my hot little blonde neighbor needs bbc

Hedonist Ninja

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had to go feed her dogs for her one weekend, they were on her pc lol
I am reading that correctly?

You took images of her that you found on her PC and put them online or did she give you those images?

If she gave those to you... Why have you not fucked her? She is oiled up and in some photos she is raising her leg to show her panty clad pussy. A most suggestive pose.

If you took the images without her knowing, well... Best to you on all that and what that could lead into consequence wise. That may not be the best way to kindle a new romance or affair with a lady.That assumes you told her or would tell her at any point later.

I was going to ask about the Halloween party images. I sounds like you were not there however. Nice images however, that can't be denied.

Hey, she is not the sort of chick who is camera shy it seems. Given the givens...

Hedonist Ninja

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holy shit, hit the jackpot this morning! haha!
Those images seem to be of a different girl then the one from the Halloween party...

Maybe it is just my eyes but that "snapshot-57-1-29-2013-5-04-pm-png" seems to be a real misfit. The original MILF is a one darling piece of tail. That can't be shaken.