Outdoor Sex

Back in September 1978 Al and I went camping at a well-known national forest near our campus on our second weekend together. Once we were out of the city, I showed Al that all I had on was a blouse, skirt, and sandals. I unbuttoned the blouse so he could easily see my breasts and unzipped the skirt so he could see my bush. He could only take so much... at the first roadside picnic table he saw, Al pulled off, parked the car, and said, "I'm going to fuck you right now!" And, he did! We got out of the car and went back into the woods. I leaned against a tree with my legs spread and Al quickly put his cock inside of me. Despite the angle and the hurry, Al still buried his seed so deep inside of me that it took a while to leak from me. In fact, it didn't start running down my leg until we got within sight of his car only to see a deputy sheriff had parked his car behind Al's. Yes, the deputy saw the cum running down my legs. Yes, he thought Al had raped me. It took a lot of convincing to make it clear that I wanted to make love with a Black man. Yes, he kept calling Al the "B" word and the "N" word. The deputy searched the car looking for drugs of any kind. When he didn't find any, the deputy looked at me and said, "I didn't see any birth control pills. Are you using any contraception? What if you get pregnant?" I told the deputy, "Al and I haven't used contraception since we started making love. I could be pregnant right now." Finally the deputy left and we went on our way. But, the rape accusation and my talking about possibly being pregnant got Al so turned on that it wan't long before Al turned down one of the many dirt roads, parked the car, told me to get out and lean against the car. He pulled my clothes off of me and "raped" me by fucking more forcefully than he ever had before. Al kept saying things like "How do you like being raped by a n-----?" And, "I'm going to put my n----- baby in your womb!" After cumming inside of me, he made me get back into the car naked. And, except until just before and after the park entrance I stayed nude for most of the rest of the weekend.