Racist Cuckolds

Are you racist?

  • Yes I dislike blacks

    Votes: 4 11.4%
  • I do not like seeing interracial couples in person, but I love watching interracial porn

    Votes: 9 25.7%
  • I am not racist at all

    Votes: 22 62.9%

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I find that a lot of cuckolds or wannabe cucks online are actually racist in real life.

Many of them feel insecure or threatened when they see an interracial couple in person, and then go home and masturbate thinking about it.

The poll is 100% anonymous so be honest.


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This is a somewhat complex and confusing question, circusill, particularly since cuckolding has nothing, really, to do with interracial relationships, and because racism isn't color distinct, which can be proven by reading and looking at some of the thread topics. Also, its often implied, on this site, if a black man fucks a white man's wife, that the white man is an inferior, submissive cuck; and, that's not true either. There's a lot of hidden, deep seeded hatred, envy, and jealousy on both sides of the color barrier; it'll only go away as the older generations die off, and as the younger generations continue to blend. I often chuckle inside when I hear my father (he's a 63 yo Methodist minister) refer to black people as "coloreds" ... lol That's so old southern sounding!
I have a 15 yo daughter, and I ask myself, would it matter if, someday, my daughter chose to marry a black man. My answer is, first, I want her to marry a man that would love her, treat her with respect, and would make her smile as often as she smiles now. As long as she was happy, I'd be happy, as would her mom. But, ultimately, because of all the social challenges and prejudices mixed race couples face, I would prefer her to marry a white man.

If you are religious, you know it won't make a tinker's damn what color you are when you are judged before God, so you better have your heart right! ;)
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I don't understand this question. How could racist people keep watching this site?
I love black people and I consider there is nothing better than watch a black guy having sex with a white woman.