Role Reversal: Big White Dick Bull and Cuckold Black Husband

Hello, I'm a housewife originally from Peru but living in the USA whose been with a fair share of Latino, Black, and White men - and even an Asian once - and have taken them in all sizes, since me and my husband have an open relationship and are okay with seeing other people. I have slept with white bulls that are huge (as well as had the big black dick) and have been with tiny white, asian, latino, and black men as well (the smallest guy was Indian).

So my question is this...
1) Do any of you know a couple where the wife takes a white bull while her black cuckold husband watches?

I imagine it is rare for an under-endowed black man to be a cuckold because of the stigma society places on black men by expecting all of them to be be packing. But I have always wanted to see a black cuckold watching his wife take a white bull (or Asian :D) because the thought of it turns me on.

Here's a black guy with a cuckold dick (he's really hot though, I'd still do him :wub:)


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Yes. I've had quite a lot of these kinds of relationships. The dynamic is definitely different than when I cuckold a white couple. I've noticed that the black women ten to be far crueler than the white women, using racial slurs to demean their husband and wanting me to do as such. Also they are far more secretive. While nearly all couples in the cuckolding lifestyle are pretty private about it, black couples with a white Bull don't even like it if I come into their neighborhood or being seen in public. Finally, nearly all black cuckold men I have had it seemed were bi if not just pretty much gay (in other words into cock more than pussy), while this is true with white cucks it just seems to be stronger in the black cucks. Of course racial stereotyping is a poor foundation for an argument, but isn't that what this whole site relies on lol