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I dreamed I was at the gym a couple of nights ago. I got done with a late night work out and no one was in the locker room so I decided to shower. I never shower at the gym. After about 5 minutes I heard some one walk in and he came and got in the shower stall across from me. There aren't any curtains on the side, just dividing walls between showers. My new shower mate was a black man and very well endowed. I noticed he kept staring at me. I decided to give him a better view so I turn my front toward him a bit so everything was in clear view. He stared to rub his cock and quickly became hard. It was huge. I decided to tease him a bit and started soaping down my breasts. I purposely dropped it slowly bent down to pick it up. When I stood back up he had come up behind me. I could feel his hard cock pressed against my ass. He grabbed me and bent me over then started to suck my nipples. He made me suck his dick. He forced it down my throat. I thought I was gonna choke! He then threw me to the floor rolled me over and fucked my pussy from behind. He was so big that it hurt really bad at first but then felt really good. He finished inside me. When I awoke I masturbated thinking about my dream but never told my husband about it.