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After getting quite drunk one night, my husband took me to his friend's party nearby. By the time we got there he got quite turned on and suggested we have sex. I agreed, probably because of being drunk, and then he took me to one of the bedrooms. We fucked on his friend's bed and I thought we were lucky not to be caught, but he wasn't done yet. He told me about his fantasy of being watched while having sex and asked if we could do it. I protested at first but once again I think alcohol did it and I agreed. He then invited one of his male friends inside the room and told him what we wanted. His friend sat there with a wide grin watching us as we got undressed again and started making out. I sucked my husband's cock while his friend watched and I have to admit it was quite hot! I began thinking how his friend probably wanted to fuck me as well. Initially the idea of being watched seemed weird but it started to excite me. My husband kept taking a look at his friend to check his reaction as we fucked. When I turned around to see how he was doing, I found him masturbating furiously. I was afraid he would try to join in and whispered to my husband that I wouldn't do that. He assured me not to worry. My husband soon came inside me and his friend shot his load as well. We all got dressed and returned to the party. The next morning I told my husband that I thought he was a perv. He just laughed and reminded me that I had agreed. What could I say?

That is not a revers cuckold from what we understand. That would just be voyureism. A reverse cuckold would be where your not allowed to have sex while your husband has sex with whoever he wants.