Out of the Blue


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I've had marital problems for a while that my husband refuses to confront. I've wanted attention and gratification for a long time. His black friend is attractive, fun and tells me everything I want to hear. One day the three of us were supposed to hang out but my husband got stuck at work. I was just flirting and surprised that he responded. I thought I'd keep it up for fun, but he kissed me. This immediately led to a torrid fucking and we both came. I stopped him but then initiated it a second time. The sex was very hot and passionate, and I loved it, but I feel so guilty and sick to my stomach. I'm afraid he'll leave me if I tell him, but I hate keeping it from him.



you will be fine, what really happen to you is that you really need real attention specilist with a hot body like you may have now, you husband need to eat that pussy more time.