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Real account of close thing in London


Real Person
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Not yet a cuckold to my wife but working on it. ...

.... Sometimes we talk about it and she admits she felt his cock through his pants and enjoyed him feeling to see if she had knickers on but feels a bit embarrassed about her behaviour - I keep telling her it was the sexiest thing I have ever seen hopefully next time she will take it a bit further, ....
Sounds like you are off to a good start! Here's to continued good luck- CHEERS! :dance:


Hey I'll be visiting UK in September, I am 28 BBC from America / New York - can contact me at CumGetBBC, I'm a member of this site. I want to talk n meet with LADIES only; plz don't contact me if you are guy, full of shit for a meeting and cannot Prove you are who you claim to be! Don't waste my time
Local (Brixton) black builder came round to look at/give quote on bathroom last night (I was out) - nothing happened but she got changed into skirt and blouse, no bra - we had sex when I got back and she said straight out she really fancied him - I hope he gives a good qoute!
You just want him to give her some good cock!!
Good luck, interesting to see how long it takes to remodel the bathroom. :bigsmile:
She talks about it all the time now as she knows it turns me on
At least your bitch is talking about it, mine won't. Would love to see her getting fucked by a bbc sometime though.
If she's talking about it,she must be thinking about it and not totally against it. Good luck and at least let us know if it happens.


Real Person
bring her on a vacation to oman, she will be less shy away from home. The anonymity always helps to loosen up as no one wud know u guys there. let me know what u think