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Do You and Wife Wife Use a Strap On During Sex

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. I'd like to

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  1. CuckoldCouple

    CuckoldCouple Well-Known Member Gold Member

    Like Oh My God, I love that you are such a cuckold. You are like, no I'm not
    kidding, the wimpiest man I know. I can't believe I married you. And that cock,
    if you can call it that. My finger does more for me.

    Be a good little cuck and get on your knees. My strapon cock is everything you
    need. Not only does it look good in your mouth, it's going to look good in your
    ass. You like chicks with dicks. My breasts look beautiful, don't they? Can't
    get enough of the best of both worlds!

    If you're an obedient little cuckold, maybe I'll fuck you the way you like to be
    fucked. Do you have what it takes to be my cumslut? Get ready to swallow my big
    rubber cock! If you want to cum, you have to make me orgasm first by giving me
    the best blowjob you can give me. Don't be a pussy. Your lips were made for

  2. Phil

    Phil Active Member

    Hell no