Neo-nazi girls can't resist the BBC

So, this is a recent scandal revolving an activist of the German NPD political party, which is called a "Neo-nazi" party by the media, and the activist in question turned out to be a proffesional porn actress, staring in interracial scenes:

This is a Russian neo-nazi girl, that got exposed as an interracial porn star called Oksana Okladnikova :

So, any more scandals revolving simular cases?


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One should always be careful when fucking a woman with a racist connection. It was a common practice in the 1950's and 1960's for a white girl to bait a black man with the promise of white pussy. He would be lead into an ambush where he would be beaten half to death or worse. If he had any physical contact with the girl he was nearly always a dead man.
This is sooo good!

I love those kind of story and the girl is immediately among my favourite IR porn star. Among those 2, I really like Oksana...

It's so good to think of her supremacist friends and maybe her supremacist boyfriend discovering her videos.
Each thrust of the BBC in her tight white nazi pussy is like saying them "You mad ? You mad ? You...".

And of course there's the girl's moans and her juice flowing out of her pussy... showing she has been totaly owned.