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    I am a married woman kinda new to the interacial expierences. As a new member I will say I have been with only 1handsome black guy. Nothing les than a wonderfull expierence of great sex. As a couple we are really not into the demeaning nature, the humiliation or or dominance. Just a couple that enjoy a good clean erotic time. I wouldn't think I could enjoy some one ing rude slapping my ass till its red and treating me like some piece of trash.We prefer someone like Bobbie who is respectful gental as needed,but pleasurable. Its only great sex with the taboo side of a couple enjoying sex. Having a well endowed black man,turns me on, be a thug or rude would turn me off.....Anyone else feel this way?
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    as long as you enjoy the fuck and you feel respected i cant see a problem
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    There are many who share the same desires as you.

    I know my own Wife, should she decide to cuckold me, will do so with a gentle lover such as you describe as she dislikes domineering men.

    There is a misconception because of the disproportionate number of posts regarding the more extreme "flavors" or cuckolding in which the stereotyped wimpy husband is subjected to humiliation and the black men are depicted as domineering thug types, that this is all that cuckolding is about. NOTHING could be further from the truth!

    Cuckolds needn't be "wimpy" at all, most are average guys who love their wives and enjoy seeing them experience sexual pleasure with other partners. Some may just have a bit of a voyeuristic streak, some may just recognize that they aren't equipped to give their wife what she needs or they may have a Female Domination dynamic to their relationship.

    You also have couples that enjoy threesomes and have a preference for the third to be a black male. Some enjoy that third to be more dominant, others (like yourself) prefer a more gentle touch.
    There are also "Hot Wives" who have husbands that enjoy having wives that have sex with other men and women.

    Sometimes the husbands take part in the sex, many do not.

    There are many different flavors to this aspect of sexuality so you are definitely NOT alone in your preferences.