My Wife The Hostess


Real Person
If you have read my posts you know my wife is a working woman. She is a VP in her company. Several months ago she went with her new boss on a trip to meet with the Board of Directors. It must have gone well because all day today and tonight she has been asked to play hostess for the meetings this quarter.

She was so excited she laid out her outfit last night to make sure it matched and that it was exactly what she wanted. She left early so she was gone when I got up and showered. To my wonderful surprise she had left something behind. The pair of panties she had planned to wear, you know the ones, the sexy black lace panties, were still sitting on the counter. She did not even bother to wear them to the meetings.

She is such a tease and I love how hot she is and how sexual she can be. She sends me these naughty notes throughout the day to let me know how the meetings are going. Now she is headed out to dinner with several of them men. Cant wait for her next text and to hear how it all went.

Love my hot sexy professional wife who can get anyone she wants. I am a very lucky man.
One of my husband biggest fantasies is to watch me in bed with his boss. He is a very handsome man and he always hits on me at the company parties. When we get him my husband is always horny and wanting me. He also has me wear my sexiest dresses for him too. Very hot.
Good girl, take one for the huppy , or maybe two ;) and if you liked "i'm sure you will" keep doing it ;) and dont be ashamed it's what huppy wants ;)