Our story


Just a short note to introduce ourselves. We are a cuckold couple from New England. My beautiful wife has a BBC lover. We are very dedicated to each other and our lifestyle.
As i write this my Wife is with her bull, and i am in her chastity cage.
ok, a little more about us. My wife and i have been together for 13 years now. Some 9 years ago we started swinging. not with much luck however. During our love making we always talked about the same thing. My wife being with a well hung man. Then7 years ago my wife came home from having a drink with the girls aftr work She told me about a friend of these girls was a guy that was said to be very well hung. She asked me if she could find out for herself. I of course agreed. She made plans with this guy for drinks a few nights later. That night came and i helped her get ready. I bathed her, shaved her legs and private area. I helped her dress and sent her on her date. Five hours later she came home. i could tell she was sore by the way she walked. As i undressed her, she told me how he had fucked her five times. He had cum each time and never got soft. She said he was bigger than she had ever had. I laid her down and gently kissed her as she told me about her night. As she did she guided me down to her swollen pussy. I have never smelled pure sex before. i had never tasted the salty
saltness of sex before. I was almost pushed away with how strong the smell was. My wifes hands on the back of my head as she arched her back prevented that. The more i smelled and tasted the hornier and harder i became. My wife gighled and said i must like it. We both knew than that we both did. We would not be the same. A year went by with her seeing him at least once a week, sometimes much more. After each time i would clean her pussy as she told me how small my penis was and how big he was. It didn't take long for her pussy to start to show the results of his large cock. The more streched she became the more attractive i found her.
To continue. A year if this past. My wife would always have me clean her when she returned. I never saw him fuck her, but i loved it anyways. I loved getting her ready. Loved waiting at home for her. I loved cleaning her and penetrating her afterwards. I llved how streched she had become. But like all good things this ended. Her boyfriend met another woman, and fell in love. This is a good thing. Seven years went by. We raised our children that where almost teenagers by this time. A year ago, my wife told me during lovemaking she wanted me to get a piercing. I don't know where that camr from, but i did not argue. It turned her on, znd that works for me. She brought me for my PA. She told me it was her way of letting me know she owned my penis. Lovemaking inproved even more. We always have had mind blowing sex. Usually we talk about her with a large cock. Sometimes he would be black. This realy made her wet. Ok three months ago a sub manager in the company she works for showed up at her office. He would only be there for one month
My wife came home after his first day and told me they had a very attractive black manager. I could tell by the look in her eyes she was attracted. She did not mention him again. Not until we where having sex. As usual we ended up talking about her havjng a large cock. I asked her if she wanted to fuck her new manager. She came instantly as she screamed yess. That was it. After I told her to flirt a little with him and see if he was interested. Two days later she was at work and ran into him in the hall. They chatted a bit, and he asked her if she had any single friends that might be inti a brother. She did not let that pass. She told him no, but she was. He said i thought you where married, she said she was, but that would not interfer if he was interested. He asked her what she was doing at night. She said she was planning on being with him. He said great, see you at eight.
Lets continue. My wife met with him that night at his hotel. There was no games, no playing. He made it clear if she came, she would come for one reason, she made it clear thats why she was there. She returned home to me around 5am. She looked amazing. It was plain she had been fucked and had loved every second of it. As i undressed her, we kissed. She told me she loved me and now she truely understood. I caressed her as i laid her on our bed. She had a look i have never seen before. Yes she was matted with sweat and bodily juices, but more than that. She had a different look in her eyes. She told me to kiss her pussy, and she would tell me about her night. I do as i am told. My wife told me how she walked in the door, and was instantly taken into his strong arms. She released herself to him. He undressed her, as he asked if she had ever been with a brother. She told him no, he was her first. He told her he was going to be gentle with her and train her how to be with a black man. She said he removed his pants, and she almost wanted to run. She had never before seen such a large dick (he says its a dick, not a cock). He told he if he just fucked her, he would hurt her, so he would teach her how to be his. He asked her if she wanted to be his. My wife looked me in the eyes as she lifted my chin, and told me she gave herself to him. She said she had never been so excited, and willingly offered herself to him. She asked me if i understood. I nooded. She asked me again, and i said yes. She told me she loved me again, as she guided my mouth back to her very open pussy.
My wife was with him every night for the next three days. The last two nights she stayed until the morning, only returning to me just before i had to leave for work. She always did allow for enough time for me to lick her until she had another orgasm. She would tell me her pussy belonged to her black lover. He was huge, and i simply could not expect to satisfy her the same way. She told me he was training her to take all of him. Most days she could hardly walk, yet everynight she went to him. She told me she will always ho to him when he wants her. He was leaving for home. She told me she agreed to spend a week with him in a month. My wife asked me what i thought, yet i do not think i really had a choice. That does not matter anyways. I support My beautiful wife. She has only become even more sexy with his help. She has a different aire about her. She is a true woman. I worship her, and her pussy everyday. Now I am kept a chastity cage. My wife does not want me touching what she owns. She teases me and allows me to satisfy her with my mouth. My wife says i will only be allowed to cum when i have proven how good i can be. I love my life. I love being teased and denied. Iunderstand my little penis is no match for my wifes black lovers dick.
I was allowed to penetrate my love last night. She told me once she had cum, that if i wanted to cum i better do it fast. i was told to pull out and not cum inside her lovers pussy. i instantly pulled out.