My wife fucked


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Bbc before she got with me, why won't she do it again? She has said if I want to be a cuck then I need to find a new wife
Did it ever occur to you that maybe your wife actually takes her marriage vows seriously, no matter how much you may want her to do it? Or that maybe she just doesn't want to have sex with black men, or any other men beside you, although if you persist in bothering her about this, I suspect that you won't be having sex with her or remain married to her much longer. If you want to stay married, bury this fantasy in the back of your head and let it fuel your masturbation.
It's true, maybe if you have told her when you where dating. Not all women are going to fuck around just because their husbands are okay with it. How would you feel warching her, knowing that she is not really enjoying it. That she is only there out of pity for you.