Naughty Wife


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I went out last night with my wife, while she wear something revealing and is acting like a real hottie. She has a great body and easily attracts other men. She danced with this one big, handsome black guy a few times and I'm sure he was coming on to her. This was very hot knowing I was the one going home with her.
Once home, she told me her black dance partner definitely tried to get her number and wanted a lot more than a few dances. She told him she could feel his big hard cock against her thigh as they danced. I even got her to admit that she would have liked to fuck him. I had to give her a good spanking for being such a naughty girl before I fucked her. Maybe the next time we will invite her dance partner home for a interracial threesome.

My wife and I we go to a black bar in Boston went to twice a week I always let her going first I like to meet a few minutes after sit out-of-the-way. I love to watch the black men hitting on my wife knowing one of them or maybe more will take a home for the night give her exactly what she's looking for, I would usually go home and Jack off just thinking about what is going on.