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Persuasion - A Cuckold Confession


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Persuasion - A Cuckold Confession

Reggie drew Jean’s face towards his and they shared a long kiss. His hands rubbed at her arm and she brought hers to his crotch. I watched with excitement as she lowered her head and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and into her mouth it went. Neither of them cared where they were and I acted the role of a sentry, checking around to make sure no one was coming by our booth to check what we were doing. I was grabbing at my erection inside my pants while I watched my wife blow my colleague friend inside a nightclub. Jean pushed down the top of her blouse and Reggie caressed one of her tits while she continued swallowing his cock in the midst of the noise that was all around us. I was seeing my wife in a different light and from that moment on, the erstwhile image I’d always had of Jean melted away before my eyes.

Reggie came inside her mouth and I wish it were daylight and I had a camera right then to take a snapshot of her consuming his cum as a copious amount of it dribbled off the side of her mouth. Reggie pressed Jean’s head downward and I watched as she sucked and swallowed every drop of semen his cock gushed into her mouth. When she was done, she gave his cock’s head one last kiss before tucking it back into his pants. She wiped some off her chin and looked at me with a sort of ‘I-Dare-You-Say-Something’ sort of look. Of course I was too dumbfounded to even utter a word. I simply reached for my drink and downed its contents.

Reggie and Jean excused themselves from me and together they went and danced amongst the crowd of revellers. I ordered another round of drinks and tried to search them out from amongst the dancing floor crowd from where I sat but couldn’t make them out. They returned sometime later and all through we stayed for more than an hour before deciding to take our leave.

Reggie and Jean walked ahead of me along the dark street as we made our way down the block towards where we’d left our cars. I followed them behind and watched with excitement and amusement as Reggie placed his hand on my wife’s butt and kept grabbing at it. We got to where we’d left our cars and Reggie asked for my car keys. Without a word I gave them to him.

“Keep watch, white boi,” he ordered me while he and Jean slid into the backseat and closed the door.

I leaned against the hood of the car and within minutes felt the car moving under me. I peeped through the side window and thought I could make out the silhouette of my wife riding my best friend; I could even hear the sound of her moans rising and falling with the car’s movement. I wasn’t checking my watch to know how long it went. When finally the door opened, Reggie slid out first and helped Jean out the backseat. She was fighting to put her clothes together. They returned to Reggie’s car and once again I followed them as we drove off into the night.

We took a different route from that which we’d come and it occurred to me as we drove along that we were heading towards our home; Jean probably was leading the way for him. My heart was skipping beats at what the night was going to present.

We arrived at our compound and parked our cars in front of the driveway. Reggie and Jean got out and they were laughing as I led the way to the front door. I opened the door for them and closed the door after they’d stepped inside.

My wife kicked off her shoes while at the same time she flung her arms around Reggie’s neck, kissing him with such passionate frenzy as I knew she possessed. His jacket slipped from his arm to the floor. I went and picked it up and draped it over couch as they fell down on a couch.

Reggie slid his hand into her skirt and pulled her panties halfway down her thighs and then ripped it off her flesh. Their lips still locked on each other, kissing like crazy, his hand dove between her legs and I sat across from them and watched my wife squirm and moan from whatever Reggie’s fingers were doing to her. He pulled her up from the couch and brought her across his thigh, his hand still strumming whatever guitar chord it were doing inside my wife’s pussy, driving her wild and stir crazy while she pressed herself against him. I hardly knew when I unzipped my fly and freed out my cock and was stroking it while my eyes remained glued on them. They went on with themselves, totally not minding if I was there in the room with them or not.

Reggie freed his lips from Jeans and saw where her hand was busy grabbing at.

“You want a piece of that black cock, babe?” he asked her.

“Oh yeah,” she purred. “I want it since yesterday.”

Jean slid off his thighs and Reggie helped undo his belt buckle while she unzipped his fly and I observed the look of immense joy that lit up her face when she extracted the thick, black mamba snake Reggie had all this while hidden in his crotch. Jean was agog at the sight of his cock oozing pre-cum off the tiny aperture on its swollen head, and so too was I. I always reckoned Reggie had a big cock, but seeing it so up-close was like saying the Statue of Liberty wasn’t all that tall.

“You like what you see?” he leered at my wife as if he already knew what her answer would be.

“My God, yes! Yes, I do see!”

Jean was drooling in her mouth as she kept waving his shaft inches from her face. She came forward and rolled her puckered lips around his swollen head. I watched with mounting surprise as she widened her mouth to take more of that black cock down her throat; Reggie’s hand came down on her head, urging her downward. With one hand pumping his shaft, her other fondled his balls while her mouth remained busy dripping her saliva down his wet glistening skin. Her head went up and down on his shaft as gradually her mouth seemed to become used to his girth. Reggie pumped his thighs upwards, driving his thick manhood up my wife’s throat. She choked repeatedly from it and yet the look in her eyes told me she was having fun.

“Ohh yeah!” Reggie gasped. He couldn’t stop squirming from what my wife was doing to him.

The moment came when his cock exploded in my wife’s mouth with his load of cum. Jean’s mouth seemed to expand from the tide flood. She choked on some of it while she fought to ingest every drop, spilling some of it on Reggie’s thigh. She was about getting up but Reggie grabbed her hair and forced her face down on his crotch, snarling at her.

“The fuck you think you’re doing, bitch? Lick up every drop of cum you spilled.”

Jean did as he asked, obediently lapping her tongue over his thigh’s skin. Licking up every drop of cum that stained his pants as well.

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