I looked back at him he kind of showed me that his cup was now empty and he had a big smile on his face and shook his head yes.

    At that point in time I just said to myself, fuck it and downed my cup of kekpa. Both Hank and my cups were quickly refilled. I again downed mine and looked over to see that Hank had again gotten away with dumping his out. As our cups were being filled the third time I saw the sly look both the Chief and Jameraka gave me. They knew full well that they would soon have me flat on my back filling me with black cocks. And they also knew Hank would be passed out and they could do as they felt with me. Little did they know that Hank was going to get to see what happened to me tonight?

    The kekpa seemed to work on me just like before all at once my vision got very blurry. I was trying to focus on the people around me and couldn't. I started getting very hot and my nipples were hurting. I looked down to see both of them poking straight ahead and need to be touched so bad. And my vagina was also starting to tingle in a way that was making me so very horny. I looked over to see that Hank had his head down on the table as if he was sleeping.

    I looked at Jameraka and said, "something's wrong with Hank."

    Laughing Jameraka replied, "The little white man just can't hold his kekpa." He then told two men to take Hank back to our hut.

    Two men came over and picked up Hank and hauled him off. As soon as he was out of sight I felt Jameraka hand on my thigh. He ran his fingers to the inside of my thigh and started making little circles right below the now wet crotch of my little leopard print panties.

    Oh my God I was so horny I didn't do a thing to stop him. For that matter I was hopping his fingers would move on up to my wet crotch. Then I felt another hand on my other thigh. I looked down to see the Chief was now rubbing the inside of my other thigh. I about came on the spot looking down at my white thighs with two big black hands rubbing them.

    Next Jameraka other hand moved up to my breast and started playing with my super hard nipple. I pushed his hand away and told him to stop it that people are watching us. I second later I felt something very slick being rubbed on my hard nipple by Jameraka. He was rubbing that honey like stuff on it that the Chief had used on me the other night. And again just like the other night my nipple turn hot like it was on fire in need of a mouth to suck on it.

    "Oh God please don't do this to me in front of all these people," I moaned to Jameraka.

    Jameraka big white teeth smiled at me as he said," Sexy lady I just love the way all of you white girls tits stand right out on your chest like there asking to be played with." At that time he started rubbing the honey like stuff on my other nipple.

    Still rubbing my thigh the Chief was now running his thumb up and down the wet crotch of my little leopard panties. Taking his time to roll my hard clit around right through my panties.

    Oh God I was getting so horny so fast. My nipples needed sucked on and my vagina was getting wetter by the second.

    Jameraka took a hold of my left boob and was squeezing it and making my hard nipple poke right out. He then said, "sexy lady I still say you have the best nipples I've ever seen." Having said that he bent over and sucked my hard nipple right into his mouth.

    By this time the kekpa that I had drank had me in the slut stage. I didn't care who was looking at my topless breasts. Or that I had a black man sucking on my nipple and one rubbing my panty covered crotch. All I knew is that I was horny and needed someone to fuck me.

    Chief Zoomama stopped rubbing my vagina and dipped his finger into the cup of honey stuff that Jameraka had been rubbing on my nipples. Next he pulled the crotch of my little leopard panties to the side and rubbed that honey stuff all over my wet vagina lips and hard clitoris. I just moaned and worked my hips in time with his rubbing fingers as Jameraka was taking turns on my hard nipples.

    In less that two seconds my vagina turn from a horny vagina into a hot wet in need of fucking pussy. Oh my that honey stuff had my pussy on fire. The Chief dipped in the honey cup again and this time sank two honey-covered fingers deep inside me.

    I moaned out," Oh God yes that feels so good."

    I started rocking my hips in time with the finger fucking that I was getting from the Chief. My mind tried to think right but I just couldn't get it to work right. In the back of my mind I knew that just then two men were pleasuring my body at the same time. I've never been with two men at the same time before. One right after the other has happened on this trip so far, but not two at once. What ever was happening to me I didn't care; I was loving the fact that I was having two men working me over.

