need some serious advice from white female members

who thinks I should show her this thread and this site and truly blow her mind?

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  • you're in over your head whiteboy! abort and keep this your fantasy

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Here's my dilemma (which most true cuckolds would say is a dream come true!)I have chance to take care of and hopefully start a long term relationship with a truly stunning white female(a true goddess!!!)she at the moment is6+ month's pregnant(blackbred) her black bf no longer can get it up for her and she is someone who should never be denied! She has 2 children from a Spanish guy who never treated her right and not a real father to her kids.She really needs a good man(&wants) someone like myself who would be a good provider to her and her kids,and I am true gentlemen but also one kinky motherfucker(pardon the pun) should I step up & tell her how I really feel? She and I have already hooked up once and she knows my preference for I R porn & the fact that I have experience in this lifestyle w/ a previous gf.I adore her pussy and would worship it like it was my JOB!!! Well what do you think?
If she knows that you are into IR porn and into this type of lifestyle (and is alright with it), then you may have no problem telling her about this site. Doesn't sound like she is your gf either so IMO you don't have that much to lose. If you decide to tell her about this site, go at it easy and try to make it a fun and exciting experience that you can both joy. That is, after all, what you want?
Thanx for the input I agree totally w/ what u said I guess I'm just hoping for some positive feedback from all the ladies out their that are elated that their husband's or bf's are secure enough to do this w/ them and not hide this from them,when if they were approached in the right way they could bring this up & not offend them,if u really no ur girl u should know how receptive they might be to this (my ex I said after some awesome sex that"u are so hot u could satisfy a room full of men & then say who's next? Better call4 backup! She was beaming, she said that was an incredible compliment and I knew she was just kinky as me! I then told her wow I never thought i'd be lucky enough 2 meet someone like you!I knew I had something special!
Lucky you, man! PS just noticed the "female" part of your intro. Oops! Lol

Wish my girl and I were that open. I know she would be mega pissed. Even though I have on a few occasions hinted that I would not mind if she tried a BBC (in my presence, not behind my back...that's not cool) she's always warned me against it. Something along the lines of, "What if I like it so much then why do I need you for?" So, that's always halted my fantasy. That and she is still wary/scared of black guys. You have might have quite a woman on your hands, Luukin2pleez. Take care of her.
As for posting photos of her,I said I was a gentleman, no way I'm goin there w/ out her approval like I said I really care for this girl she deserves better, than some guy posting photos of her that she has entrusted to me by sending them 2 my phone, too many guys especially on this site show their true colors by exploiting their wives or gf's without their knowledge or approval!