My first cuckold experience

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    pretty much as long as ive known about porn ive been watching interracial porn. even though im actually a 24 year old white man. when i was young i had no idea about cuckolding i just watched videos featuring well-endowed black men. which was pretty hard to explain when i was 15 and my father looks at my computer history and see a video of to black studs hanging dong and a thick white slut sucking and jerking but anyway. when i was about 16 i believe is when i started to watch videos of Shane Diesel and quickly I became a huge fan. so it wasnt long after discovering Shane that I began to watch his cuckold videos.

    when i was 17 i starting dating a beautiful guatemalan girl who was 21 years old. she was medium height, long black hair the length of her entire back. she was slim and had small tits but her ass and hips were enormous and totally rounded. when i fucked her doggystyle her whole ass rolled and folded over on her back it was so fat and soft like fucking a pillow. even though she was older than me she was a virgen when i met her and i saw all the blood to prove it.

    well she was always joking about black men having huge cocks and i noticed that when we were out she would stare at any attractive black men that we came near. particularily men with large muscles. of course it was my fantasy from the beginning to watch her fucked by a black man but it seemed to embarrassing to just bring it up in conversation.

    luckily for me one night she wanted us to watch porn together. so naturally i chose a shane diesel film and specifically selected a scene which shows him plowing a chick in missionary and theres a great shot of his cock and balls which looks huge.

    she loved the video and came faster fingering herself than i had ever seen her cum.

    keep an eye out for the rest of the story in part 2.
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    Nice so far Yung, I hope you realize how lucky you are to know what your needs and wants are. Most are married and much older before that kind of stuff will surface and cause many problems.
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