New guy

hey guys. New to the site. Super straight Late 20's white guy. Super curious. Down to chat and see where things go. I'm open to everything curious about everything.

My first black cock experience was crazy - sometimes I don't even believe it happened. It's a huge secret that I've never really discussed with anyone. Would love to get it off my chest. Ask and I'll tell you all about it.

Definitely looking for friends who are into this type of stuff. Don't be shy. Shoot me a message. Looking forward to talking with you all.
Are you straight or are you bisexual?. If you are bisexual are you only bisexual towards black men?. What do you mean with "My first black cock experience"?
If you are bisexual, i would like to know when you started having bisexual fantasies. Did your bisexual fantasies start before or after being exposed to interracial/cuckold porn? Or have you always been bisexual?
im bisexual and yes only towards black men. One of my buddies sorta turned me out in college - I don't think either of us saw it coming. I've never really been into porn. Not into being a cuckold either.