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Where or how did you meet your Bull?

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Actually a university friend of my husbands was my first, and only BBB. We were at a convention in Las Vegas.(Where else says you! True never-the-less!) This was just over a year ago. My husband had mentioned his friend to me several years previous when we were dating. His friend however had taken a position in Europe after graduating so eventually there was no contact between them! During our first night in Vegas a cocktail party was scheduled so that everyone could reconnect with old friends before the official convention kick off the following morning. It was here that Edwin and my husband reconnected ... much to their mutual amazement. The company that Edwin represented was doing a full day presentation during the convention. When my husband introduced me to Edwin, honestly, my legs went weak! Edwin is 6' 4" tall, as handsome as any movie star, "A true Black George Clooney"! He has athletic build, is very intelligent and possess a mannerism that made my heart flutter! The eyes of every woman, and many men I must add, were found to be staring at him all evening! His mere presence demanded attention!

Later in bed, Hubby was somewhat raunchy so naturally we were making out! To tell a tale out of school, whenever Hubby was in this condition he would always fantasize about me making out with a black man. That night was no different! I usually play along and I did that night! When Hubby mentioned, "Would you like a big black one right now!" I replied: "Edwin, maybe!" He almost jumped out of bed and replied: "I can arrange that!" to which I responded: "You arrange it! ... I'll do it!" As they say the rest is history! He arranged it and I did it!

We posted a dissertation about this on this site in the "Interracial Story Section". Should you care to view it!

Your comments are always appreciated!
That's how we started. One night everything just was right and Jill took her first black cock in a hotel room in the Bahamas as I watched.
That's all it takes, eh! The right guy ... in the right place ... at the right time! After that everything is easy!
Did you get as excited as I did! I still can get real hard just thinking about it!
What were your wife's comments afterwards?


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Yeah, we still talk about it although we have had better experiences since, that was the first time. He was a big guy and had a big cock so Jill talked about how excited she was when she saw the size of it. It took a while for him to be able to get it inside her but finally he did and he fucked her pretty hard after that. She said it was a pretty amazing feeling being filled so completely. She said she could feel him stretch her out which was something I definitely can't do. She was also surprised by the amount of cum he released in her.