My cuckold fantasy!

Hi there I'm new here and fairly new to being open about my new fantasy. I'm a 29 yo white make with a very sexy white wife. In the time since we've been married she's had 2 black lovers both smaller than she hoped. Since then she's lost some interest in talking to BBC guys cause they were either lying about their size of wouldn't talk to her and be dirty and respect her wishes to take things slow and nurture her inner slut out. She has one. She's been it plenty. Recently this weekend she put a butt plug in me and pretended to fuck me while saying she was working me out for her bull. I'm a Dom/sub switch for but at this time I was all the sub what we call the "puppy" I wanted to eat him from her cunt and everything. I'm trying to talk and open her up here to the community and more relaxed side of fetish and fantasy such as these. So any takers on helping me try to really improve the reality of this fantasy for my wife and I? Have a pic for good measure!



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You and your wife should first take your time knowing the type of Black men that you and her seek. Don't believe everything you see online. Once you know what you both desire, then stuff will fall into place easy.

Let's talk to her!:)