Niagara Falls Places!??

View attachment 1236367 My wife and I will be visiting Niagara Falls NY in August. Looking for recommendations on where to stay and places we can go to get lucky... A hotel with a good bar or nightclub close to a hotel often patronized by black men.
Stay on the Canadian side (bring your passport to cross). Or stay in downtown Buffalo - there's a few clubs around there. I will DM you. And I can "patronize" her!


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We've lived in Buffalo area for 7 years now, would LOVE to know where late 40s couples should look for public flirtation with Black Men without it being against the atmosphere of the club.

Got Blacked at a house party and LOVED everything about the experience, soon found a semi-regular bull from another swing site (petered out because of distance and inability to "host", but a lovely man with a great attitude!), and have been looking for a regular Black Lover (or three) ever since.
If we would stay in Buffalo are there any clubs in particular you would recommend? A bar/club in a hotel would be great but they are usually just occupied by hotel guest.

I think she would move forward with it if it were a spontaneous situation where we met a guy and she flirted then one thing led to another...


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