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Relatively new couple (2 years married), I'm 36 and my wife is 33. Even before marriage we both gravitated toward the fantasy of sharing her with a BBC, so we've been on this path for about 5 years now and exclusively watch interracial porn before and during sex (I don't even remember the last time we had sex without it)... I'm tasked with finding videos for her that she would like.
I'm probably more average on size, around 6 inches, but have a submissive/cuckold mindset. She is always looking for bigger and more stamina in videos. We basically only use one position and I last 2-3 minutes so she is always left longing for more.
We realize this is more of a journey than something that would happen overnight but her love for BBC is real and true. She tells me its all she thinks of when she thinks about sex and I recently got her two dildos that we are going to introduce to our sex life.
We want to find a way to move forward in small steps over time toward her actually fulfilling her dream but not putting our relationship in jeopardy. With an open mind towards me possibly being less and less a part of her sexual satisfaction as to be honest I am more interested in the mental than the physical and she knows this.
Open to chat, ideas on how to move forward and to providing updates on our progress!
I think for a white man to watch his white wife getting fucked by a black man is a complete mind fuck. We have been told for many years that its wrong for a white woman to get fucked by a black man. I hope you got her realistic looking black dildos. It's good that you are playing interracial porn while you are having sex with her.

Perhaps you should talk to her about black men while you have sex with her. You can even say things like "make up for slavery by sucking black cock" or "make up for racism".
Have you as a couple swinged before? Many couples start with swinging and then after awhile they progress to interracial cuckolding because swinging is just not hardcore enough anymore, so they need something stronger.

Perhaps you should start with swinging and then slowly introduce her to black men.
Hi cuckold7. Yes of course, two black dildos. One 7.5 inch. One 9.5 inch. I cleaned the 7.5 for her last night but she still hasn't used either. She is excited but nervous so I'm not putting any pressure on her. We have not done swinging. I don't think there has ever been a desire on her part for me being with someone else. Nor do I really want too. My focus is on her pleasure and happiness.

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Hey @tml2015 first off congrats you the marriage, I wish you the best and truth be told since you choose this lifestyle you will have the best just ask any of the "Real" people on here they'll tell you. You guys should make this journey official and get yourselves verified. We'd like to see that.
Thanks Bick Muchem. I think I'll have to slowly get my wife to gather more courage and let others know her desires but certainly I agree with you. Hopefully sooner rather than later.