    The Chief said some to Jameraka in their native tongue that I didn't under stand. Jameraka replied back to him and smiled at me.

    "What did he say," I asked?

    Smiling Jameraka said," the Chief would like to fuck you right here on the table and let all the tribe watch."

    I started thinking of poor Hank back in the hut waiting for me to perform for him. I said," no, no we can't do it here, lets go to my hut. Please lets go to my hut, I'll let you both have me there."

    Jameraka got a big grin on his face and asked, "Have you ever sucked a black cock?"

    I started to reply but just then the Chiefs finger fucking had me at the point of an orgasm.

    "OH GOD YESSSSSSS" I moaned out as I came on his fingers.

    Jameraka watched as I came with the Chief then asked me if I would suck his cock as the Chief fucked me back in my hut.

    Still coming down from my orgasms I moaned, "Sure baby I'll suck ya off. I'll suck you both off as long as you fuck me, God I'm so horny I need to be fucked really bad."

    The kekpa had me so horny by this time I didn't even care that all the tribe had just seen the Chief make me cum in front of them. Then I think Jameraka told the Chief that I was willing to have sex with both of them at once back in my hut. And that I was also willing to suck them both off.

    The Chief shook his head yes as he pulled his sticky fingers out of me and stood up.

    They both helped me up as we made our way to my hut.

    Once there Jameraka opened the grass door and said, "Shit Hanky boy is in here, lets go to my hut!"

    I reached out and took a hold of his cock through his pants and said, "No, lets do it here. Hank is out for the night. I need you guys now."

    Smiling from ear to ear Jameraka said, "I love horny white house wives high on kekpa. They'll fuck anyone and anything, even right in front of their husbands. Lets go, I can't wait to get inside them little panties of yours." Having said that the three of us stepped inside my hut.

    Hank was lying on his mat on his side kind of on his side facing my mat on the other side of the hut. So he had a good view of what ever was going to happen to me

    Chief Zoomama was standing behind me with his arms around me cupping both my breasts in his hands. His fingers were rolling my honey slick hard nipples around, driving me wild. I could feel his hard cock running up and down my panty-covered ass, as he was dry humping me from behind.

    Jameraka dropped down on his knees right in front of me. Looking up at me he smiled and said " poor little Hank is going to miss seeing his sexy little white wife getting filled with two black cocks tonight". He then took my hips in his big black hands and buried his face in my panty covered crotch. I just about came when I felt his hot tongue running up and down my slit through my panties.

    Jameraka kept licking me through my panties as the Chief was working on my hard nipples. I was just at the point I was about to cum when he stopped and said "I think I'll get you all warmed up for the Chief to fuck, wail I give you your first black cock to suck on, what ya think?

    I looked down at Hank then back down at Jameraka and moaned, "I don't care, all I know is that I need to be fucked really bad".

    Looking back up at me Jameraka smiled and said, " oh baby your going to get fucked, you can count on that. Some of the other guys around here would like to sink some black meat into this hot little white pussy of yours." He then reached up and pulled the two little strings that had my panties tied at the hips.

    Once my little pair of side-tie white leopard panties hit the ground Jameraka long tongue came out of his mouth and he buried it deep in my hot and wet pussy. He was just giving me a second long lick when I started cumming all over his tongue. I grabbed his head and pulled him tight to my pussy as the Chief was still tweaking my nipples from behind, I moaned out, "OH GOD YESSSSSSSS, OH YESSSSS I'M CUMMINGGGGG".

    As my orgasm was winding down I looked down to see that Hank had somewhat of a smile on his face. It looks like the ass-hole did enjoy seeing me cum with another man.

    Jameraka then said, "okay, Brandy lay down there on your mat. I'm going to let Chief Zoomama fuck you first as you give me a blowjob". He then told the Chief what was happening. The Chief said something back to him and smiled and shook his head yes.

