My Wife's First All Black Double Team part 1

My wife, Mike & myself had a charity fundraiser diner to go to. It was a black tie affair that we had been planning to go to for a long time. My wife's birthday was only a couple of days before this so I told her this was part of her birthday present. A couple of days before the event Mike called us & asked us if his brother Marcus could go with us.
Marcus & his wife are going through a pretty nasty divorce & Mike said he's getting pretty worried about his brother & asked if we could take him along to get him away from everything & relax. I asked my wife & she said "sure tell him to come along"!
Marcus is in his mid 30's, he's about 6' 4"'s tall with a chissled build . He works out everyday & is in excellent shape & WE FOUND OUT THAT NIGHT HOW GOOD OF SHAPE HE'S IN! Marcus is a clean cut well mannered brother that is a lawyer that owns his own law firm. My wife has told me for years that she has always thought that Marcus was one of the most attractive guys (second to only me ) that's she's ever met!
Mike called my wife the day before & asked her if she would try to help him keep his spirits up & have a good time while we were at the party & my wife said sure she would love to! Mike & his brother arrived at the house on Saturday night in his brother's Benz. I was to be the designated driver for the night so that nobody would get in trouble. My wife wore an all red evening dress with red high heels. She had went the day before & got her hair & nails done & had been working on her tan for weeks. She looked FUCKING AWESOME!
We got to the dinner & Marcus sat on the other side of my wife. As the night wore on I noticed that she & Marcus were getting along very well & Mike & Marcus & her were laughing it up pretty good.
It was time to leave so I brought the car around & Mike sat in the front seat with me & Marcus sat with my wife in the back. We all were talking about how good of a time we had & as we were going down the road Mike turned around & said to my Wife "you look Awesome tonight & red is your color girl" & Marcus said " you make that red outfit look awesome girl with that body you have". My wife looked at both of them & said "Thank you". A little later on down the road my wife said to Marcus & Mike "I want both of you to stay at the house tonight so that one of you doesn't get a DUI on the way home" & they both agreed to. When we got to the house my wife said she was going to slip into something more comfortable & asked me to get her a beer out of the fridge & put it on the coffee table. Mike, Marcus & myself took off our coats & ties & grabbed a beer & sat down in the living room.
About 15 minutes or so went by & my wife walked out of the bedroom, in much to our suprise, an all red leather bustier that has these long tassles on the back where you tie it up,with red thigh high stockings & red platform high heels on with no panties! She looked at Marcus & Mike & said " how do you like this red outfit on me?" Marcus was speechless! Mike said " DAMMM GIRL!" She turned around & showed Marcus her perfectly round 39" ass & said to Marcus " do you like my ASSETS Marcus?' Marcus looked at her at said "Yesss Mammmm !" She looked at him & said "slap it ". Marcus slapped her ass & watched it bounce & said "DAM thats one fine set of assets!"
She bent over in front of Marcus & looked back at him as she grabbed her beer off of the coffee table. She looked at all of us & said "Happy Birthday to me !" & we all toasted our drinks together. She looked at Mike & Marcus & said " I want to open my belated birthday presents your going to give me tonight!" Mike looked at my wife & said "OH girl I've got a birthday present for you !" My wife said "oh I know you do but I want to see what Marcus has for me first !" My wife twirled around in front of Marcus. She grabbed him by the hand & pulled him up off the couch & she french kissed him passionately & said to him " what's wrong Marcus, cat got your tongue?' Marcus finally looked at her & said " DAMMM girl you have got one HELL of a body!" My wife looked back at him & said " I want you to remember this night every time your going through something bad when you go back home ." My wife slowly started undressing Marcus, she started kissing all over his chissled chest & stroking his dick through his pants. She then turned around & looked at me & Mike & said " Mike I just want you to set back & wait your turn while I take care of Marcus here & YOU (MEANING ME) just set back & watch because ALL your going to do is watch because you wanted to be so tight for my birthday ."
My wife turned around & got on her knees & pulled down Marcus's pants & said "DAM your hung like your brother!" Marcus was every bit of 10" long but not as fat as his brother. My wife started slowly sucking his dick & taking her finger nails & tickling his balls all the while looking up at Marcus with those bedroom eyes of hers! Finally my wife sat Marcus down on the couch.Marcus just leaned back & enjoyed my wife sucking his dick but I noticed he didn't say much at all. My wife just took her eyes & hiptnotized him with them & she just worshipped his dick!At first she sucked his dick nice & slow & over time she got a little bit faster & faster. Mike got up from beside me & went over & sat down beside Marcus. He pulled his clothes off & just stroked his own dick while he watched my wife. He looked at Marcus & said " man just lay back & enjoy, you ain't seen nothing yet!" Marcus said, "How do you know?" Mike looked back at him & said, "Me & her Husband DP'D this together & this is one FINE Glamour girl as she calls herself!" Mike looked at my wife & said " get up on your knees so we can see that NICE PHAT ASS of yours while you suck that dick", my wife said "um hmmmm" & got up on her knees. Marcus finally said "DAM SHE CAN SUCK A DICK!" My wife took his dick out of her mouth & said " YOU'VE GOT ONE NICE BIG DICK!" all the while slapping his dick against her face! My wife said "Are you an Ass man Marcus?" Marcus said "YES MAMMM!" She said "Good because you & your brother are going to pound this PHAT ASS TONIGHT!"She really started sucking his dick Hard as hell then! Mike looked over at his brother and said "SHE'S GOING TO SUCK ALL YOUR PROBLEMS AWAY!" My wife said "UUMMM HHHMMM!" I was watching the clock, my wife sucked his dick for almost 30 minutes until Marcus finally screamed out " I'M GOING TO CUM !" My wife grabbed the head of his dick & squeezed it real hard & said " NOT YET, YOUR GOING TO WATCH ME SUCK & FUCK YOUR BROTHER!" My wife held his dick till it stopped pulsating & then licked the cum off of it!
