My Story of How It Happen

1291746110.jpg 1673579412.jpg About three years ago my wife and I were having marriage problems. We was at each others throat all the time. We started seeing a counselor and she was telling us we needed to be totally honest so we agreed to try and be as honest as possible. A few weeks went by as we was getting better at the honesty thing. Then she opened up one night . I was in our room reading when she came in it was about 11 pm and I was in only my boxers in bed. She sat on the edge of the bed and told me she had something she needed to tell me if we was going to make this work. I was nervous but told her to continue. She looked at me and asked if I remembered a few months back when her and her sister went to Dallas to visit a friend of her sisters. I said yes I remember. Then she said “well it wasn’t really to see her friend”. I said ok then what was it for she then said it was to meet a guy she had been talking to on the web. I asked who she said his name was Tom and he was 23 and he was black. I was in shock. We was 32 at the time. She then told me I was no longer able to make her happy with my little penis and if I wanted to leave she would understand but if I stayed there would be major changes. I was hurt but was also excited. She then looked down and noticed I was getting stiff she started laughing and said “You pervert you like knowing this don’t you” I was humiliated . I tried to tell her no but my excitement was very apparent. She said she was glad to see that I understood. Although I didn’t really I told her we all make mistakes. She laughed and said I didn’t make any mistake I love black men. Then I asked still? She said yes . Oh My God who then she said Marcus, My best friend since high school she said yes . She said she started seeing him about 6 months after her return from Dallas and when she realized my little penis would not help her anymore. Then it all hit me. I asked is he good. She laughed and said good is not the word for it. She then said well your little penis is still hard I see . Yes I was humiliated she then asked if I wanted to stay I said yes I love you I told her. Good she said then things are going to change I asked what. She said a lol 1st I will no longer be allowed in her anymore. 2nd I will no longer sleep in our bed. 3rd Marcus will be welcome in our home anytime. 4th my penis will be waxed bald and it will be known as a pee pee no longer a cock or dick or any other term other than what little boys call theirs a "pee pee" since it was like a little boys still. 5th Marcus and her are in charge of me totally and they can and will add more rules as they see fit. Then she asked do I agree. I hung my head and agreed. She told me to stand and she removed my boxers and laughed she then told me go sit on the toilet for my hair removal. i knew then I was over. Then the pain of my pubes being ripped out i cried like a baby as she told me i was one. That was about 2 years ago and since that time I have learn my place well and on New Years Eve I was told to take my wife and bye her all new panties by Marcus. I did as I was told lil did I know what was to come infront of a few friends of my wife and Marcus that night. But now I'm in her old panties 24 /7. She told me to add the pics of my pee pee so you can see why.