    I did as I was told and laid out on my back looking up at the both of them. I looked over Hanks way again to see that the smile on his face was even bigger now. Chief Zoomama dropped his loincloth on the ground and moved between my wide-open legs. He was sporting a big hard-on that looked like a big black pipe from where I was. He then dipped his fingers in the little cup of honey stuff and proceeded to rubbing it all over his hard black meat. He then got down on his knees right between my legs. Smiling He was looking at my waiting pussy as he jacked his slick cock off, covered with that hot honey stuff.

    Now that his cock was as hard as a rock he wiped the extra honey off his hands and fingers onto my hot little pussy. I moaned out as he was rubbing it all over my wet vagina lips. He then picked up my legs and placed my ankles on each side of his head. He then dropped down over me, holding himself up with his arms.

    He started rocking his hips toward me. This made his hot cock poke me all around my welcome vagina. After about five pokes his cock hit a bulls eye. The slick head of his cock was poking right into the entrance of my vagina. I moaned up to him and rocked my hips up to get that hard cock inside me. He knew what I needed and at that time he started giving it to me.

    He gave a nice and easy push that let his hard cock start sinking into me. As the big head popped inside me I looked over at Hank and moaned out, "Oh God Hank, he's fucking me".

    He was fucking nice and slow, filling me with more and more black cock each time he pushed in. I was going out of my mind it felt so good. Then all at once his cock bottomed out deep inside me. It hurt when he hit bottomed and I moaned, "ohhh not so hard, it hurts". He didn't know what I had just said and just smiles and hit bottom again. Again I pushed up on him and moaned, "that hurts, please don't go so hard".

    Jameraka at that time was dropping his shorts down near the head of my mat. He told the Chief what I had just said in his language. The Chief smile and replied something to Jameraka. The Chief then did slow down his hard hits. He started the little hard pushes to get deeper inside me. Then it happened again, I felt his cock slip all the way inside of my uterus. I about came on the spot as I moaned up to him, "OH FUCK YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD". Looking over at Hank again I moaned, "oh honey he's so deep inside me".

    Hank didn't reply, he just continued to act like he was passed out as he watched his wife being filled with a big black cock.

    There was no acting on my part. With the Chiefs big cock inside my uterus that was all I could take. I started fucking him back like a local slut. I looked down between us to see that I had every inch of the Chiefs cock inside me. At that point I was his. I started fucking up to him and moaning out, "oh yessss oh God yessss, fuck meeeeeeee".

    I had my eyes now closed as I was humping up to get more of the Chiefs hard cock inside me. I then felt something poking on my mouth. I opened my eyes to find Jameraka trying to slip his hard cock into my mouth.

    Once I seen what was happening I just opened my mouth as wide as I could and sucked that big black cock right in. It was so long I could just get a little more than the head in my mouth. So I wrapped my fingers around the middle of it and started jacking him off as I sucked and licked the head.

    Never in my life had I dreamed of having sex with two black men at the same time! Now I was doing it right in front of my husband, and I loved it.

    I pulled Jameraka cock out of my mouth and moaned up to the Chief, "OH FUCKKKKK I'M GOING TO CUMMMM. OH GOD DON'T STOP, FUCK ME, OH GOD YESSSS FUCK ME".

    I turned to see if Hank was watching me about to cum all over the Chief big cock. Just as I got my head turned Hanks way Jameraka pulled my head back to facing him and slipped his hard cock back in my mouth. Again I started jacking him off in my mouth as I humped up to the Chiefs big cock.

    In less than a minute it happened again. My orgasm went through my body like wild fire. Again Jameraka black cock popped out of my mouth as I pushed up to the Chief and yelled out, "OH YESSSSSSSS, YESSSSSSS, OH YESSSSSS I'M CUMMINGGGGGGGG".

