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husband and wife

  1. mdhotwifecpl

    Bi sexual IR videos

    We arare looking for videos where the husband and wife share a BBC. Not a cuckold but just a husband wife that enjoy sucking it together and the husband pleasuring the guy also. No anal. Only ones we can find are cuck centered where the wife and bull humiliate the husband.
  2. Mr MiracleBBC

    The True Place Of The White Race

    The superior sexuality of the black race has been something for a long time that has been historically both feared and admired by white people. Not only because of are clearly noticeable size difference where it matters but also because of our passion and ferocity when it comes to sex. Our...
  3. Mr MiracleBBC

    Would you submit your white ass to your black master?

    I think it's important for a white inferior cuck to understand that it is his responsibility to serve his black master and please him in anyway he sees fit... But what do you think?
  4. Mr MiracleBBC

    Stroking My BBC

    Sitting here stroking my BBC thinking about how I would love to watch a cuck and his slut wife sucking my big black cock and balls. Post photos of your tiny inferior cuck and wife for me to continue stroking off to
  5. Mr MiracleBBC

    Post Your Cuck Taking BBC

    Let's see the cucks out there enjoying a Big Black Dick.
  6. Mr MiracleBBC

    Pimping Wife

    I've recently been approached a submissive white cuck about not only fucking breeding his wife but also try and pimp her out for money. Now I've heard of this kind of thing before but I'm just taking a consensus... How many of you would let your bull pimp you out?
  7. Mr MiracleBBC

    Most Extreme Cuckolding Experience

    What's the most extreme thing you have ever done in the lifestyle? What crazy cuckold themed sexual Adventure have you had or wish to have... tell us a story
  8. Mr MiracleBBC

    Why You Should Breed Cucks

    Breeding a cuck is just as important as breeding his wife. Now why is that you may Wonder... it's very simple. As the bull in the relationship we must make both the white woman and her a beta white male addicted to our cum. Not that goes behind just him cleaning it out of his white woman's pussy...
  9. Mr MiracleBBC

    Watching Your Husband Submit

    Do you enjoy watching your husband suck or be fucked by a big black dick?Watching him submit and the pleasure he takes in pleasing a superior penis? Tell me ladies why you enjoy it so much. Tell me how it makes you feel watching this happen to your husbandSubmit yourself completely by Mr...
  10. Mr MiracleBBC

    How submissive are you willing to be

    How submissive are you willing to be? What is your limit? Do you often fantasize about eating your wife's lovers come? Being pimped out on the street by a BBC? Having a big black dominant master own and take over your family? Tell me exactly how far you're willing to go to please Black Masters...
  11. Mr MiracleBBC

    Tampa Bay BBC looking for submissive couple

    Looking for a submissive couple that enjoys being dominated by a big black BBC. I have eight inches at my disposal and I know how to use them. Very experienced in the lifestyle. Let me know your fantasies tell me why I should choose you to serve me.My bbc by Mr MiracleBBC posted Jul 16, 2017 at...
  12. Mr MiracleBBC

    Deepest darkest cuckold fantasy

    This is for all the cuckold slaves as well as they're white women. What is your deepest darkest fantasy? Your ideal cuckold situation... tell me the thoughts that get you hard and went. Let's discuss the most taboo of cuckold fantasies
  13. Mr MiracleBBC

    Live in BBC master

    I was approached by a couple last week about a possible living situation. They want me to take control of their relationship 24/7. Live in cock them and on both of them sexually. It's the first time I've ever been approached about a living situation but I am just curious to how many of you...
  14. Mr MiracleBBC

    A Black Masters Responsibility

    Black Masters have a responsibility to properly train both white submissive husbands and their wives. When I say train them I mean teach them not only how to please a black man but how to truly submit and give themselves over to you completely. We should own them every way that a person can own...
  15. Mr MiracleBBC

    Training Single White Females

    Most Black Masters believe that is only their responsibilities to dominate and rule over white couples but they have another responsibility. It is also the responsibility of Black men 2 train younger single white females how to properly serve black men. Now many younger white females fear the...
  16. Mr MiracleBBC

    Tampa FL DOM Bull

    Dom BBC with an 8 inch dick here in Tampa Florida looking for a couple that would like to be owned and dominated. I believe it's your responsibility as a white couple to serve black men and their dicks... would need a husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend who are committed to the...
  17. Mr MiracleBBC

    Why White Couples Need To Submit to Black Masters.

    Why must white couple submit to black Masters? It's an interesting question right? I think to answer it we have to look at why cuckolding is so appealing, why it feels so right especially cuckolding and giving yourself over to black superiority. Think about what you feel when you watch a big...
  18. Calientecouple

    Looking for a bull in NYC

    Hi we are a Latin couple , husband wants to see me with a bbc . But the true I want that bbc on me.
  19. Phatty


  20. watchingfun

    Niagara Falls Places!??

    My wife and I will be visiting Niagara Falls NY in August. Looking for recommendations on where to stay and places we can go to get lucky... A hotel with a good bar or nightclub close to a hotel often patronized by black men.