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Does your wife enjoy several orgasms while having sex or is she one and done. Jill's record was 10, although the last two or three were quick little shivers of pleasure.


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She had them over and over as long as it is good and she is horny. Though her pussy gets more and more sensitive sometimes having to stop for moment to keep it from reaching the painful side of pleasure.
I have often wondered about this as I often have a difficult time getting my wife off. I usually do better with oral sex and it has become pretty typical for me to go down on her until she is close, then having sex. I have rarely seen her have more than one orgasm and that has only happened a few times when I got her off orally then was able to give her a small second one during penetration. I often wonder if she would experience something more with one of her fantasy lovers but she just insists she is happy with how things are. But the idea of watching her have multiple orgasms with her black lover continues to haunt my fantasies.


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Two things are required for a woman to be multi orgasmic. First of all she needs to be in reasonably good physical shape. Extensive fucking requires a fair amount of endurance capabilities on the part of both parties. Second she must be really turned on by her partner. If she has been getting it the same way for a long period of time she likely may be getting a little bored. Changing things up a bit and working on your oral skills could make a lot of difference
My wife once thought that one orgasm a night was enough. That was disappointing as I had known former girlfriends and have had girlfriends since who enjoy multiple orgasms.

She only got into multiple orgasms with black men who just did not stop once she 'her' orgasm but insisted on keeping pounding away and suddenly driving her almost against her will to repeated orgasms which were of course even more intense than usual driving her back to him for more of the same.

Mind you even so she did might her sore pussy being licked better and subsequently having a goodnight orgasm.