    My orgasm must have set off the Chiefs orgasm as well. As I was cumming he pushed deep inside me an moan, ahhhhhhh, as I then felt his long hard cock pulsating deep inside my uterus. He kept pumping more and more hot sperm deep inside me. I didn't think his cock was ever going to stop cumming.

    I looked over at Hank and moaned, "Ah baby, he's cumming in me".

    Hank had just gotten his wish. He got to see me cum with another man. And he got to see another man cum inside me. And I was more than willing to give him a lot more of a show. I was still horny as hell and in need of being fucked again and again.

    Jameraka said something to the Chief in their language. The Chief replied back to him laughing and started slowly pulling his still hard cock out of me. Once the head popped out of me I could feel his hot cum running out of me on it's way down to the mat.

    Jameraka and the Chief traded spots. That put Jameraka right between my legs holding his big black cock in his hand. He then dropped his cock and picked up my legs and placed my ankles on each side of his head just as the Chief had done.

    Now back to holding his big black cock in his hand again he looking down at my leaking pussy and said, "wow the Chief sure made a mess out of your cute little white pussy. I think I'll make it a little messier". Having said that he lined the head up to my sloppy slit and pushed inside me. I was so wet and sloppy Jameraka sank all of his cock into me in one slow push.

    I moaned out, "Oh God yessss" as he sank deep inside me. My hips came up off the mat trying to get even more of his lovely cock inside me.

    Jameraka was looking down at me as he said, " God your little white pussy feels so good rapped around my cock. To bad Hank isn't awake to see his little wife getting filled with black cock". He then started pumping into me at just the right speed to drive me wild.

    I looked over at Hank again as I started humping up to Jameraka. I was so wet and sloppy from all of Chiefs Zoomama cum and my juices that the sounds of my wet pussy filled the hut. I knew that Hank was enjoying seeing me getting fucked by these men. I had just started moaning when I felt Jameraka hard cock also sink into my uterus also. Oh God what a feeling this is. Something that Hank had never been able to do to me. Again I say, " the person that said, size doesn't matter, had to have been a man". I moaned out, "oh yes, yes, yessss, oh God yes, fuck me, God don't stop".

    Then I felt Chiefs Zoomama wet and still hard cock hit my right on the mouth. It was covered with his cum and my pussy juice. I didn't even think about it, I just took the big head right in my mouth and started sucking on it. I would say his cock was just about the same size as Jameraka's. It was also so long I could just get a little more than the head in my mouth. So I did the same thing with him, wrapped my fingers around the middle of it and started jacking him off as I sucked and licked the head. This was the Chiefs first blowjob and I was going to make sure it wasn't one he would soon forget.

    God the feeling of two cocks, two big black cocks in your body at the same time was way too much for me. I started cumming again. Only thing this time I kept sucking on the cock in my mouth and humping up to the one deep in my pussy. Both men moaned out as my pussy was biting on Jameraka cock and my mouth was sucking really hard on Chiefs Zoomama cock.

    As my orgasm came winding down Jameraka started picking up speed. He was now hammering me full off black cock. I then started sucking and jacking off Chiefs Zoomama cock in time with the fucking I was getting. I couldn't see if Hank watching this or not, but knew in the back of my mind he was. He was about to see for the first time his wife getting filled with sperm from two men at the same time. And I too couldn't wait for this to happen.

    This didn't take long at all. Both men started moaning about the same time as they worked their cocks in my body. I too was going out of my mind with two cocks inside me that I was trying to make cum at the same time.

    Jameraka was the first to start. He pushed deep inside me and moaned, ah yes, here comes the baby juice. I felt his cock start pulsating deep inside me as I was being filled with his hot sperm. He pulled my hips tight to his body as his cumming cock sank even deeper into my uterus. Then it happened, Chiefs Zoomama moaned and I felt his cock jerk in my mouth that was soon followed by a blast of hot sperm. Most times I'm not a swallower, I spit. The Chief was holding my head in place as he filled my mouth with cum. All I could do was start drinking it down. And I must say, my first time at swallowing wasn't at all that bad. For that matter I liked it and started sucking his cock harder to get more of his cum out.

