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Discussion in 'Cuckold Forum' started by Simon, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. Simon

    Simon New Member

    I'm new here and not sure how to get around. But would like to share my story
    with someone.
  2. youngVAfreak

    youngVAfreak New Member

    Welcome! Would love to hear your story
  3. ruce

    ruce New Member

    hi, id love to share your story ,and share some of my experiences
  4. frank

    frank New Member

    i am a very experienced cuck and will be pleased to share experiences with you and of my wife taking on other Dominants as i watch, participate or provide.
  5. Simon

    Simon New Member

    I received several good replies thank. How many men like eating the creampie after she been taken care of.
  6. huugh

    huugh New Member

    Been in the cuck lifestyle for awhile now, just found this forum. Mistress has, over time, un-manned me. She did say at the start that She would only do things for my own good. Now, with the boy parts locked up, small as they are, I realize I was trying to live up to being macho, something that just wasn't right for me. I'm much happier with my panties and a cock in my mouth.

    Mistress has taught me to love serving Her and Her bull, fluffing, cleaning and being appreciative of his manliness and gorgeous cock.
  7. frank

    frank New Member

    Id love to
  8. arold

    arold New Member

    I Love watching another man clean up my sub after I have finished with her
  9. toni

    toni New Member

    absolutely love the forum, just what i want for my wife...