My wife stood up & grabbed Mike & Marcus by the hands & said " Follow Me." Both got up & followed my wife into the bedroom. My wife looked at Marcus & said "I want you to lay down here on the bed & watch your brother show you how I WANT TO BE FUCKED !" Marcus did what she said & she turned around & got on her knees in front of Mike & started sucking his dick beside the bed! Mike grew to his full 11 1/2" "big thick dick" as my wife called it.She would look up at Mike & say " YOU WANT TO POUND THIS PHAT BLOND ASS WITH THIS BIG DICK DONT YOU?" While slapping his dick against her face! Mike would look back at her & say "YES HONEY YES!"Mike's dick was glistening from her slobber! You could here her lips slapping against his big dick! After she got Mike good & hard she got up on the bed facing the mirror & said "EAT ME" to Mike. Mike went to town on the pussy & you could here his lips slapping against her soaking wet pussy,then after a while he started licking that ass & my wife said " UMMMMM I see what he wants tonight!" Mike took his tongue out of her ass long enough to say "I'M POUNDING THIS TIGHT PHAT ASS TONIGHT GIRL!" Marcus looked up & said " she'll even take it up the ass" & my wife said "YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!"
My wife after a while said to Mike " I'M READY!" She turned around & looked at Marcus & said I'm soaking wet I'm so Fucking Horney!" Mike climbed up in behind her . She turned around & grabbed Mike by the head & frenched kissed him passionately & told Mike " I WANT YOU TO SHOW MARCUS HOW TO FUCK ME!" Mike looked over at his brother & said " There's only one way she wants to be fucked & that's behind this PHAT ASS!" My wife looked at Mike & said " I WANT ALL THAT BIG DICK OF YOUR'S TONIGHT!" Mike pushed my wife forward & slowly started feeding his big dick in that pussy. My wife's eyeballs rolled back in her head. Marcus looked up at Mike and said "Man she loves that black dick". Mike looked down at Marcus & said " Brotha, we're going to tear this PHAT PRETTY WHITE ASS UP TONIGHT!" My wife looked up at Mike in the mirror & said " YOU BETTER!" Mike started slowly going in & out of that pussy while Marcus just set & watched. After a while my wife looked up at Mike & said again " I WANT ALL OF THAT BIG FAT BLACK DICK IN ME TONIGHT" Mike grabbed her by the shoulders & slammed her real hard & my wife screamed out "OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH YYYYYYYESSSSSSS!" Mike said " IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?" She said "I WANT MORE!" Mike kept ahold of her shoulders & started POUNDING HER PUSSY! Her ass cheeks were bouncing like MAD! My wife started screaming " HARDER MIKE HARDER!" Mike said " What do you call me BABY?" My wife said " BIG MIKE!" Mike said "NO WHAT DO YOU CALL ME?" she again said " BIG MIKE!" Mike looked at her in the mirror & said "NO YOU CALL ME MASTER BIG MIKE!" My wife said " YOU HAVE TO FUCK ME HARDER THAN THAT TO BE CALLED MASTER" with a smile! Mike was pounding her so hard, one of her 40 DD tits fell out & Marcus said " DAM MIKE YOUR TEARING THAT PUSSY UP!" Mike pounded the HELL OUT of my wife for a while & she would scream every once in a while "I'M CUMING ON YOUR BIG BLACK DICK!" Mike would scream at her "YOU LOVE THIS BIG BLACK DICK DON'T YOU GLAMOUR GIRL?" My wife would scream back "I LOVE YOUR BIG BLACK DICK!" Then suddenly Mike said " I'M CUMMING", my wife said "I WANT YOU TO CUM IN MY MOUTH!" Mike pulled his dick out & my wife turned around & stuck his BIG DICK in her mouth til cum was running out on her chin! When Mike got done he grabbed her by the hair & said "DON'T EVER WAIST MY CUM LIKE THAT AGAIN, MAKE SURE YOU SWALLOW ALL OF IT!" My wife said "Oh baby I won't!"