    As soon as both men drained all their sperm inside me they both fell down on the mat on each side of me. Chiefs Zoomama said something to Jameraka in their language. Jameraka then said, "The Chief said to tell you thank you for the blowjob. He may have you teach his wife how to suck cock."

    I looked over Hanks way and smiled as I felt a drop of Chiefs Zoomama cum running down my cheek.

    Chiefs Zoomama and Jameraka soon got up on their feet talking and laughing to each other in their language. Jameraka looked down at me and said, "Stay put right there sexy. Some of the other guys would like to try some white pussy. I'll send them right in." Then laughing they both walked out the door.

    As soon as the door shut behind them Hank crawled over next to me and placed a big kiss right on my sperm covered mouth. His right hand went right between my legs and he sank two or three fingers inside my sloppy wet pussy. Breaking the kiss Hank said, "Oh my God Bandy, that was so hot. I came in my pants watching you fuck them. God I can't wait to fuck you and eat your pussy myself."

    He then moved quickly back over to his side of the hut when he heard footsteps coming our way. He went right back to acting like he was passed so he could watch my next show.

    I second later a big black man stepped through the door and into our hut. He stood there smiling, as he looked down at me, a naked white woman at his feet.

    At that point in time I felt like the biggest slut in Africa, and didn't care. I smiled back up at him and slowly opened my legs as wide as I could to show him the prize he was about to receive.

    Smiling from ear to ear this new man quickly dropped his loincloth on the ground and moved between my wide-open legs. Now on his knees I saw that he also had a very nice big black cock in his hand that he was lining up to slip inside me.

    I was so wet and slick my pussy just swallowed his cock once he started pushing it inside me. I locked my legs around his back and was ready to give him his first white woman ride. Right there and then I turned into the fucker, not the fuckey. I was humping up to this man like I'm sure no other woman ever had. I was going to make sure that his first white pussy was going to be the best fuck he ever had.

    He bent way over and was taking turns kissing and sucking on my long hard nipples as his meat was pumping in me at just the right speed. The kekpa and this nice cock inside me made me forget all about Hank as I concentrating on having another orgasm. I dug my nails into his back as I worked my hips in time with him. My ass was raised about five inches up off the mat as I worked my vagina muscles on his nice cock.

    In just a few short seconds I felt my third black cock of the night slip deep into my uterus. As soon has I felt the head sinking in I started cumming again. I pushed up hard to him taking everything he had to offer deep inside my wet pussy. I then grabbed his ass and pulled him tight as I yelled out, "OH GOD YESSSSSS, YESSSSSSS, OH I'M CUMMINGGGGGG."

    As this orgasm was winding down Hank came back to mind. I looked over at him and smiled. I knew that he had just enjoyed watching me cum all over yet another hard black cock.

    My new black man was now fucking me at full speed. I felt his cock growing bigger and bigger deep inside me. And then it happened, he pushed deeper inside me a grunted as his cock started unload hot sperm deep inside my welcome uterus. I did my best to milk his cock dry as he filled me up. Looking back over at Hank again I moaned, "mmmmm baby I'm getting more cum pumped in my pussy for ya".

    Once this man had pumped his last drop of sperm inside me he fell down kind of next to me and went back to sucking on my still very hard nipples. I could feel his big cock that was still deep inside me starting to shrink.

    All at once the door opened and a young black skinny kid was standing in the doorway looking down at us. He said something to the man inside me in their language. The man replied back to him, and then he pulled out of me. His cock made a loud suction sound as it left my wet vagina. He then stood up and was talking to this kid as he was putting his loincloth back on. At the same time the skinny kid dropped his to the ground exposing to me the next nice long black cock I was about to get.

    As the one guy walked out the door the skinny kid dropped down on his knees between my still open legs. He was slowly stroking his cock as he was looking at my leaking vagina. I had a steady stream of white-hot sperm running out of me.

