my sisters surprise

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    My wife and I went to drop off a package at my younger sister's(age37).we didn't call first.when we went to the front door my wife said look at this .through the patio door we could see my sister getting fucked by the biggest black cock I ever saw and my wife said what a lucky girl .we left and came by a few days later .I guess my wife told her what we saw and see said her husband can't fill her needs so her neighbor does.that day I was told to go home while my wife gets fitted.that night I had the hottest sex with my wife and a surprise taste from my I can lick and clean two pussies
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    hot if it were true...
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    Its me again.since my wife is becoming a slut for black cock our life together is better.I allowed to watch her(so fucking hot)get stretched.I am also allowed to clean her cum dump pussy or ass .she also allowed my puny white brother in law to clean her pussy.and I am allowed yo clean my sisters cum dump.white men can get so much enjoyment by watching there wives getting a true fucking andvgusjing the way my sister just had a black spade tattoo above her now shaven pussy.deshaun wants my wife and sister to put on a show for his friends (I hope he will allow me to watch. Thank you blacktowhite you saved my marriage.
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