    As he climbed over the top of me lining his cock up to my welcome pussy I gave a fast look over at Hank. Then just as fast I looked up at this kid that was now slipping his hard cock inside me. I moaned out, "Oh God yesssssssssss fuck me", as I pushed up to him.

    After this kid filled me with his hot cum I lost count of who screwed me next. I remember having a great orgasm with him, and then I must have half way passed out. I recall others fucking me, but that's about it. How many others I had no idea.

    I woke the next morning with Hank on top of me filling me with his hard cock. Right at that time he moaned, "Oh God I love you" as his cock started squirting more sperm into me.

    I could feel Hanks cock pulsating as he unloaded inside me. Once he emptied his last drop of cum inside me he rolled off me onto his back next to me.

    As I started waking up more I could feel the fire in my vagina. Not a good fire, a hurting fire. It felt like I had had a sand paper cock stuck up inside me. I was so sore I didn't think I would ever feel like having sex again.

    Just then Hank kissed me and said, "mother fucker Brandy, I can't believe all them guys fucked you last night. That was the hottest thing I've ever seen. I don't have to ask if you liked it or not, I've never seen you cum so much in my life!"

    Kissing him back I replied, "Oh God my pussy is so sore. How many guys fucked me?"

    "Shit I don't know for sure. I think after the tenth guy Jameraka made them stop before they fucked you to death."

    I looked at him surprised, "ten guys? Are you kidding me? Oh fuck I'm nothing but a whore in their eyes."

    Hank kissed me again then smiled and said, "your not a whore. You're my wife and I love you. Plus you had eleven guys last night if you count me. After they got done I fucked your passed out body two times. Your pussy was so hot and wet I couldn't help myself. Then again as soon as I woke up, I had to have you again."

    I kissed Hank and said, " thank goodness this trip is about over. I don't think I can take much more cock." Then looking at him right in the eyes I asked, "are you sure your okay with what happened? This is not going to hurt us after we get back home is it?"

    Hugging and kissing me Hank said, " Hurt us, hell no. This was the best vacation we have ever had. We may have to come back again next year. The only bad thing is, we can't tell all of our friends and family all the real fun we had down here."


    I had to take the next few days off, having no sex at all. I didn't have any more gangbangs or whatever ya call it when you have one guy after another. I did have sex with Chiefs Zoomama and Jameraka a few more times. And the rest of the stay I didn't have any more kekpa to drink Also with Hanks blessing I spent to full nights in Chiefs Zoomama hut getting fucked all night long. Hank really loved having me the next morning as I told him what the Chief had done to me.

    As much as I hated to leave we had a safe trip back home. Once back home Hank went out and got me a nice big black dildo that he uses on me each time we have sex. We play it out that we are back in Africa and I'm getting fuck by one of the many men. The real thing is a lot better, but what can ya do.

    Two months after returning home I made a Doctor appointment due to the fact that I had the flu and couldn't get over it. Turns out the flu was morning sickness, I was two months pregnant.

    Crying and in shock I had to tell Hank that evening that I was pregnant. The bad thing is I don't know whose black baby I have inside me. Hank came up with a good story to tell all of our friends and family. The story is that I got raped wail on our trip and we were trying to keep it to ourselves until the Doctor confirmed that I was pregnant.

    It just goes to show that sometimes when you play, you pay. I'll now have to go through life with a black baby. People will know that I screwed a black man. The only thing they will not know is that I screw a tribe of black men, and loved it.
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  7. My aunt & uncle went on an African safari & when I was going out one day I heard our mom talking to her pretty sister about it on the phone & I think something very similar happened. We're all nudists also so I know she goes braless & pantyless & wears sheer, skimpy, revealing clothes usually so it probably didn't take long for her to get stuffed by lots of big, black cock in all her holes & pumped full of creme. I wish I could have heard the whole conversation.
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    U should try to learn about what happened for sure.
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